Not flesh of my flesh, nor bone of my bone; but, still miraculously, my own.
Never forget, for a single minute you didn't grow under my heart, but in it.

Thursday, December 31, 2009

More than just New Years Eve in IMPORTANT WAYS PRAY ...

5 years ago today at our Church New Years Eve Party Bobby asked me the most special and important question of my life!  He asked me to Marry him in front of entire Church!  Something I NEVER thought was goin to happen with any man!  God is so amazing!  Just in case you think I am makin it up , here is proof!  heehee
Also, today is the last day of the year, alot of times folks are looking for tax deduction at the last minute, so PLEASE pray for our Reeses Rainbox Tax Deductible fund for Jeremiah!  All donations today go towards a deduction of your 2009 taxes so if you or anyone you know needs a last minute deduction, go here!
SponsorSisemore on RR
PLEASE pray that alot of folks will feel led to donate to the fund today! 

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE!  I am so excited that 2010 begins at midnight, the year of Jeremiah coming home!  wooohoooo

this is the last picture of Jeremiah I have from 2009.

Jeremiah my sweet frogie boy!  Hold on sweetie, we are coming as soon as we can.  We are working hard and praying our hearts out.  Jesus loves you and He is gonna show off and move mountains and the ocean to bring us together!  I can't wait.  I LOVE YOU!  Catch my kisses in the wind!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Sisemore Amazing Christmas Video

I am finally done with the montage of our AMAZING CHRISTMAS! It did not look like things would come together at one point but thanks to Nanny, some blessed angels who we have no clue are, resale shops and a few miracles thrown in for good measure we had an amazing Christmas. The montage is LONG! It is like 28 minutes long. That is after I cut it down from an hour! I hope some of you might want to see it :) If so :) here ya go :)  and below the video is the ornament I made for Jeremiah :)  I remember making the one for Noah and crying because Noah was still in Taiwan and not home.  When we began the journey to Jeremiah 8 months ago I just KNEW he would be home and we would not have a Christmas spent with him there and us wanting him home.  I was so wrong :(  Anyway, this is the LAST Christmas he will spend without a family.

Merry Christmas from The Sisemore's!  And a very Happy New Year!  Thanks for the love and care you have shown our family this year!  2010 will be the year Jeremiah comes home to our family!  WOOHOOO!

Jeremiah my sweet boy!  I sooo missed you this week.  As I prepared for your Christmas gifts I so wished you were going to be here for us to give them to you now.  Dont worry frogie boy, they are waiting for you , just like all your gifts since the day we knew you existed and that God was giving you to our family!  Honey I have no clue why this is taking so long, but I do know that God sees what we don't.  HE knows the time, HE KNOWS the way.  He knows who He will speak to in order to help us, maybe we are waiting on that, maybe we are waiting for the perfect time health wise for your to travel, maybe we are waiting for mommy and daddy to learn the lesson God has for us in the journey, maybe a little bit of all, I dont know, but HE DOES!  I just know I love you more and more each passing day.  I dream of the day I have you in my arms, and can work those tight muscles, and help you do things you can't do now.  I watched a video of a friend cheering on her baby girl as she was crawing for the first time in a crawler that had been given to them.  I could just imagine the day we are all downt on the floor with you rootin you on!  Noah will be jumpin up and down for you :)  I can picture it now our whole family goin to Gumbo Games for you to compete in them.  We have been many years with other friends kids, and I can't wait till we are there for Jeremiah!  Baby this time seems so long that we wait, but really in the course of life it is so short, we have sooo much time together to come.  I am crying as I write this, I am trying to convince myself that even though I so ache to have you here, it is ok that it is not time just yet.  But the time is coming baby.  We are working now on a benefit concert to raise funds and give the LORD thanks for what He has done and WILL DO!  It is called "Get Your Praise On" Benefit for Jeremiah!  I am praying we can get it on video.  I always want you to know that GOD brought you home to us.  We love you baby and we are working hard, even when things dont work and blow up in our face, you are so worth it and we will keep trying.  Frogie boy, rest well and catch my kisses in the wind!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Get Ready to laugh! ...Bowling Party for Daddy's Work.

Last Wednesday night Bobby's work had a Christmas Party at the bowling ally!  It was sooo fun and they cpvered all expenses and fed us supper as well :)  Wonderful blessing and a great night of fun!  Celeste's young man Cory joined us.  We all had a blast and can't wait to be able to go bowling again :)  NOAH beyond loved it :)  We are wondering if we need to start saving for a Bowling Party for his birthday!  Anyway...Get ready to laugh at the video part of the montage :) 

Jeremiah sweet man, I just so thought about you the night of the party as I am  tonight.  I wonder  what you would thinkof all the sights and sounds and smells that were there at that party.  I was excited to be able to say that this is  last troop party we will go to without our Jeremiah!  I can't wait to show you off next year!  I am sending you kisses in the wind my frogie boy!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Sonic Cards $5 100 percent goes to Jeremiah!

Sonic donated 300 Value Cards to us to raise money for Jeremiah!  We sold 10 at this weekend's sale and had an online order and a Church order already.  Still have 289 to sell!  If you would like to buy some for Stocking Stuffers or just for yourself PLEASE let me know :)  You can pay using the chip in button and paypal.  Just be sure and add some postage.   Priority Mail flat rate is like $4.95 for the flat rate envelope.  It can probably hold a good many of them :)  Thanks to Shannon for her order of 7 to use as stocking stuffers!  It will go out tomorow morning! :)

Please pray for us and for our fundraising efforts and guidance

Saturday, December 19, 2009

HORRIBLE DAY.. I think I wll ELF us...

Horrible day at the sale :( Worse than I could ever imagine. We are all kinda in a sad shock state right now, but thankful for what we did sale, and PRAYERFUL for tomorow to bring MUCH BETTER SALES! At least to make back what we have put into it. Needing to veg and get mind off it all. So I elfed us!

Send your own ElfYourself eCards

Friday, December 18, 2009

UPDATE!!!!! Does a body good!

The timing today was AMAZING of finally getting the update Phootos that my Agency's Rep took last month while in Taiwan!  Also a VIDEO!  It is short but it is a video :)  WOOOHOOO

Isn't he the most gorgeous thing! :)  My mom thinks Jeremiah really looks like Noah in this picture!  What do you think?

awww so sleepy!  In the Video you can hear they just woke him up.

I am SOOOO THRILLED that he is OUTSIDE!!  So thankful that doctor that ask them to give him outdoor time! :)  The fresh air and sunshine has to be good for him! :) 

There was no nursery or medical update this time.  At last notice he is 20 lbs., head and height have not changed.

My sweet frogie boy!  Mama so loves you and misses you.  I can't WAIT to hold you in my arms.  :)  We have been working so hard on this weekend's fundraiser and new pictures of you just really gives us a lift! :)  Praying this weekend is an amazing fundriaser and another step closer to our coming to get you.  I am reading alot about ways to be a good mommy to you and help you with things when you get home. I can't wait to have the chance.  We love you sweet man, hold on and soak up that fresh air and sunshine and be a sweet baby boy and catch my kisses in the wind tonight!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sharing...please read.

I wanted to post today and share a bit about how I have been feeling.  This adoption journey for Jeremiah is about so much more than me, and my desire to have a son, to care for a baby boy who so needs and deserves the loving arms of a family.  Not that those things are not happening or aren't important but it is about so much more.  It is about me coming to a new place of trust with the Lord.  About me realizing HE IS ALL I NEED!  Alot has happend in and through Noah's adoption and then we felt led to go for Jeremiah and at the time that leading was happening we were feeling led to leave our Church where I had been a member for over 8 years.  A place full of people at one time I so looked up to, and was to be honest dependent upon.  There were many reasons God moved our family from that Church but I will say it was a VERY painful and difficult thing to go through and more than 8 months later I am still dealing with it.  By dear friends I would have jumped in front of a bus for I was accused of leaving for deceitful and cruel reasons.  That the adoption in some way had something to do with it, and on and on when the various acusations.  It is funny to me because the timing of leaving my entire support system was HORRIBLE.  What nut would leave that when beginning an adoption journey where you would need prayer support, physical support, emotional support and such, but you add to that an adoption of a little guy who is sooo severely needy and that I will so need support as we bring him into our lives and love him and help him be all he can be.  That was the dumbest time on the planet to leave BUT it was the time we were to go.  I dont understand everything but I know the Lord sees all.  I would NEVER have believed following what we felt God was telling us would cost me everyone and everything.  I have had to come to terms with that at this point all I can believe is that most of the relationships I held so dear were conditional on my being in that Church and doing what they wanted and believed I should.  THAT was hard to come to realize.  BUT, in the midst of it all I am realizing that GOD is my all and all.  I need to lay all the pain down at HIS FEET!  One of my biggest fears in life is not having anyone, no friends, feeling like noone gives a care.  I am so blessed that even though I lost this day to day support I have been so blessed with a dear friend of 20 years who even though we do not see each other often, she is a phone call away, a couple restored relationships that are much healthier now than they were before, and an amazing group of online friends and others who live far off and we are in a Church full of amazing people and the opportunity for many friendships to come I PRAY!  My life is full.  And I do not have to buy the friendships I do have. And those to come I pray will be the same and very healthy ones.  God has been workin on me to allow him to heal me of so much pain.  I think when I went through the rejection because of following God that I put up bigger walls than I had ever put up before.   It is hard to open up and trust now.  I look at how things are going to change when Jeremiah comes home and at the unknowns of that but I can trust my Heavenly Father that He will help us with all we need.  My fears are another area that God is working on us.  Fear of the plane ride to come!  Y'all I would do anything to avoid getting on those planes again!  I thought once I flew I would conquer the fear for good but NOPE.  I dont mind the domestic flight to bad but that LONG international one where we dropped altitude and had such bad turbulence over Japan I am petrefied off.  I need to TRUST HIM and go on.  And then their is the fear of the money.  I know you all know that we are fundraising to bring Jeremiah home.  The financial end of things is why it is taking so long.  It is much harder fundraising this time than last, several grants are no longer available, loans are no longer available that we could get and alot we can't because of our situation.  Anyway, having to raise all this money and it taking so long scares me to death.  I am so worried about where it is coming from, but it is NOT my place to worry.  God will speak to His people.  Folks have been amazing and I know they donate when they can, do our giveaways when they can etc.  Even the $2 that those who have done the puzzle fundraiser help!  Believe me!  I have to trust God and He has already shown off and I can't wait to see how He will show off next in this!  It is not about me, or how hard I can work, or anything, it is about Him!  And I also have to lay down my worry for how long Jeremiah is waiting.  As I watch his hands contract up, and hear of medecines and different things and I think I am letting him down because it is taking so long  BUT I have to remember that GOD IS ABLE!  He owns the cattle on a thousand hills.  If He had wanted that money would have arrived in one lump sum 8 months ago, but that is not how God chose to do it.  He needed to increase my Faith, He needed to teach me things, whatever but I have to TRUST that He knows the date and hour we will be told to be there, he KNOWS that we need authentification fees, orphange donation, plane tickes, hotel rooms, train tickets, food, etc.  He knows.  Twice recently a young woman in our Church has led worship with a specific song.  BOTH times I have bawled my eyes out before the Lord during that song.  A gentleman in our Church put one of those times on you tube and so I have it hear to share with you.  PLEASE push play and listen.  Our Pastor speaks a minute before she starts singing.  Please do listen to the song and hear my cry to the Lord!  Even if you do not know the Lord and do not believe, please listen because it will show you a bit about what all this long post meant.  If you read this far, THANK YOU!!!!   PLEASE keep me in prayer and my sweet frogie boy!  And please keep the fundraising in prayer  We have a 2 day fundraiser at a local shop till you drop Sale this weekend.  PLEASE pray we do not loose money, that we will make something!  And please pray for our other fundraising coming up.  Here is the song.  Please let me know if any of this makes sense.

Monday, December 14, 2009


GOD IS ABLE!!!  Thank the Lord they let us do the fingerprints!  It was very touch and go for a bit but it worked out thank the Lord! :)  We left early because I just could not wait any longer  and we got into the building fine!  Someone had told me they could not get in the building without the letter but luckily we were not asked for them at that point.  We got to the office where we were to go and I told them we had left them at home and they were like that is a HUGE PROBLEM!  I burst into tears!  I explained we had traveled over 3 hours and stayed in a hotel the night before, my elderly mom had just had hip surgery recently and was not going to be able to make the trip again as was their any way they possibly could figure this out.  So the lady gets on the compuer, pulls up our appointment letters, prints them in black and white on xerox paper and gives them to us!  PROBLEM SOLVED!  One by one they took us back and did them! :)  We were done at outside loading up by 10 am, which was our first appointment time!  I was almost jumpin up and down! :)  God is so wonderful.  I have to send another copy of my and my mom's birth certificate for some reason they did not like the copy that was in with our homestudy and then we just pray and wait!  And FUNDRAISE like crazy!  We have 3 days to get everything ready for this weeks BIG SALE at the Civic Center.  PLEASE pray we can get it all done and that our sonic cards arrive in time!

Here are a few pictures from the day :)

This was just adorable to me :)  Noah was copying Daddy reading the paper! :)  heehee

This was a smile and just as the camera went off he sneezed!  LOL

Big fork, little mouth!  lol

do you see the food on the table again?  I am not sure what is up with this little Panda boy.  He keeps taking food OFF the plate and putting on the table and then getting it on fork or picking up with hand and eating it. 

Jeremiah Sweetie!  I anxiously await new pictures and play around with the ones we have as I sit and dream of being able to feed you myself.  We are eating stew tonight and I am wondering if you will like stew!  I wonder what your smile looks like in person, do your eyes crinkle when you smile.  What will it be like to see you smile at me?  I wonder if you will be a good eater or if I will have to work at getting you to eat for me.  I wonder how your little body will feel leaning against me as you are this nanny here.  I wonder what you will think of your brother and sister. I can imagine you laughing at Noah and his antics and I wonder what your little laugh sounds like.  This was such a great day to have our fingerprints done and be a step closer to you buddy!!  This entire week will be about getting ready for a BIG fundraiser for YOU :)  I love you with all my heart and I can't wait to hold you and bring you home into our lives forever.  Hold on frogie boy and catch my kisses in the wind!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

hotel boogie 12/13/09 at

We are in Jackson for our fingerprint appointments tomorow and I wanted to share a bit of fun from tonight and yesterday as well :) PLEASE pray for us tomorow at the Fingerprint appointments. We FORGOT the appointment letters it said to bring with us! They are hours away at home. PLEASE pray they do them anyway. We can't afford to travel back and stay in hotel again plus my mom would not do well with another trip and she lives with us and has to have them done for that reason. PRAY please! Also opinions. We are gonna do another giveaway. We thougth 2 cards this time to give 2 folks a chance to win. One will be to Chilli's but can also be used at macaroini grill, mazzios and somewhere else but cant remember just now. anyway, any ideas on where to have anotehr card to??

Jeremiah sweet frogie boy. We are all excited and have you so heavy on our minds tonight as we get to have a huge step towards your coming home taken care for tomorow. Mama so hopes it all goes well and our forgetfullness does not cause one more second of delay in your coming home. I love you baby boy. Catch my kisses in the wind baby!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Contracts and Hustle and Bustle

Well the day finally came!  We received our Chinese Contracts for Jeremiah! :)  Off to the Notoray we went! :)

Bobby Signing the contracts

me signing the contracts, lol yes that is me, hubby got hand but not all of me :)

Our Sweet Notory who said we could take her picture :)

The signed contract! :)

I had an order of 10 bag gifst on our Jars for Jeremiah Fundraiser :)  It was fun to put them together and I learned alot about how to do it and such to make things work much better for future orders and the Big Sale :)  I also now know how many bags fit good in a large flat rate box for $13.95 and how many you can squish in there at the direction of purchaser!  LOL

That would be TEN! by the HARDEST!  Actually about 5 or 6 would fit comforably and be much nicer upon arrival.

One of the bag gifts to be mailed..  The Purchaser can add a bow to the center of the ribbon up top.  That is what I will do for the Sale :)

Thought I would share some Panda Boy shots :)  Noah and Samuel , the little boy I babysit, are really becoming more and more friends!  They do the cutest things!

Here they are dancing.  They are watching a Donut Man Video and they just started this on their own. 

This was the cutest thing to me.  We were getting ready to go , I had them ready and started gathering some stuff and looked back and I see them standing their holding hands!  So adorable! :) 

What Big smiles :)  They thought it was funny I wanted their pictures :)

We are Santa's Elves, NOT!  lol  But close.  My best friend Pam came over last night, and Tuesday night too, to help us work on some Jars for the Big Sale coming up on the 19th and 20th.  I got  few shots of the activity last night :)

What a mess!

This little guy wanted in on the fun.  He is getting a cold I fear and was tired as well.  But we still got a smile! :)

Please buy a jar gift from my Mama!  Help bring my Didi home! :)  heehee

lol, I guess he tought he needed material on his top! :)  Guess he was trying to help and was gonna sell himself. 
Bag Gift $8, Regular Jar Gift $12, Gift Basket $20, Panda Boy PRICELESS!

Jeremiah my sweet frogie boy!  You are so heavy on my heart and mind as we work to get ready for this upcoming show and the Benefit Concert in January.  It is all for you sweet little man!  Someday this will all be a memory and I will have tons of pictures to share with everyone and be able to share what Jeremiah did today and your height and weight and such.  For now I dream about you and the day you are here with your big brother and sister!  I spend time thinking about what your needs are going to be like and what we need to do so that you can do all you can do.  I can't wait to sit and rock you, to have two little boys on my lap as we rock rock together and read bedtime stories and just snuggle! :)  Hold on tight baby boy and catch my kisses in the wind!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Bean Soup Anybody? :)

Well we have been busy beavers over here getting ready for the big Sale Show at the civic theatre on the 19th and 20th.  See some of our Confetti Bean Soup Jars? :)  I have not finished them, we will put fabric on them and ribbon and such and maybe some stickers :)  I might get some paint pens and draw on them and such :)    I am also doing some in cute paper gift bags in case someone doesn't like the Jar look or in case someone orders to have them mailed.  We have had 1 Jar ordered so far and an order for some Bag Gifts as well, though not soup but a selection of sweet mixes :) Here is a pictue of the one Jar gift that was bought from the blog.

I am havin a bit of trouble figuring out how to get the spoon to sit on the Jar.  Not all of them will have a spoon but in this one it did :)  I will post pictures of some of the bag gifts when I get them completed :)

Here are some more pics from our trip to Jackson for Noah's Doctor Appointment

This was at breakfast at the lodge! :)  Noah felt so big, I took a mini carton of milk and put a coffee stir stick as the straw and closed it back. He loved it :)

My handsome Men :)  Don't you love Noah's smile to my cheese!

Noah runnin around the lodge we stayed at :)  He loved it :)

This looked so cute walking back to the room after breakfast.  I had to take a picture :)

Tgus was taken at a really neat little Italian style delli I guess you would call it.  It was in an outlet mall we stopepd at on the way home looking for Noah shoes.  It was the first of two malls that day, still no shoes!

We received an update today on Jeremiah, but no photos, but word that Photos are coming soon!  Until then here is a photo I made and below is the update.

11/12/09 19 MONTHS
30.1 in76.5 cm
19 lbs 8.8 kg
15.7 in 40 cm 1000cc
12/8/09 20 MONTHS
 29.7 in 75.5 cm
21.1 lbs 9.6 kg
15.7 in 40 cm

This shows that he is shorter this month than last.  I was worried about that. I fear it is because of muslce atrophy and contractures :(  I don't know for sure but I do worry.   He has gained weight but his head circmference, which was already small, did not increase at all. 

New Nursery Update:
His sleeping time is shorter and shorter. His appetites are better and better.

I am thinking the sleeping shorter and shorter may be a good thing.  I know in alot of pictures he has been asleep so I think he may have been sleeping an excessive amounnt of time. 

November 09: teeth growth: 8 upper front teeth and 8 lower front teeth
That boy has got some choppers!  LOL  Noah did not have that many teeth till he had been home a LONG WHILE! 

November 09: When he heard familiar sound, he would smile and happily with his mouth wide open. He needed to be taken to the garden to see around in order to increase his vision and hearing interactions.
 I LOVED hearing this! :)  He got to go outside!  I am praying that his vision will improve!  I pray that the dysfunction is not too bad.  PLEASE everyone continue to keep Jeremiah and the funds to complete the adoption and bring him home in your prayers! :)  I will post new pics as soon as I get them :)  Also in the next couple days I hope to put together the puzzle peices that have been sponsored and post pics of Jeremiah's puzzle so far!  :)  I really really pray we can get all the peices sponsored! :)  I can't wait to see it finished with all the names of folks who helped on the back :)  For a $2 and up donation toward puzzle fundraiser I will add a peice to the puzzle and put your name on the back :)  Also please pray that folks will be interested in ordering some jar gifts and stuff from our coffee store and all :)

Jeremiah sweetie :)  We are working so hard to bring you home as soon as we can sweet boy!  I am so excited you got to go out to the garden recently!  I can't wait till you are home and we can sit outside and swing and you can feel the fresh air on your little face!  I can't wait to see that big smile directed at me, and for you to laugh with your brother :)  He so loves you already!  He is callin you miah at this point!  It is so adorable!  You get kisses from him all the time!  So as I close to night your big brother and I both send you kisses in the wind!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Hi from Jackson!!

Hi from Jackson!! :)  we are here to take Noah to the geneticist tomorow.   We were able to visit our friend Barb and Bill's church for their Christmas Musical :)

My two boys watchin tv!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Praises and Pictures! :)

Happy Saturday All! :)  I wanted to share some praises with yall :)  and some PICS of recent events :)

Yesterday's Mail held exciting news :)

Each adult in the house got a letter with our Fingerprint Appointment for USCIS! :)  Sooo we have to be in Jackson the morning of the 14th!  That is next Monday!  :)  The funny thing is we are leaving tomorow to go to Jackson because Noah has a doctors appointment there on this monday!  So we have to be in Jackson 2 mondays in a row!  :)  Not good financially but GREAT NEWS on the Jeremiah front! :)  This is one more step down! :)

Also we got a couple other neat things in the mail yesterday and today! :)

This was an annonymous donation towards supplies for the big Sale Show on the 19th and 20th! :)

And we got our first check from our Just Love Coffee Java for Jeremiah Store! :)  We made $26!  Thank you to those who have visited our store and purchased!  and Thank you JESUS for sending folks to care and help! :) 

In another praise we sold our first Jars for Jeremiah product! :)  An online friend did a blog giveaway for fun and used on of our Jars for the gift! :)  Here are some pictures of Noah and I working on the jar! :) heehee  He is "helping"  or so he thinks! :)  sooo sweet :)  I will post a picture of the acual decorated and complete jar later :)

We were both covered in flour by the end! :)  He was havin so much fun :)  heehee

In another praise I had an overnight Babysitting job last night! :)  It was nice to have some extra money comin in for Jeremiah :)  There is another younger sweetie that was here but he was in the exersaucer and not piled up on the couch with the rest of them :)  soo cute :) 

Our playgroup had a Cookie Decorating day earlier in the week! :)  Here is some of Noah's cookies!  He ate a TON :)  LOVED the frosting :)  heehee

This is a posed smile when I told him to say Cheese! heehee :) He looks so much fatter in this picture than he is!

He loved this play laptop :)  He grabbed it, climbed up in the chair and started typing!  LOL  You would think he has been watching someone on the computer around here!  heehee

Here is Noah and drake :)  They are trying to scale the baby gate! :) They want the kitty!

After the kitty again! :)

Noah and another buddy with the laptop :)

Hope you enjoyed the pics :)  Please keep us in prayer tomorow and Monday.  Bobby, Noah and I will leave tomorow afternoon to travel to Jackson for Noah to see a specialist there :)  Please pray that appointment goes well, the trip is safe and fun :)  Sunday night a friend who lives just outside of Jackson is having her Church's Christmas Musical :)  We are so excited that we just so happen to gonna be there that night so we can attend :)  Noah LOVES music so it should be so fun :)  I CAN'T WAIT!  See ya tomorow BARB! :)

I made this of my sweet Frogie Boy Jeremiah :)  I will be as I have time making pics of him with Christmas borders! :)  I need to come up with one I like to print and make an ornament out of like I did for Noah while he was in Taiwan waiting for us! :) 

Jeremiah my sweet baby boy!  Mama is thinking about you constantly buddy! :)  I got a few things for your Christmas this week and will put them up for you when you come home! :)  All over town I see things with frogs on them as a new movie is coming called the Princess and the frog and because of that lots of frog items and every time I see a frog I remember even more my sweet frogie boy waiting for us in Taiwan! :)  I wish I had th emoney to buy all those frogie items for you :)  Hang on sweet boy, we are doing all we can to raise the money to complet the adoption and come and pick you up!  God is gonna bridge the ocean just like He did with your big brother Noah!  Until I get there sweetie catch my kisses in the wind!
THE WAIT FOR NOAH IS OVER!!!! November 3, 2007~September 8, 2008 First heard about Noah~Noah in our Arms!
April 1, 2009~ June 7, 2010 First committed to Jeremiah~Jeremiah in our Arms!

The FIRST Picture we EVER saw!

The FIRST Picture we EVER saw!
Noah WesLee 5 months old

The First Picture we ever saw of:

The First Picture  we ever saw of:
Jeremiah Harold Sisemore ~1 year

Kisses in the Wind

I hold you in my heart and touch you in my dreams.
You are here each day with me, at least that's how it seems.

I know you wonder where we are... what's taking us so long.
But remember child, I love you so and God will keep you strong.

Now go outside and feel the breeze and let it touch your skin...Because tonight, just as always, I blow you kisses in the wind.

May God hold you in His hand until I can be with you.
I promise you, my darling, I'm doing all that I can do.

Very soon, you'll have a family for real, not just pretend.But for tonight, just as always, I blow you kisses in the wind.

May God wrap you in His arms and hold you very tight.
And let the angels bring the kisses that I sent to you each night.

When Love Takes You In!