Not flesh of my flesh, nor bone of my bone; but, still miraculously, my own.
Never forget, for a single minute you didn't grow under my heart, but in it.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Growing ...

My Panda Boy Noah is growing and changing in SOOO many ways :) It is so amazing to me to watch him :)

Here is a picture I took on my cell phone a few minutes ago and he is sayin woohoo! heehee Even Sam in the background got into the game :) heehee

and here we are saying Cheese! lol the funniest thing to me :) he looks mad and happy at the same time when he makes the face :)

One area Noah is growing in is his vocabulary. Right now he is pretty consistently using NO (isn't that wonderful! lol), ball, more, ea for eat, du for down, bubbles this is amazingly clear, ha ya yu ya for Hallelujah, dead dog lol suppose to be bad dog, pupa for purple, bye, and bye bye, HEY, ma for mama, he also says mama but it comes more when he is wanting something and he is hollerin it over and over and pointing and can't say it, wada for water, juis for juice, chews for shoes, yeah for yes, and sometimes he will say yesh for yes, he said MINE for the first time yesterday and LOUDLY, da ee for daddy, duck, je je, wack for quack, woo woo for what a dog says, dush for hush, ELMO, toooo for two, mo for gizmo, go, YAY!, na na for nanny, and maw maw for grandma, and miah for Jeremiah, I u you for I LOVE YOU, up, ni ni for night night, pow pow for powder, di di for diaper, eas for ears, stop, pop, a couple times he has said NOAH. He signs please, down, eat, more, milk, up, his version of water all very consistently while saying his version of the word :) It amazes me what all he can say. He is 2 years and 3 and half months old. For so long we did not know if he would talk and now he is trying so hard to talk. He will try to mimic the sounds of alot of things you say but does not then use those consistenly yet. He also communicates in alot of ways to get his point across. :) Here is a video of him during speech therapy. Things were kinda nutty and we had stuff everywhere getting ready for yard sale and bunch of kids were here as well. But if you listen close you can hear him say a few words. He does NOT do a great job talking on command! lol He wont talk as much to the speech therapist but when she leaves he talks a ton to us! Even words she worked with him on! lol He is getting better :)

He is also growing physically. He is 33 inches tall and 26 pounds. He also can climb up the little plastic slide and slide down now. He skips a step but when I tried to correct that he almost fell big time so I decided to leave it alone. He can climb up on the couch and the bed now! He is doing puzzles like you would not believe and when he is cooperative he can do so well with shape sorters and stacking blocks now!

He still has major temper issues at times and a very mechevious and rebellious streak. He is definitly TWO!

Sometimes I look at him and I still can't believe he is really HERE! That taiwan really gave me this amazing angel.

He has a big doctors appointment on August 4th to get results from some testing so please be in prayer with us that day.

He is also trying to be helpful around the house! Sometimes it is and sometimes its not! heehee but he tries. He is so curious and into EVERYTHING. He definitely still fears that he will loose me, toys, food, etc and will fight for them big time. He has matured in alot of ways when it comes to me depending on the day. He will now venture off to get in mischeif IF he knows where I am and does not think I am leaving. He will play and have fun with others :) He also will leave me in a room to go where someone else in the family is in a room but still does NOT like for ME to leave him in a room. LOL go figure :)

He is very jealous of anyone getting hugs or attention from anyone else and will shove himself in the middle. Sometimes it is cute, sometimes not. just like most things!

One way we are growing is our household is going to grow another way for about 10 months! Tomorow morning at 5:05 am we pick up our Foreign Exchange Student from the airport in Dallas :) She will come here and live and study for the school year :) She is from Taiwan and we pray this will give us opportunity to teach her about American life and her to help us learn more about our Sons' culture! :) I can't wait to have her input on Chinese New Year :) She is in the air as I type this so please keep her in prayer for safety as she travels. Quite a big trip for a 16 year old. Also please pray for us as we leave this afternoon for a weekend in the Dallas Area to pick her up and attend a wedding of a dear friend of Celeste's from Christ for the Nations. We got a great deal on a hotel with an indoor pool so even if there is rain we can swim and have fun :) Praying against rain all the way around. Here is a picture of our sweet girl from her facebook! :) We have been talking on yahoo messenger and facebook for a month or two and getting to know each other. I am nervous and excited at the same time :)

Isn't she the cutest thing! :) She seems really sweet :)

And also on the growing front here are the newest pictures of my sweet Jeremiah :)

This one was taken July 10th

This one July 14th

And this one was taken July 29th! :) The day he turned 16 months old!
And for updates we were told:
his height: 73 cm = 28 inches
weight: 8.4 kg= 18 and half pounds
head circumference: 39.5 cm=15 and half
formula: 1150 cc a day
supplemental foods: Rice cereal, meshed rice, meshed fruits /veggie,
meshed egg yolk and meshed rice. Steamed eggs and dessert egg custard.

*04/09/09 He was taken to see doctor and the doctor recommended he needs more strengthening of hip rehabilitation training, and the doctor arranged for the test of the liver and kidney function and found no abnormal hemoglobin. He needs to continue to take prescription medication.
*04/30/09 He was taken to see a pediatric neurologist. We told the doctor that he seems to have suffocating twitch at different time. The doctor suggested not to have EEG examination for now and continue to take muscle relaxant but adjusted the amount to one Bid. The doctor also told us to continue record any suffocating twitch.
*On May 20, 209, he had optic nerve evoked potentials VEP follow-up. He was not reactive to the test. Dr. explained that the results of a low response may be affected by poor eyesight and suggested that it could be improved by daily adequate visual stimulation.

*On May 31, 2009, He had fever then had a seizure, so he was taken to see the physician. The doctor explained that it was heat seizure. Then he had brain ultrasound done.

*On June,4, 2009 there was appointment with Dr. to see the results of the brain ultrasound. The professor explained that the EEG showed abnormalities. If the convulsive seizure happens often after fever, the chance of having epilepsy is high. Today, he started taking anti-epileptic drugs and the doctor suggested to continue the observations and recording.
* June 2009: teeth growth: 4 upper front teeth and 4 lower front teeth
* June, 2009: When he hears the familiar voice calling his name, he would smile at the person and make his own sounds. He sometimes makes his mouth wide open and move the mouth up and down like biting. He likes to smile at people.
Please keep my sweetie in your prayers. I am worried about the seizure and the suffocating twitch thing. To me he looks less alert this time. The family says don't worry. I am trying not too. PLEASE pray our fundraising efforts will do MUCH MUCH better and we can get this baby boy home QUICKLY! I so ache to hold him! I so want to be able to ask the doctors questions and to be the one taking care of him. I know the time will come. So hard to watch them grow and change and be sick a world away :(

Not sure if I have showed yall this yet or not! This is Jeremiah's Car Seat and Cover just waiting for our Frogie boy to ride in it! If you enlarge it you would be able to see it has FROGS all over it! Go figure! lol :)

I can't WAIT to take a picture of him IN this seat! :)
Jeremiah sweetie we love you more and more each passing day. I pray somehow you know that we are here working hard to get to you and that you are not alone. Hang tight sweet baby and catch my kisses in the wind.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Mary Kay and...

My friend Kristina has offered us a Mary Kay Fundraiser. If you use makeup and skin care products and would interested in purchasing something Krisitia will give us 20% of each sale where someone says they are buying for Jeremiah! :)

This is such a blessing that she would do this for us :) Here website is

and you can contact her by email and phone

I hope you will take a look if you are in need of some makeup or skin care items or something that Mary Kay sells.

I also wanted to remind everyone about our "Baby Blessings Package" Giveaway! You only have a little time left to get in on this amazing giveaway! This was donated by a dear friend! :) Any mom would love to have these items and the value over $200. The stuffed Gund dog alone is $120. I have not had to many entries in this one yet so I want to make sure and try to get the word out on it because I think it is an amazing package and VERY generous of my dear friend. Almost wish I could enter! heehee For every $5 donation to The Jeremiah Fund your name will be entered into the "Baby Blessings Package" Giveaway TWICE! Please use the chip in on the sidebar to enter or follow the link to The Jeremiah Fund. Our 2nd Target Giftcard Giveaway is still going on as well so if you donate please be sure to let me know which Giveaway/s you want your name put in when you donate. I will also give you ONE ENTRY if you post about this giveaway to your blogs, facebook, myspace, or anywhere that will help spread the word about it including emailing friends and such. If you want to post them both together that is fine and I will give you TWO entries into the Giveaway of your choice.

The package includes:

Baby Bjorn Bib in Yellow - the BEST bib on the market. You will never need to launder another bib once you have this.

Mustela 2-in-1 Baby Hair and Body Wash - multi-functional French-milled product that is gentle on baby.

BabyLegs Baby Leg Warmers - 1 set of three leg warmers in your choice of shades of blue or pink - keeps your little one warm and makes diaper changes a breeze since they eliminate the need to pull down tights. (the leg warmers are similar in design to the ones pictured but may be a slightly different style.)

24" Big Ol' Gibson Stuffed Dog by Gund - so soft and lovable, no child can resist cuddling with it. The actual dog has a plush head and a flat body, sort of like a soft blanket with a dog head on it. It comes in its original plastic packaging.

Robeez Soft-Soled Shoes in Size 6-12 Months: Your choice of pink Mary Janes or a boy's style TBD - great shoes for pre-walkers. The best part? Kids can't pull them off!

Pottery Barn plaster handprint kit

This is an amazing package of gifts and will be mailed to the winner direct from the person donating it! :) I will close this drawing on August the 6th and draw on August the 7th! That date is because that is the day that Jeremiah will be the exact age Noah was on our Gotcha Day.
Please be in prayer for all our fundraisers and those to come. Ideas are sooo needed. I have a poll up on my Jeremiah's Promise Fundraising Site to get an idea of things folks would like and would participate in :)
Jeremiah my sweet angel. Mama aches to hold you and know what your sweet little neck smells like :) to feel your little hand around my fingers. To watch you sleep, to get on the floor and help you move your muscles. I can't wait sweet boy. Hang on and while you sleep in taiwan tonight catch my kisses in the wind!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Ma'am, are you ok?

So, I have a story to tell today! My Panda Boy has done something I have NEVER had happen on me :) heeehee So I am working on doing some cleaning and getting ready for our exchange student and the kids are all playing in the living room. I can see ALMOST all of the room except over by one end of the couch where a bunch of stuff is was stacked in boxes by hubby after rummage sale. The non cordless phone that goes on a table on that end and that we rarely use because we usually use the cordless ones had been moved down to the couch because the table had boxes on it. I had already gotten on to every child that was here today about not playing with the stuff in the corner and with that phone. Was kinda shocked Noah even knew it was a phone because it is so different than the ones we usually talk on. So I am cleaning in the dining room and the phone rings and I go to grab the cordless phone off the table and the ringing stops and I am like what in the world. So then I go to check the other phone to see if I can figure out who tried to call and as I come around the couch there is Panda Boy sitting with the phone to his ear. Now at this point I SHOULD have taken a picture of how cute he looked but I didn't. I said Oh Noah give the phone to mommy! So as I walk towards him he hangs it up and I am saying as he does NO dont hang it and at that point it was hung up. I grab it and whoever it was is gone. So then I am like great. Well, it immediatly rings again so I think, cool and I just grab it! And I here Ma'am are you ok? I am like HUH? She says this is the 911 operator. You hung up after you called. Is everything ok! ROFL! So NOW I realize what has happend! I am the distracted mom who does not know her son has CALLED 911 himself! I explain my 2 year old was playing on the phone and HOW on earth did he dial 911! LOL She says well, when I called the phone back he answered and was talking into the phone too! Hence the first ring call I missed! LOLOL I find this hilarious that he did that. Noah LOVES to play with his play phones and is ALWAYS tryin to steal the cells and the cordless one. So now I have to figure out how to get that phone HIGH so he can't get to it! I still can't believe he managed to actually dial and connect to 911! I have heard stories of parets whose kids who have done that. And I have heard people complain and say how on earth did that child do that, where was his mother. I AM THAT MOTHER! oh Lord! I should have KNOWN the fact I was acutally in another room (sort off, they are connected and he could see and get to me if he wanted) but I should have known if I was in there and he was not havin a fit I wasn't with him that he was UP to something! lol I thought yall might enjoy the little Panda Boy funny today! Below are some pictures to share! I do not have one of him in the act like I should but here are some other ones to share :)

Sitting in mama's lap holding the donation jug with Mama. We ended up making $103.55 and had LOTS of stuff left over! There will be more rummage sales and a big one I hope.

Some of the rummage that was LEFT!

another shot sitting with the jug!

Here is Noah with his RED scooby dooby do in the car seat with the cover half pulled off! He was quite active in that seat that day. This was the 23rd when we went to the specialist in Monroe. We stopped a restraunt and they had one of those machines you pay a quarter and the claw tries to win a toy. Well, Bobby did not win it and so I am explaining to Noah that it dropped and daddy can't get it and he is actually taking it much better than you would think. Well, then a guy comes form out of the back with this red scooby doo and gives it to NOAH! :) heehee It was so cute :) By the way, we do have a Praise. The Specialist said at this time he does NOT see Neurofibromatosis! We have to go back in November and he wants to keep a watch on him but at this point they say that he does not have it!

Noah has added to his tv character addiction. Not only does he ADORE Elmo still but now he loved Barney too! See his is GLUED to the set! :) heehee
and here are 2 of his buddies that I have been watching also coming to watch :)
Here is the table set up last night at the skating Fundraiser! We had 32 people come out and we were making $2 each but we also had some donations :) So we actually made $102 with the fundraiser :)

aww big sis and little "bubby" as she calls him :) So sweet :)
Please keep my sweet frogie boy Jeremiah in your prayers!
Jeremiah my sweetie. Mama loves you so much. We are working SOOO hard to raise all the money so we can come and get you as soon as possible baby! We love you with all our hearts! Hang on honey and catch my kisses in the wind baby!

Monday, July 27, 2009



Skate for Jeremiah Fundraiser Tonight! If you live at ALL near Bossier LA come on out to Hot Wheels Skating Palace for a fun night of skating and helping Jeremiah! Only $4 per person! If you are not close enough to come out but wan't to help out anyway then please donate to our Chip-in Fund! :) I will add your name to the drawing for our $50 Target Gift card TWICE for ever $4 you donate TODAY ONLY JULY 27TH! In thanks for being a part of Skate for Jeremiah!

THE WAIT FOR NOAH IS OVER!!!! November 3, 2007~September 8, 2008 First heard about Noah~Noah in our Arms!
April 1, 2009~ June 7, 2010 First committed to Jeremiah~Jeremiah in our Arms!

The FIRST Picture we EVER saw!

The FIRST Picture we EVER saw!
Noah WesLee 5 months old

The First Picture we ever saw of:

The First Picture  we ever saw of:
Jeremiah Harold Sisemore ~1 year

Kisses in the Wind

I hold you in my heart and touch you in my dreams.
You are here each day with me, at least that's how it seems.

I know you wonder where we are... what's taking us so long.
But remember child, I love you so and God will keep you strong.

Now go outside and feel the breeze and let it touch your skin...Because tonight, just as always, I blow you kisses in the wind.

May God hold you in His hand until I can be with you.
I promise you, my darling, I'm doing all that I can do.

Very soon, you'll have a family for real, not just pretend.But for tonight, just as always, I blow you kisses in the wind.

May God wrap you in His arms and hold you very tight.
And let the angels bring the kisses that I sent to you each night.

When Love Takes You In!