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Monday, October 6, 2008

Dedicated to Christ...Noah WesLee Sisemore

Yesterday was Noah and my friend Cassie's baby boy Caleb's baby dedications at our Church! :) It was so wonderful to be able to present this wonderful gift of a son back to the Lord and Savior who GAVE him to us! :)
Here is Noah when I first got him dressed at home! DONT LOOK AT THE MESS PLEASE!
Here he is walkin and the hat is ALREADY off! :) I did put it back on him as we entered the door of the Fellowship Hall at Church so everyone could see him and he kept it on till I took it off when we entered the sanctuary.
Here is my DEAR friend Cassie, her hubby Carlos and baby Caleb! We shared our dedication day! :)
Pastor Paul prayin over Noah! :)
The best shot of all of us. The person with camera was not real close :(
Here is Celeste and one of her best buds Elizabeth! :) It is so funny. Celeste up and dyed her hair JET black Saturday Night. Elizabeth has DARK DARK hair and dyed hers blonde! :) Its like they flipped hair! heehee My how they have grown! they have known each other since weebeth was born! :)
Here is the cake the Church got for Noah and Caleb! :)
Noah's FIRST experience with cake! heehee He spit it back out! :) I wish there was a good shot of the bib! It says Hello I HAVE ARRIVED! :) Everyone loved it! :) They kept tellin him YES you have arrived FINALLY! :)
Here is Master Caleb Aubrey McDaniel! :) He has had cake before and LOVES it! :) heehee
So, I have to tell a story on myself and ask for prayer. I have been very very exhausted since returning from Taiwan. Sleep is not good, sometimes even when Noah sleeps I don't because I can't wind down and get my mind to stop. Anyway, so Bobby was gone back to work and Celeste was at school I guess and I was in restroom. Now Noah goes EVERYWHERE with me in the house. I am Mama and he will play with others but if I leave the room he has a fit to go. He lifts those chubby little arms up and looks and me and screams and I think how many times did he do that when noone had time to pick him up and so of course I pick him up and off we go wherever. So this day he was particulary fussh and I am fixin to go to bathroom. Well I guess it was the exhaustion but I got VERY dizzy and stumbled backward into the potty and the wall. So I was like kinda stuck with him in one arm, the other braced on tank of potty and my back against the wall tilted. NOONE is around to help us! I am sure this would have made a WONDERFUL sitcom episode! Anyways through the hardest I manage to get up. Well the take is majornly wobbly after this but I guess my sleep deprived mine didnt think to much about that. So later on a return trip to said bathroom Noah and I walk in and almost fall on my hiney cuz the floor is flooded! Guess what happened when I flushed! FLOOD. So I BROKE the potty! UGGH So Bobby is home at this point but on his way out the door to job #2 so he just turns off the water to potty and goes. UGGH so very inconvenient. So yesterday he goes and gets our neighbor who worked for a plumber for years and he comes over to FIX the potty. Well, apparently I am VERY talented and brok the tank and some ring that the tank sits on or something. Anyway basic point it potty must be replaced :( UGGGH NOT FIXABLE :( We have NO MONEY to buy a potty :( I feel horribly guilty :( So this is the prayer request. We have found a friend who knows HOW to replace a potty so we need God to provide the potty! SO how many times do you pray for a potty for your friend?? heehee
Also, please pray for Panda Boy. He is cutting 3 teeth at one time! :) It is so funny cuz now I dont know how to answer how many teeth he has :) heehee he has 4 totaly in, one 3/4 way in, one about a 1/4 the way in and 2 just barely breakin through I can feel a tiny tip under skin. Poor guy! so much for he only has 4 teeth! :) Still more than Celeste at this age she had NONE! She was late late on teeth! but they were so good ones!
We continue to move forward and back. yesterday morning I put Noah in exersaucer by the tub so I could bathe for Church. Well he immediatly began screaming so I began talking to him and reassurin him I was right there. I went over to counter and started pinnin up my hair and he STOPPED screaming! I spun around real quick cuz it scared me! heehee I was like IS HE OK! but he was beginnin to play with the toys on exersaucer! :) He did not cry the entire bath! And belive me I made it a long one cuz he was happy! :) Read some in a magazine and everything! :) heehee
so that was good step forward. but he has gotten more and more clingy and fussy all day yesterday after Church and all night he basically fussed on and off all night. Even in my arms some. I know some of that is teeth adn some is because I am putting him down some durin the day now he doesnt trust me. He will learn even if I lay him in crib I am not gone and I am still gonna get him out just a bit later when he wakes up. When I rock him now if I stand up HE WAKES UP. He knows I am gonna try and lay him down. Last night he only slept some and that was in my arms.
Like I said forward adn back but he is so joyful and happy so much of the time! Even when I am fallin over from sleep deprivation. I don't know HOW he can be happy. But he is definitly fussier now with the teeth and it seems to affect his clinginess too.
Also anytime we leave the house once we are back home he is much fussier and harder to rest and feed and everything.
I know it is all part of this little guy adjusting but for being home 3 and a half weeks I think he is doin amazing! He comprehends more and more english every day! He really is SMART! :) and sooo much fun!
well, I am SURE y'all are tired of my yackin by now!
We send you blessings and kisses in the wind!


Ramona said...

What a wonderful day! And Noah is so darned handsome!

lorabelle said...

My thoughts are with you for getting yourself a new toilet! I hope that is happens and happens quickly cause I don't want to think about what you are doin in the mean time! LOL...
Sounds like Noah is adjusting just fine! The 4th week, it's all uphill! I'm glad that his dedication went well.

The Becks Family said...

Awww. Noah is such a ladies man!! :) lol! How cute!

June Berger said...

How wonderful! He's so cute! Praying you got your potty.

momwithfaithandhope said...

Sending you potty prayers my friend!! That is quite a story, but I know what you broke and it's probably not that uncommon. Glad Noah is making progress, and his Dedication looked like a very blessed event. Hugs, Tiff

The Robison Family said...


I am never tired of you sharing. We have detailed ways to pray for you. 3 teeth at once? Ouch! I am sorry about the potty! It took me months after E was born to get over the dizzy stuff. What a beautiful Baby Dedication! Noah was quite handsome!!


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