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Never forget, for a single minute you didn't grow under my heart, but in it.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

MAJOR Praise and News on Panda Boy

Hi all :)

First let me start off by apologizing that it has been awhile since I posted and that this post does not have pictures. I will try and get some good ones over the weekend to share later. My camera battery died so I did not have it with me durin the past couple days.

Now on the the Major Praise. We took Panda Boy into see a new pediatrician! She happens to be of asian decent, is much closer to our home, and takes our insurance so it was such a blessing of God! She really was wonderful with Noah too! Anyway, we talked with her about alot of the testing and things for mental retardation and chromosome studies and such that has been recommended we do on Noah because they said he has inherited mental retardation of unknown origion. Well, she asked about how things were goin since we brought him home. We shared everything about Noah and how much he has just blossomed in the past few weeks! She asks if he communicates and I said well to a certain extent. Still no talking BUT he is babbling WAY more than he was and some are repeated phrases all of which she says is VERY good. She asked if he reached for us when he wanted us and we said yes and that he knew how to give me five now, and give a kiss (when he will , he is gettin stingy now! lol), and that just that day he FINALLY will wave bye bye now! :) Anyway, we talked and talked and she examined him and she said " I DO NOT BELIEVE THIS CHILD IS RETARDED AT ALL!" She truly believes that he is developmentally delayed but that with intervention and all we are doin she believes it is just that delays. She does not see the need to run any of the tests at all. Now, I need to check with our agency for purposes of post study and make sure if there is anything they require us to do in that area but unless it is required the Pediatrician does not want to do anything at this point other than us keep workin with him, and tryin to get him in early steps and all. She did recommend we continue to sign with him and to SIGN EVERYTHING! I have got to get some signin for babies videos QUICK! I know some signs but need to know more! She said he looked really good. She was impressed that he is OBVIOUSLY learning with me workin with him at home and such and also his ability to eat has gotten so good too :) Just about anything we eat as long as I make it small enough he eats! :) I am so praying she is right about this. We are thrilled for Noah if she is but we accept him no matter what. The worrier in me wants her to check it all out now just in case, but she is the doctor so I guess I should trust her for now and unless he shows what she called Signs of retardation not do alot of testing. All I want is for my little man to have the best life he can have and be the best Noah he can be no matter what diagnosis he may or may not have. She fully believes he will speak and I am really thinkin he might because of the increased babbling and such. I still need to find out if the birthparents could speak to give that information to early steps and the doctor though she says even if they didnt he still might.

Noah has just lit up my life in ways I would never have imagined. I just look at this child and I have to SMILE! No matter what I am feeling! :) He is so adorable! Even when he is begin challinging! heehee He has taken to STRIPPING the last few days! My mother in law says he is goin to be a stripper when he grows up. I rebuked that statement over him! But he is really into pulling the snaps between his legs and then pulling the whole outfit off and then comes the diaper! LOL Praise God he has only been trying this at home! I spend so much time sayin No , we must keep our clothes on! lol This morning he popped open the legs of his romper and I was like oh well. BAD IDEA ON MY PART! I shoudl have resnapped them right then because next thing I know he toddles up to me with daiper in HAND! lol and not on hiney! He is so quick! Prayerfuly he does not try this at Church tomorow!

I have a sweet blessing coming up! Something I did NOT think I would get to have since I was never pregnant in the non paper sence of the word! Be watching over the next week or so for news on this! :)

Well, my sweet panda boy is sleepin IN THE CRIB beside me. I rocked him and he was out so I tried layin him in there. We will see how long this lasts. Yesterday he woke up after a little bit and I picked him up and laid down in my bed with him and he went right back to sleep. Pray for my neck and shoulder because he sleeps so much better if I am flat on my back and he is in the crook of my arm! I hate to not let him do that since he rests so well that way and I know he probably never before slept being held. I can't imagine our sweet nanny friends at SLC had time to hold babies for too long at a time. I just hold him and stare into his face and watch him sleep :)

Well, I am off to check emails. I will try and post pictures in the next day or so.

WE send you blessings and kisses in the wind!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

TONS of pics and news to share :)

Hi all :)

Well, we have had a busy week here in Noah's World! :) heehee Noah has decided he LOVES Elmo when Sesame Street is on and will run to tv to listen when he is singin la la la la Elmo's world! heehee Noah love music period! So so sweet :) And so fittin since his mama adores it as does most of the family :) Celeste is adoring havin a little brother :) and spending so much time with him and all of us I think! :) Here is a fun moment with her and I in the car :) Noah is the car seat behind and I am sure wonding what we are up too :)

She is goin for the serious look :)

Bobby's brother "Uncle Wesley" and his wife "Aunt Michelle" and their children "COUSINS" heehee came by for a visit on Saturday :) Here are a few pics from that :)

Uncle Wesley and Aunt Michelle sure do love Noah! :) Noah has decided Uncle Wesley is the bomb! He will run to him now! :) and he will stroke the beard! heehee

Aunt Michelle gets a turn with squirly Noah! He looks HUGE in this photo but he really isn't!

Noah has decided he can give out hugs! When HE wants too! heehee Here he is lovin on cousin Gavin!

Noah is watchin cousins Gavin and Logan get into the toy box and had to take off to join the fun!

Here is Noah playin with cousin Logan! :) they had fun with this froggie :)

The baby that would barely walk when we first got him and when he did fell so much is now runnin around my livin room! :) heehee so cute! He does fall still some but jumps back up MOST of the time :) sometimes he needs a hug and kiss before he goes on :) LOOK AT THAT FACE!!! :)

Speaking of that face! Here it is again :) The picture may be a bit wobbly but I just love it! :) You can see the first of the 3 teeth he is teething in now about 3/4 way in now :)

Here are the mischevious Duo! :) heehee. They have SOOOO much fun together! :) Noah loves his Jei Jei and as you can see She sure loves him too! :) Such a sweet relationship they have :)

Noah is just growin by leaps and bounds in so many areas. He understands so much english it amazes me! He is babblin ALOT now and he figures things out VERY quickly! One thing he has definitly figure out now that bobby has gone to work is that Bobby's Uniforms mean he is LEAVING! This is what he does now if Bobby comes out in his uniform for EITHER JOB!

Arms up in air and turns to me like I am suppose to make Baba (Daddy) stay here! It is amazing because Bobby's main job uniform for the State Police has a blue top and the one for Mall security is a white top. Noah has figured out if he wears either that he is leavin and will cry like this. so sad :( Maybe it is the badge since he wears one with each I am not sure but boy does he know its coming! Every time now Bobby has to kiss goodbye an unhappy boy! But he is learing Baba daddy always comes back evenutally. It has been so sweet here lately. I wish I had the camera in our room because Bobby is workin nights so he will leave just before supper and come in at about 6 am while Noah and I are USUALLY asleep for another round. When he wakes up the next time and Bobby is there he will crawl over and kiss on him and pat his head and grin big!! :) so sweet :)

When we picked Noah up at St. Lucy's Center (who we are FOREVER grateful too for taken care of our sweet little panda boy till he came home! ) we were given 2 little jamma type outfits from his birth mother and her family! They are the sweetest, softest jammas and I just ADORE THEM! I really want to find a way to buy him some more of these :) Maybe I can buy them online somehow! Anyway, they thought at SLC they would be too small so I really hadn't tried them on him and was going to put them up to save so he will always know that his birth mother and birth family sent them to him. Which I still plan to keep them but as I was lookin at them I thought I think I can get these on him so I tried! :) They were a tad short in the arms so you couldn't cover the hand but they didnt fit too bad :) I got some sweet pictures of him in them and hope to get some copies printed and put in an album of pics to send his birthmom and family for Christmas along with a gift of some kind though I have no clue what just yet. Here are some of the pictures I took :)

Is that not the cutest jammas! :) I LOVE THEM :)

I just love this one of him diggin in the toybox :)
Here is a close up to the little design on them. There are 2 outfits, one blue and one green both with these pipi panda on them! SO fitting for Panda Boy! ;) heehee :) I so want to find some more of these jammas!

We are belly laughin here! mama is soo funny!

I was tryin to get him clappin but he was always hands out by the time the camera did it! uggh but so cute :)

You can't see the jammas too good here but I just love this one of us lookin at each other :) he is such a snuggly lovey dovey baby! :)

You can't see all of him but THAT FACE! :)
Here is Noah with his Nannie! My mom! :) She is so funny. She keeps goin "I can't believe he is here!" I keep goin "I KNOW!!" heehee
So on to some news that is a major praise to share! :) We went to the Pediatric eye specialist yesterday that subspecializes in crossed eyes! AMAZING News. Noah's eyes and vision are getting stronger and stronger and he thinks they will straighten on their own and at least for now NO SURGERY! THANK YOU JESUS! mama did NOT want surgery! We go back in 6 months to reevalute but unless they are worse he does not expect us to have to do anthing! :) Here are some pics for our trip to the eye doctor :)

This is so cute, it is blurry and for some WEIRD reason it insists on loading here sideways.! I deleted and reuploaded it 4 times and it always does it sideways! but on my computer it is not sideways. VERY odd. So turn your head and look at my baby! :) He had so much fun toddlin round the office! :)

Here is Noah and a very sleep deprived Baba! He worked all night the night before but got up after about an hour of sleep to go with us to doctors! Such a good Daddy! :) We must have been a sight with us both so zombiefied from no sleep! :) heehee
Now Mr. Noah is gettin tired waitin on the doctor and was NONE to happy with the 3rd time to dilate those beautiful dark eyes! So we are havin a bottle and waitin on doctor!
So late yesterday afternoon Mama's friend Cassie and her 7 month old Caleb came for a playdate and then we went out to sonic together :) Check out these adorable shots!
Noah introduces Caleb to the SHELF! :) heehee He just loves that shelf and is convinced it is made for HIM! :) heehee

out we come! :)

We have decided that Mrs. Cassie is a bouncy house! lol :) They had so much fun!
baby's galore! :)
Today as we pulled in the yard coming home from some errands we see the mail truck pullin out the other end of the yard! THAT is ALWAYS good news! It usually means a package! :) much better than bills! :) It was a package was a gifty from our sweet friend TIFF (who brought Miss Gracyn home a week before we brought Noah home) and her son Peyton. We were so excited!

I love that is was addressed to Noah! I showed him and he was excited cuz he LOVES paper! lol

I think he picked up on our excitement to get something GOOD in the mail! :)
He has spotted the SHOES! This boy loves shoes! IF you slip them off at our house, which most folks do it seems, he will take off with them! heehee
YIPEE! I GOT SHOES! :) He liked these bright blue ones the best and carried them around on and off for the longest time! :) He carried the black pair some but definitly favored these! heehee
watchin mama check out the rest of the package :) heehee
Now we are readin our card! :)
Well, if you have read this far THANKS! So much to share in pics especially. I am still feelin yucky on and off but at least was able to work on this post on and off all day today.
WE send you blessings and kisses in the wind!
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The FIRST Picture we EVER saw!

The FIRST Picture we EVER saw!
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The First Picture  we ever saw of:
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