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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Ma'am, are you ok?

So, I have a story to tell today! My Panda Boy has done something I have NEVER had happen on me :) heeehee So I am working on doing some cleaning and getting ready for our exchange student and the kids are all playing in the living room. I can see ALMOST all of the room except over by one end of the couch where a bunch of stuff is was stacked in boxes by hubby after rummage sale. The non cordless phone that goes on a table on that end and that we rarely use because we usually use the cordless ones had been moved down to the couch because the table had boxes on it. I had already gotten on to every child that was here today about not playing with the stuff in the corner and with that phone. Was kinda shocked Noah even knew it was a phone because it is so different than the ones we usually talk on. So I am cleaning in the dining room and the phone rings and I go to grab the cordless phone off the table and the ringing stops and I am like what in the world. So then I go to check the other phone to see if I can figure out who tried to call and as I come around the couch there is Panda Boy sitting with the phone to his ear. Now at this point I SHOULD have taken a picture of how cute he looked but I didn't. I said Oh Noah give the phone to mommy! So as I walk towards him he hangs it up and I am saying as he does NO dont hang it and at that point it was hung up. I grab it and whoever it was is gone. So then I am like great. Well, it immediatly rings again so I think, cool and I just grab it! And I here Ma'am are you ok? I am like HUH? She says this is the 911 operator. You hung up after you called. Is everything ok! ROFL! So NOW I realize what has happend! I am the distracted mom who does not know her son has CALLED 911 himself! I explain my 2 year old was playing on the phone and HOW on earth did he dial 911! LOL She says well, when I called the phone back he answered and was talking into the phone too! Hence the first ring call I missed! LOLOL I find this hilarious that he did that. Noah LOVES to play with his play phones and is ALWAYS tryin to steal the cells and the cordless one. So now I have to figure out how to get that phone HIGH so he can't get to it! I still can't believe he managed to actually dial and connect to 911! I have heard stories of parets whose kids who have done that. And I have heard people complain and say how on earth did that child do that, where was his mother. I AM THAT MOTHER! oh Lord! I should have KNOWN the fact I was acutally in another room (sort off, they are connected and he could see and get to me if he wanted) but I should have known if I was in there and he was not havin a fit I wasn't with him that he was UP to something! lol I thought yall might enjoy the little Panda Boy funny today! Below are some pictures to share! I do not have one of him in the act like I should but here are some other ones to share :)

Sitting in mama's lap holding the donation jug with Mama. We ended up making $103.55 and had LOTS of stuff left over! There will be more rummage sales and a big one I hope.

Some of the rummage that was LEFT!

another shot sitting with the jug!

Here is Noah with his RED scooby dooby do in the car seat with the cover half pulled off! He was quite active in that seat that day. This was the 23rd when we went to the specialist in Monroe. We stopped a restraunt and they had one of those machines you pay a quarter and the claw tries to win a toy. Well, Bobby did not win it and so I am explaining to Noah that it dropped and daddy can't get it and he is actually taking it much better than you would think. Well, then a guy comes form out of the back with this red scooby doo and gives it to NOAH! :) heehee It was so cute :) By the way, we do have a Praise. The Specialist said at this time he does NOT see Neurofibromatosis! We have to go back in November and he wants to keep a watch on him but at this point they say that he does not have it!

Noah has added to his tv character addiction. Not only does he ADORE Elmo still but now he loved Barney too! See his is GLUED to the set! :) heehee
and here are 2 of his buddies that I have been watching also coming to watch :)
Here is the table set up last night at the skating Fundraiser! We had 32 people come out and we were making $2 each but we also had some donations :) So we actually made $102 with the fundraiser :)

aww big sis and little "bubby" as she calls him :) So sweet :)
Please keep my sweet frogie boy Jeremiah in your prayers!
Jeremiah my sweetie. Mama loves you so much. We are working SOOO hard to raise all the money so we can come and get you as soon as possible baby! We love you with all our hearts! Hang on honey and catch my kisses in the wind baby!


The Family K. said...

I am impressed by Noah's phone skills! If I ever fell and couldn't get up, I'd want him in the same room with me. Handsome pictures of a handsome little guy. Great news about the neurofibromatosis.

Lindsey's mom said...

I have been through the 911 calls with both my older kids..Chelsea did it when she was 2 and so did Jesse. Lindsey has not yet. :)

Mel said...

omgosh that 911 call is to funny!! praying for the new baby that he will come home soon and also praying for you. i know how hard it is for us mommas to have to wait to finally get to hold our babies :-(

Expecting Good Things said...

Oh NO! That's funny!! My sister did that when she was 5. And Bailey did it with my hubby's cell phone. Glad everything is going well. Sorry I've been MIA. Just busy. Thinking of you...

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The FIRST Picture we EVER saw!
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