Not flesh of my flesh, nor bone of my bone; but, still miraculously, my own.
Never forget, for a single minute you didn't grow under my heart, but in it.

Friday, October 10, 2008

My God shall PROVIDE ALL My Needs!

God is so faithful to ALWAYS provide for our needs and I am increasingly amazed at the ways in which He chooses to do that for us! I asked y'all to pray for us a potty recently! Well, God provided us with a FREE Potty and Free Installation. Our Friend from Church Joey is workin right now doin repos on mobile homes and is always getting items givin to him from such homes. So it was suggested we ask about the possibility of a potty! Well, Joey got us a new potty! New to us anyway! Joey also knew how to put the potty in so he brought it to us and installed it! THANK YOU JESUS!!! We had to change out the seat from our old potty because the seat on the potty he got was no good. So Bobby starts out on it and is havin trouble and so I get down there and try and help and then my brother in law Wesley comes and he is helping. It became a comedy of errors night and we were all laughing like crazy. Celeste is holding Noah so he can see me and watch this process the entire time and SHOOTING PICS! heehee At one point we began that how many Sisemore's does it take to change a potty seat! lol as evidenced by the below picture!

Here is Uncle Wesley takin a break to play with his newest nephew and namesake! The WES in WesLee is after him! :)

Noah is so intrigued by Uncle Wesley. Celeste did not get it on film but he would just look at Wes's beard and almost touch it and then pull back! dont know if he has seen a bearded man till now! heehee

Here is Jei Jei (Celeste) playin with Noah! He is eatin it up ! Check out the 40+ year old jammas! They were my brothers, then mine, then Jei Jei's and now NOAH's! The bottoms snap on to the top! :) I love em :) They make Noah look so much longer than he is!

Here is Mr. Noah today playin in the shelf he thinks is built for him! :) He is so stinkin cute! :)

Noah had his 2nd eval today for the Early Steps program and it went VERY well! It was very evident how much he has blossomed since the last eval shortly after coming home! Things he could not do then he excelled at today! :) They were VERY sweet and VERY complimentary of me to the point she asked me IF I was a therapist. When I told her nope, just a mom, she told me how I was what Noah needed someone to stay home with him and work with him and all! She said all I had been doing was VERY good and keep it up. Even said I SHOULD BECOME A THERAPIST! She said the little bit of signing I was doing with Noah was VERY good and to do it more and more. Sign everything she said. I need a signing for babies book or something! I know some things but not enough. She said since he is very in to takin things in and out and openin and closing things to really use those signs and keep up with chew and more and such like I have been! The best news is that the last time he had the eval they said his developmental age was 9 months. Today she said not counting speech she would say about 13 months! That is a huge jump in just a few weeks! Especially since he has not even begun early intervention. They will have a meeting and do some grading of everything and let me know if he gets into the program. She and the first lady both said they think the program would really help him but they can't just put him in cuz they want to, they have to grade this stuff and go by the thing or whatever to make the decision. he may have improved too much for the program. She said even if he does not make it in the program to still find a speech therapist at the very least! She seemed to think he will someday talk. Of course it is fine either way but boy do I want to hear him say mama so badly! She asked me if his parents were able to speak and it occured to me that I had NEVER thought to even ask that! I do have video of the birth mother with Noah and she never says a word , she is rockin him and such and strokin his back but doesnt say a word. I need to see if I can find out if she and the birth father and grandmother and all that are challenged were able to speak. They sais I really need to know that. It is so odd to me all the things I should have asked and at the time I just could think of NOTHING to ask :( The pediatrician wants to know family history of any diseases, cancers etc and of course I have no idea. What was I thinkin when I had the opportunity to ask the social workers questions??

I am praying about putting together a small scrapbook as a gift to the birth mother for Christmas. Just a way for them to kinda see Noah in his new home and all and see how he is doin and such! I want to get something for her to go along with it. Any ideas from any BTDT adoptive mamas??

Well, I better scoot and get done on here and try and sleep before Noah wakes up. He wakes up on and off ALL night long. I worry that we still have such problems at night after he has been with us a month now. He cries out and thrashes in his sleep so much. Bobby wonders if he has always done this.

WE send you blessings and kisses in the wind!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Noah is published! and other Panda Boy news!

Well, I can barely believe it but yesterday was ONE MONTH exactly since Noah WesLee Sisemore was placed in my arms for the VERY FIRST TIME! He is FOREVER my baby boy! :) Even when he is 50 he will still be MY BABY BOY! :) It is so hard to believe it has been an entire month, but at the same time it just feels like he has ALWAYS been with us. He has been in our hearts so much longer than that! Yesterday we spent the afternoon and evening at Church. We have a little group at our Church called Lagniappe. Yesterday was our first Wednesday to go. It was a beautiful fallish day and we were outside the whole afternoon! Then we all eat supper at Church together and then we have our Wednesday Night services! :) What a special way to spend our month anniversary! Several folks had not seen Noah yet so it was very fun for them to meet him for the first time! :) There are a few more Lagniappe families that were out that will meet Noah next week. :) Last night was also the first night that Noah and Mama went in the Toddler Class at Church after Praise and Worship! It was not really planned but Panda Boy was cranky and disrupting the class I was in so I took him in there and stayed with him and he did so well! It is so fun to watch him and he actually got down and played at my feet and even ventured just a tad away from me a few times :) so sweet :) When we got home from Church Noah was sound asleep and when I took him out of the car he stayed asleep! NEVER happened before! :) So I come in and my mother is awake! Which was odd! She is all excited and is like guess what, guess what! Well turns out Aunt Dorothy and Aunt Liz (My mother's sister and her daughter :) have been VERY busy bees! :) My mother gets her hometown newspaper still and so they had a surprise for all of us in the latest edition! Noah has been published! Check it out!!!! :)

They did this a TOTAL surprise :) We were so thrilled and excited :) To keep it a surprise they went from memory and did not ask any questions so my mother in law's name in actually Alice so the blogger world knows :) and yes Noah's Middle name is WesLee not Wesley for those who may be now questioning yourself! Leave it to me to do everything funky so noone knows how to spell it :) But he is named after so many folks I needed the spelling to fit all them :) Aunt Dorothy is suppose to send me a copy as well to keep! :) My mom is framing hers and I just might do the same! I wish I could get it bigger and I would frame it and hang it next to my Grandaddy Bell's Picture in my living room which is goin to be hung not far from my BEAUTIFUL shelf that my Uncle Harold made and gave me :) I did fine seeing the announcment and was very excited! Even to the point I kinda hooped and woke up poor Noah! But anyway I was all happy and excited until I got the the part about my late grandparents and then I just bawled!!! They woudl have SOOO loved Panda Boy! Though My grandfather would have told me to get a girl so she would never have to go to war! He was always worried about the boys havin to go to war. I think he had some very traumatic experiences in his war days :(
Anyway, below are some pictures of Noah and Mama's first time playing in the toddler room! :)

Noah LOVES Elmo! We have actually seen this phone and played with it in the package at both WalMart and Big lots! He was so excited to play with the Churchs and actually have it out of package! :)
One of Noah's little playmates at Church Sara Jane taught him to cook! :) He just LOVED this play pot and spoon and played at my feet with it for the LONGEST time! I am shocked by his attention span for a 17 month old!
Here is Noah and that is Miss Sara Jane in Mrs. Cassie's lap
I thought he looked so adorable in his overhalls and his little shoes I took this full body shot! You can't really see it but his shoes have trains on the side of them :) so adorable
It is so funny to me because we have Noah 17 months, Sara Jane 20 months, and Alana 23 months old and Caleb 7 months old. All these little ones :) Noah really seemed comforable with all the girls! Just like at SLC where he had all these girl friends! He better watch it when Caleb gets big enough to give him a run for his money! heehee
At Lagniape he was enthralled with my friend Sarah's daughter RUBY! Miss Ruby is 3 and Noah woudl go up and take her hand and hold it and want to walk with her :) Not sure he knows what to think of little children just a few years older than him. I am not sure he has ever seen anything but babies and adult ladies before!
I wish I had gotten some pictures of our outside time because he so loved it but I was not thinkin pics at that point, just was watchin him and enjoyin the wonderful weather and fellowship for friends and showin off my baby boy!
Well, Panda Boy and the rest of us send you blessings and Kisses in the Wind!
{ I have to tell y'all how I just tear up ever time I say that now! I just love the fact that after so long of sending NOAH kisses in the wind across the globe now he is here to kiss and snuggle in person and now we send them out to all of you friends and family out there! :)}

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

First Haircut and lets play TAG!

Hi all ;)

Well, Panda Boy had his first haircut yesterday! He did great and first and then started crying. We figured out later WHY he started cryin but thought he just got scared :( I was so mad when I figured it out! the lady nicked his neck with the clippers :( I cried when I realized he had been in hurt and we were tellin him ITS OK! :( uggh Its ok for the lady to hurt you . stupid parents! We know better next time, I had wanted to hold him in my lap to begin with and the lady was like lets try him in booster seat! oh well, its done, and I have cried because he looks so much older :( But he is still my baby! Here are some shots from before durin and after :)

Noah is VERY curious about the camera :)

He always seems to smile so good when Baba holds him and I have the camera! But not when I hold him and have the camera. Then he wants to grab it! heehee

Here is a good shot of the side of his hair before. Notice the WATER Bottle! I am so happy to FINALLY get him to drink some water. He still boycots juice but at least he will drink water if I let him carry the bottle around! :) But if I hold him it BEST have milk in it or he will throw it at me!

So here we go with haircut shots!

I believe this must have been when she got him, I was flashin pics and we got this face and then the cryin began :(

This is straight out of the chair! Mama's arms make it all better!

Here he is when she came to talk to him and play with him, he is like I dont know bout you lady! you hurt!

Here is a picture of the neck where it is cut. Can you see it? it is kinda of scrape cut. hard to describe but made mama mad mad!

Here we are at Chick Fila! Our first time to go and eat there. We chose them because they have a TODDLER play place :) you must be under 3 to play in there!

He is so curious! Tryin to figure out how to pull of the little stick on placemat!

Here is the back of his head with new haircut! He looks so grown!

Playin in play place! He is curious of the other kids!

ohhh what does this do! :)

It was such a sweet time playin together :) We couldnt stay long cuz Baba had to get to work shortly thereafter and had to get home and shower and change but it was still fun :)

Now that you have had your Noah fix! heehee On to a game of tag!

My dear friend TIFF tagged me!

so here are my seven random facts...

1. I had an opportunity to train for the olympics in gymnastics but was NOT allowed to.

2. MY FAVORITE tv show is Jon and Kate plus 8 on TLC! :) I love watching them with their twins and sextuplets! :)

3. I am 12 years younger than my husband!

4. I had TEN chaperones on our first date at the age of 36!

5. I was a single mother to Celeste for almost 17 years

6. I am a mississippi girl! though livin in Louisiana now.

7. I am not a very interesting person and it was VERY hard to come up with 7 things!

ok now to chose 7 folks. PLEASE noone get mad! heeehee its all in fun and at the very least comment back to me so I can learn 7 things about you :)

1. Tina over at Learning2be Tina is an old friend I met while homeschooling Celeste years ago who has recently come back into my life!

2. Sarah who is adopting Josiah! her 2nd taiwan baby :)

3. Holli whose blog is private! Holli just might be my future in law! heehee She is the mother of Noah's friend Breelyn Chia-Ling from SLC. They were known as ALWAYS Together when Noah was still there! Please pray for them. They are awaiting word of FIRST DECREE!

4. Mel Who is waiting for her sweet baby! She is my germany freind :)

5. Melissa who I met at the wonderful Down Syndrome Ministry Receeses Rainbow!

6. Ramona my sweet Tiawan friend! :) She is Jaden's Mom! She went above and beyond to find me when a friend of hers had accidental pics of Noah! :) back in the days of waiting! I so love that I can take his picture now WHENVER I want :) and I can just sit and stare at him and watch him :)

7. Tisra who is adopting from Taiwan. I do not know her well but read her blog whenever I can :)

There are so many I could tag. God has so blessed me in the blogger world especially with Taiwan adoption friends, Receeses Rainbow adoption friends and on and on it goes :) It is always so hard to pick who to use :) Tryin to do different folks this time. But I love you ALL!

WE send you blessings and KISSES in the wind!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Dedicated to Christ...Noah WesLee Sisemore

Yesterday was Noah and my friend Cassie's baby boy Caleb's baby dedications at our Church! :) It was so wonderful to be able to present this wonderful gift of a son back to the Lord and Savior who GAVE him to us! :)
Here is Noah when I first got him dressed at home! DONT LOOK AT THE MESS PLEASE!
Here he is walkin and the hat is ALREADY off! :) I did put it back on him as we entered the door of the Fellowship Hall at Church so everyone could see him and he kept it on till I took it off when we entered the sanctuary.
Here is my DEAR friend Cassie, her hubby Carlos and baby Caleb! We shared our dedication day! :)
Pastor Paul prayin over Noah! :)
The best shot of all of us. The person with camera was not real close :(
Here is Celeste and one of her best buds Elizabeth! :) It is so funny. Celeste up and dyed her hair JET black Saturday Night. Elizabeth has DARK DARK hair and dyed hers blonde! :) Its like they flipped hair! heehee My how they have grown! they have known each other since weebeth was born! :)
Here is the cake the Church got for Noah and Caleb! :)
Noah's FIRST experience with cake! heehee He spit it back out! :) I wish there was a good shot of the bib! It says Hello I HAVE ARRIVED! :) Everyone loved it! :) They kept tellin him YES you have arrived FINALLY! :)
Here is Master Caleb Aubrey McDaniel! :) He has had cake before and LOVES it! :) heehee
So, I have to tell a story on myself and ask for prayer. I have been very very exhausted since returning from Taiwan. Sleep is not good, sometimes even when Noah sleeps I don't because I can't wind down and get my mind to stop. Anyway, so Bobby was gone back to work and Celeste was at school I guess and I was in restroom. Now Noah goes EVERYWHERE with me in the house. I am Mama and he will play with others but if I leave the room he has a fit to go. He lifts those chubby little arms up and looks and me and screams and I think how many times did he do that when noone had time to pick him up and so of course I pick him up and off we go wherever. So this day he was particulary fussh and I am fixin to go to bathroom. Well I guess it was the exhaustion but I got VERY dizzy and stumbled backward into the potty and the wall. So I was like kinda stuck with him in one arm, the other braced on tank of potty and my back against the wall tilted. NOONE is around to help us! I am sure this would have made a WONDERFUL sitcom episode! Anyways through the hardest I manage to get up. Well the take is majornly wobbly after this but I guess my sleep deprived mine didnt think to much about that. So later on a return trip to said bathroom Noah and I walk in and almost fall on my hiney cuz the floor is flooded! Guess what happened when I flushed! FLOOD. So I BROKE the potty! UGGH So Bobby is home at this point but on his way out the door to job #2 so he just turns off the water to potty and goes. UGGH so very inconvenient. So yesterday he goes and gets our neighbor who worked for a plumber for years and he comes over to FIX the potty. Well, apparently I am VERY talented and brok the tank and some ring that the tank sits on or something. Anyway basic point it potty must be replaced :( UGGGH NOT FIXABLE :( We have NO MONEY to buy a potty :( I feel horribly guilty :( So this is the prayer request. We have found a friend who knows HOW to replace a potty so we need God to provide the potty! SO how many times do you pray for a potty for your friend?? heehee
Also, please pray for Panda Boy. He is cutting 3 teeth at one time! :) It is so funny cuz now I dont know how to answer how many teeth he has :) heehee he has 4 totaly in, one 3/4 way in, one about a 1/4 the way in and 2 just barely breakin through I can feel a tiny tip under skin. Poor guy! so much for he only has 4 teeth! :) Still more than Celeste at this age she had NONE! She was late late on teeth! but they were so good ones!
We continue to move forward and back. yesterday morning I put Noah in exersaucer by the tub so I could bathe for Church. Well he immediatly began screaming so I began talking to him and reassurin him I was right there. I went over to counter and started pinnin up my hair and he STOPPED screaming! I spun around real quick cuz it scared me! heehee I was like IS HE OK! but he was beginnin to play with the toys on exersaucer! :) He did not cry the entire bath! And belive me I made it a long one cuz he was happy! :) Read some in a magazine and everything! :) heehee
so that was good step forward. but he has gotten more and more clingy and fussy all day yesterday after Church and all night he basically fussed on and off all night. Even in my arms some. I know some of that is teeth adn some is because I am putting him down some durin the day now he doesnt trust me. He will learn even if I lay him in crib I am not gone and I am still gonna get him out just a bit later when he wakes up. When I rock him now if I stand up HE WAKES UP. He knows I am gonna try and lay him down. Last night he only slept some and that was in my arms.
Like I said forward adn back but he is so joyful and happy so much of the time! Even when I am fallin over from sleep deprivation. I don't know HOW he can be happy. But he is definitly fussier now with the teeth and it seems to affect his clinginess too.
Also anytime we leave the house once we are back home he is much fussier and harder to rest and feed and everything.
I know it is all part of this little guy adjusting but for being home 3 and a half weeks I think he is doin amazing! He comprehends more and more english every day! He really is SMART! :) and sooo much fun!
well, I am SURE y'all are tired of my yackin by now!
We send you blessings and kisses in the wind!
THE WAIT FOR NOAH IS OVER!!!! November 3, 2007~September 8, 2008 First heard about Noah~Noah in our Arms!
April 1, 2009~ June 7, 2010 First committed to Jeremiah~Jeremiah in our Arms!

The FIRST Picture we EVER saw!

The FIRST Picture we EVER saw!
Noah WesLee 5 months old

The First Picture we ever saw of:

The First Picture  we ever saw of:
Jeremiah Harold Sisemore ~1 year

Kisses in the Wind

I hold you in my heart and touch you in my dreams.
You are here each day with me, at least that's how it seems.

I know you wonder where we are... what's taking us so long.
But remember child, I love you so and God will keep you strong.

Now go outside and feel the breeze and let it touch your skin...Because tonight, just as always, I blow you kisses in the wind.

May God hold you in His hand until I can be with you.
I promise you, my darling, I'm doing all that I can do.

Very soon, you'll have a family for real, not just pretend.But for tonight, just as always, I blow you kisses in the wind.

May God wrap you in His arms and hold you very tight.
And let the angels bring the kisses that I sent to you each night.

When Love Takes You In!