Not flesh of my flesh, nor bone of my bone; but, still miraculously, my own.
Never forget, for a single minute you didn't grow under my heart, but in it.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Panda Boy is growin so much! :)

Well, Panda Boy is growing so much! We were shopping today to try and find THE PERFECT Easter Outfit and I found it! The most adorable little suit. It was short with suspenders that are attached and they cross in back and come over the front and button at the front waist, a white shirt with peter pan collar and then jacket that matches the shorts. All Light blue pinstripe with a bow tie to match and knee socks! It was perfect. Well, I picked up the 12 months and I am thinking he has been growin I better get an 18 month. Well, they did not have an 18 month so I decided to try the 12 month one on him! IT WAS SO ADORABLE on him but it was too short in the stride so the little suspender strap things dug into his shoulders and I could not get it and have it be too tight in the stride so we left that outfit. It is SOOO hard to find cute boys dress clothes in this town! UGGGH :( I am so sad to have left that outfit but my baby boy is now for the most part I guess in an 18 month at least in that brand. He still has alot of 12 months clothes here at home that fit but in this case 12 months did not cut it! Noah is growing in more ways that just height! The other day we had our FIRST HAIRCUT WITHOUT TEARS! There is some video from midway on because Celeste was so shocked he was doin so well she ran and got the camera! When I have a chance to clip it I will post it. It is over 6 minutes long! :) I figured out how to cut his hair where he doesn't cry! It is kinda odd but he is stilling IN MY LAP while I am in my recliner with the legs up! :) heehee IT WORKS!!!! and if I can do it with no tears then that is less trauma on him and THAT MAKES ME HAPPY! I still think the haircut needs some work but he does look adorable! Luckily alot of the mistakes don't show too much in the pictures! :) Here are some pictures from the past few days :)

Is that not the most handsome Panda boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) I LOVE THAT FACE!

His grin is so big you can't see his little eyes! :)

aww mama's baby boy! :)

Grinnin away in our high chair after eating and making a nice mess! :) heehee

Rain Rain go away, Little Noah wants to play!

Another day same song! Panda Boy LOVES it outside and he LOVES to look out the window and the door! It is swamp cuz there has been so much rain!

My boy watchin American Idol with us! :) He is in his garden with his water! :) heehee

Noah went to our nephew's birthday party and the hat did NOT stay on long! We joked it was because he did not want to mess up his new hairdo! :) heehee

This shot of Noah and Daddy was just too adorable! :) I LOVED IT! :)
PRAY I can find an Easter Outfit in this town I like!
We send you blessings and KISSES in the wind!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Docs Offices and WONDERFUL NEWS!

I am so excited! I have been very upset because after having things all set up for Noah to begin speech and ot twice a week and pt once a month in addition to the special instructor he already had we found out that our insurance has a stupid loophole that made it impossible for Noah to receive these therapies. I have just been devastated and praying and just unsure what to do. I decided I would have to homeschool speech and research and all. Well, tonight Noah's special therapist from Early steps was here along with his family service coordinator and amazing and wonderful things came out of that appointment. Turns out when we began with early steps someone dropped the ball (and paperwork!) and we have been suppose to be having this family service coordinator contact us each month and all to see how things are going and what else Noah needs and to make sure we understand everything. Well, after 6 months of therapy it was finally discovered that the paperwork never got to the place for the FSP. So today we met her and she explained that Noah can have multiple therapy's as needed. So he can have speech without giving up his therapy with Maria (his special therapist) and without haveing to split the time. Anyway she is searching for a speech therapist to come out to our town but I said if you can't find one I will drive wherever I have to so he can have what he needs. The hope is to have it figured out so he can begin speech next week! :) Also he will have a special Occupational therapy about twice a month and continue with Maria 3 times a week. We meet again next month and at that time the speech person can say if he needs more days a week and that can be applied for. And also all the therapist and me will meet together and determine if there are any new areas we need to work on or new therapist we need to have. Basically they said he can have as many therapist as he needs as long as each one only comes once a week. Though if more than once a week is needed then she says they can get that approved too! but it is a process. I had no clue all this was available to Noah through Early Steps! :) GOD KNEW! :) I was literally in tears talking to them when I realized that these people wanted to really help Noah and this FSP lady was gonna get him all the services he needed! I am doing a happy dance now! :)

Today was a day filled with Doctors offices! Noah had a reacheck at pediatrician today and his sinus infection is worse with some blood in the drainage so he got another antibiotic shot for that but his lungs sounded "much less gunky" heehee I love his pediatrician! And he is right up the road in our little town so that is SOOOO nice :)

Celeste had a doctor's appointment this afternoon and so Noah and I took her to that! Below are some pictures from the day and at the bottom is a video of delerium that sets in when you are waiting in docs offices ALL DAY!

This little Kangaroo climber/slide is in the "sick room" waiting side. Friday when we were there Noah was too sick to care about playing but today he was feeling good enough to play! :) I would LOVE to have on of these! :) He had so much fun! Daddy had to help to keep us from fallin on our head!

Here we are comin down the slide. He would get about where he is in this picture and then try to stand and went tumbling a couple times. Daddy had to keep a hand on him to keep him from doin it!

We are in the room now and he is all into the books! look at that concentration!

Daddy is reading him a book

He is so funny trying to pick these up. He was grunting! LOL Been paying too good attention to us when we lift stuff! heehee

LOOK at that face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)


Reading with Daddy!

This is so cute to me! He is lookin up at his daddy!

THIS is the first ever time Noah has gotten weighed without screaming! :) they have a big butterfly that hangs above and it flaps its wings, and there is kiddie stuff all over the scale and around it. :) Bobby called him and he looked at him but had been looking at the buttefly overhead! He weighs 25 pounds! He had on heavier clothes today so I guess that is the difference in weight from Friday. He is 34 inches tall! :) He has grown ALOT in height in the past 6 months!

The first part of the video was at the pediatrician, the rest was made in the waiting room at Celeste's doctors office! Noah had gotten the giggles for some reason so I started pullin the stroller down and up to play and join it :) It is so cute! He was tired of doc's offices and I guess delierious! :) heehee Poor guy jut a bit after the video ends he went from laughin to cryin and we are not sure why! He is such a fun little panda boy! :) Hope you enjoy!

We send you blessings and Kisses in the Wind!
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The FIRST Picture we EVER saw!

The FIRST Picture we EVER saw!
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The First Picture  we ever saw of:
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