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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

First Haircut and lets play TAG!

Hi all ;)

Well, Panda Boy had his first haircut yesterday! He did great and first and then started crying. We figured out later WHY he started cryin but thought he just got scared :( I was so mad when I figured it out! the lady nicked his neck with the clippers :( I cried when I realized he had been in hurt and we were tellin him ITS OK! :( uggh Its ok for the lady to hurt you . stupid parents! We know better next time, I had wanted to hold him in my lap to begin with and the lady was like lets try him in booster seat! oh well, its done, and I have cried because he looks so much older :( But he is still my baby! Here are some shots from before durin and after :)

Noah is VERY curious about the camera :)

He always seems to smile so good when Baba holds him and I have the camera! But not when I hold him and have the camera. Then he wants to grab it! heehee

Here is a good shot of the side of his hair before. Notice the WATER Bottle! I am so happy to FINALLY get him to drink some water. He still boycots juice but at least he will drink water if I let him carry the bottle around! :) But if I hold him it BEST have milk in it or he will throw it at me!

So here we go with haircut shots!

I believe this must have been when she got him, I was flashin pics and we got this face and then the cryin began :(

This is straight out of the chair! Mama's arms make it all better!

Here he is when she came to talk to him and play with him, he is like I dont know bout you lady! you hurt!

Here is a picture of the neck where it is cut. Can you see it? it is kinda of scrape cut. hard to describe but made mama mad mad!

Here we are at Chick Fila! Our first time to go and eat there. We chose them because they have a TODDLER play place :) you must be under 3 to play in there!

He is so curious! Tryin to figure out how to pull of the little stick on placemat!

Here is the back of his head with new haircut! He looks so grown!

Playin in play place! He is curious of the other kids!

ohhh what does this do! :)

It was such a sweet time playin together :) We couldnt stay long cuz Baba had to get to work shortly thereafter and had to get home and shower and change but it was still fun :)

Now that you have had your Noah fix! heehee On to a game of tag!

My dear friend TIFF tagged me!

so here are my seven random facts...

1. I had an opportunity to train for the olympics in gymnastics but was NOT allowed to.

2. MY FAVORITE tv show is Jon and Kate plus 8 on TLC! :) I love watching them with their twins and sextuplets! :)

3. I am 12 years younger than my husband!

4. I had TEN chaperones on our first date at the age of 36!

5. I was a single mother to Celeste for almost 17 years

6. I am a mississippi girl! though livin in Louisiana now.

7. I am not a very interesting person and it was VERY hard to come up with 7 things!

ok now to chose 7 folks. PLEASE noone get mad! heeehee its all in fun and at the very least comment back to me so I can learn 7 things about you :)

1. Tina over at Learning2be Tina is an old friend I met while homeschooling Celeste years ago who has recently come back into my life!

2. Sarah who is adopting Josiah! her 2nd taiwan baby :)

3. Holli whose blog is private! Holli just might be my future in law! heehee She is the mother of Noah's friend Breelyn Chia-Ling from SLC. They were known as ALWAYS Together when Noah was still there! Please pray for them. They are awaiting word of FIRST DECREE!

4. Mel Who is waiting for her sweet baby! She is my germany freind :)

5. Melissa who I met at the wonderful Down Syndrome Ministry Receeses Rainbow!

6. Ramona my sweet Tiawan friend! :) She is Jaden's Mom! She went above and beyond to find me when a friend of hers had accidental pics of Noah! :) back in the days of waiting! I so love that I can take his picture now WHENVER I want :) and I can just sit and stare at him and watch him :)

7. Tisra who is adopting from Taiwan. I do not know her well but read her blog whenever I can :)

There are so many I could tag. God has so blessed me in the blogger world especially with Taiwan adoption friends, Receeses Rainbow adoption friends and on and on it goes :) It is always so hard to pick who to use :) Tryin to do different folks this time. But I love you ALL!

WE send you blessings and KISSES in the wind!


Melissa said...

Aww, thanks for taggin me. I have to be honest and say I've been secretly hoping someone woud tag me for this one cause it sounded like fun ;) My kids tell me I'm weird all the time, now the whole world can know!

Your boy is a cutie-before and after the haircut. Don't beat yourself up too much about the cut. He probably already forgot. I am so glad Chia-ling has a family. I looked at her pic all the time and prayed for her :)

Sarah k said...

Poor MAMA AND NOAH! OH my gosh! They did that to Jer too.. on the ear though! I could have screamed. I thought all along she did a good job and then got him in my arms and horror! I have BTDT! I am sorry for such a bad first hair cut guys. Noah is a trooper though! Look at that smile afterwards at lunch!! What a little man!!! YOU GO BOY!
Thanks for tagging me Tami! This will be fun! I feel so honored!!
AND YOU ARE TOO INTERESTING!!!! And why didn't the olympics let you? Crazy people!

Sarah K.

The Family K. said...

Awww... poor baby. Doesn't it just break your heart? But on the flip side, he looks so handsome!

The Becks Family said...

That mean old lady!! Poor little Noah. He's so handsome with his new haircut. Breelyn is going to swoon when she sees it. lol!
Breelyn's Mommy
Waiting for 1st Decree

momwithfaithandhope said...

Ohh!! What a cute panda BOY! He looks older now! Sounds like Curious George is growin' up in your house. Thanks for playing "tag" - WOW - Olympics?! That's incredible! Keep postin' new pics mama! Hugs, Tiff

Lisa said...

That is no fun about Noah getting nicked by the haircut lady. :(
I'm sorry that happened to you all!
He looks adorable though and I would say you guys will be venturing back to that eatery before too long! :) Cute pics.!
Wanted to thank you also for the comment tip about disposable had no idea and will absolutely be looking for one for our next care package!
Lisa C.

lorabelle said...

I feel like coming down there and smacking that lady on the head! I can't believe that she clipped him on his first hair cut. I hope the foil job that she has in her hair during his cut looked really bad when she took it out! LOL...
Panda boy does look really handsome sporting his new do.
Sounds like you had a nice afternoon overall.
I usually don't enjoy games, but it has been fun learning all of these new things about each other
hasn't it.

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