Not flesh of my flesh, nor bone of my bone; but, still miraculously, my own.
Never forget, for a single minute you didn't grow under my heart, but in it.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Multiple BLES8INGS!

Hi all :)

We went tonight to the Church around the corner to hear Kate Gosselin Speak!! And as promised I wanted to share our evening with you and of course some pictures! It was a wonderful night overall! :) It began with Praise and Worship and as that is one of my FAVORITE things to do I was in heaven!!! :) It was kinda odd cuz I was thinking, I am in Praise and Worship in the same Church with Kate! Then God nugged me , She is JUST a person like you, a mouthpeice for me, but person none the less! Oh yeah Right God! So anyway, Kate comes out and sits on like a bar stool! It was so personal though there were over 600 people there! It was so wonderful and refreshing to see Kate uncensored by television producers. To see the woman of faith she is and hear what all God has taught her in this journey they have been on. She addresses immediatly why there is not more about their faith on the show and says that is the most asked question she gets in Churches. Praise God for a night of no producers :) heehee I felt like I was at a Ladies retreat at Christ for the Nations or Women of Faith and Kate had come to speak. She shared so much and it amazes me how it fit in with things in my own life! I have been very reflective the past little while as I stand amazed at all God has done in my life for years. And especially as I look upon my son's face! :) I pray that I am able to inspire others on the way that Kate does and that I ALWAYS remember to give God all the Glory and honor and praise. Without Him I am nothing! I have been asked to speak at our Church this month at our Ladies Meeting. Acutally I was asked to speak quite a while ago and it was originally scheduled for September but God had other plans because I was in Taiwan! heehee But anyway I have thought about that God knew all along that I would not be able to speak at that time and what more did He have for me to share that I needed to wait. I am still praying about that. I am not quite sure why I got off on all that. Anyway, Kate basically preached a sermon in sharing her story and what God spoke to her through it! :) When we first arrived we noticed a table with her new book Multiple Bles8ings! :) I wanted so badly to go over and pick it up and look at it. I had grocery money with me but knew that this month of all months I did not need to pull money out for a book so I never even went over there, though Celeste kept trying to talk me into buying the book because she just knew I would love to read it! heehee Well, right before the began they had a lady announce that the books were for sale and that at the end of the evening that Kate would be autographing books. Oh boy what fun that would be to actually speak to her and have an autographed book. So of course Celeste is like Mommy go get the book! I am like nope. So they start the evening and I am totally engrossed in what she is saying. NOAH did so amazingly well while she spoke! He did get a little restless but not enough to disturb others too much though he kept gettin Celeste and I tickeld and we were havin to smother ourselves to keep from laughin too loud! heehee After Kate finished speaking and the question session was over Celeste began again about me getting the book! Stubborn Child I have there! Then she says to me buy and I will give you the money later and give it to you for Christmas! I am still hesitant, so she pulls out the big guns! heehee She calls her Daddy at work! LOL So then he gets me on the phone and says buy the book and let her do this for you! He says you may never again have an opportunity to have her sign it even if you bought it later! So Celeste goes off to buy the book! Then we wait in an incredibly LONG line to get the book signed! Praise God for my young healthy daughter! :) She was so sweet to hold the place in line for me while I sat and battled with a tired and crabby Noah several times! In the midst of all this waiting we get word from Bobby that my mother in law at home has fallen in the shower and my mother had to call 911 and she was taken to ER. We are like ready to take off for the hospital and Bobby says no, stay, get book signed and call me when you are done and if she is still here you can come. He said it looked like she was ok but they were checking for concussion. She has a big lump on her head and scraped her scalp so lots of blood. She was home by the time we got done and is doing well! This is her 2nd fall in a few weeks time. I am concerned. She says this time the shower chair flipped over and she fell. I worry she was dizzy or blacked out and that is what made it fall. Last fall she did black out but didnt tell us for a couple days. Please be in prayer for her! Well, I could go on and on about the things that Kate shared but I am sure some are in her book and I don't want to spoil that for those who may be purchasing the book or others who may hear her speak later. I was very blessed by the evening and how she showed lessons she had learned from God! :)

So here are the pictures from the evening!!! :)

Here are Noah and I in the parking lot of the Church! He looked so adorable tonight! :) AS ALWAYS! :)

another shot of Noah and I :) He is clappin here :)

Me and my baby girl!!! :)
Noah and I waiting in line to have the booked signed!

Here is Kate signing our book! I have to tell you about when she saw us! She had a fit over Noah! She was like you would fit in our brood so well! She had shared in her talk that they long to adopt a child from Korea but have too many children for the cutoff for Korea. I told her that he was not from Korea but was adopted from Taiwan and only home 7 weeks! She was VERY interested! She was like Taiwan! I did not know you could adopt from Taiwan! I will have to look into that! She was so intrigued that she messed up her own signature on the book and commited on it! heehee! Of course she had signed who knows how many before mine! There were alot of folks who bought books! :)

Here is the front of my book! :) You can't see the title too good but the picture is good! :)

Here is the signature! Anyone wanna guess what Gijoy means?? lol I am wondering if I will find out when I read the book! Can you see how she messed up on the K? I wonder if someday that will be worth money! heehee :) The hardest part is that Celeste will now put the book up and wrap it for Christmas so I have to WAIT to read it! UGGH! I am gonna go nutso!
I wanted to send you one more picture that I thought had loaded earlier but didnt!
Look at his little feet in his high chair! Is that not the cutest thing!!!! :) heehee
We send you many blessings and Kisses in the wind!

Happy November and Grilled Cheese!

Happy November All! Today marks the first day of the Thanksgiving Season but ALSO the first day of National Adoption Month! What better month to have as National Adoption Month than a month you spend thinking about being Thankful! :) I KNOW FOR ME I HAVE SO MUCH MORE to be thankful for since God blessed me with my son! He allowed ME to be used to bring Noah a forever home! He bridged an Ocean to bring me the CHILD OF MY HEART I feared I would never have! And I KNOW He will will bring more children into our home in HIS time! :) You will find a button for reecesrainbow on my side bar! This is a down syndrome Ministry helping find forever homes for babies and children with Down Syndrome and also have some Other Angles with other special needs! Please click the button and go look at the children on the angel tree and just pray for them to find their forever families like Noah has! :) Also, Please check out or AMAZING Agency HEARTSENT's website if you feel at all led to even look into adoption. They are wonderful and were sent to us by the Heart of the Father! I know for a fact they have several waiting children desperate for families! Please pray about how the Lord would have you Celebrate this National Adoption Month!

Now as for Grilled Cheese I have to share! Panda Boy is doing so much better with his eating that Mama made grilled cheese sandwhiches for lunch! Noah ate a half a sandwhich!! I cut it is TINY peices but he ate it and was quite taken! :) Here are some sweet pictures to share! :) A Saturday lunch with my KIDS

Noah waitin for me to bring him his lunch! :)

What on earth is THAT mama! heehee

Ok, lets give this a try! :)

The FIRST BITE! :) humm not bad!

Jei Jei gets into the act! DON'T Look at my messy house please!

He is just a babblin while eating! :) Maybe he is sayin not bad mama! heehee

Look how good he gets that food to his mouth! :) heehee

Jei Jei Laughing!! :)

Paper plates do double duty as plates and toys for Noah! He loves paper of any kind! :)

LOOK at that face! Those eyes! I see such light in them! :) He is so beautiful! :) So happy he is on the mend! Today I really see him healing! :) Most of the time he is so JOYFUL! AS long as I am right close by, if not he is mr whiney :( I am so thankful he wants to be around me! I PRAY that means he is bonding and attaching correctly!

Again, just look at that face! :)

And this one too! :) My beautiful funny baby girl Celeste! :) heehee

I said something about wishing Noah would smile big so I could get a good picture of his 8 teeth! the last one is barely in but still he has 8 if you count all that are broken through. lotsa of teeth action since we got him :) Anyway, she just HAD to help :) He is so good natured not to protest this! heehee

I dont know if you can see them all, one on top is only about 1/4 way in and one on bottom is just barely in!

Tonight Celeste, Noah and I are going to the Church around the corner to hear Kate Gosslin speak! She is the mom of twins and sextuplets! I adore her show on TLC John and Kate plus 8! :) Bobby got us tickets and it looked like we would have to miss, but Noah is doing so very well and Bobby said go ahead and go. Noah will only be outside goin to car and riding literally 2 minutes and then into the Church and then then same home. It will be a good test to see how he does and if we can head back to Church tomorow! :) Fellowship supper at Church so everyone is missing Noah and wants us to make it! :) And Monday is his belated First birthday party as that is 1 year from when we were first contacted about him and heard about him! :) I will probably blog tonight with pictures of our outing to hear Kate Gosselin speak!

WE send you blessings and Kisses in the Wind!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Hallelujah Night! Well maybe not!

Well, Hallelujah Night came here and of course with Noah sick we were not able to go to the celebration/carnival thingy our Church was involved in which was very sad to Mama. PRAISE GOD Noah has no clue what he missed! Noah is feeling a bit better but is VERY crabby still and STILL hates the breating treatments, even when I just put it right in front of his face. They only time it is pleasant doing it is at naptime and bedtime cuz he is asleep! He actually had a period today where he woudl not come to me in my chair or rock with me because he associated me and he chair I guess with that dumb breathing treatment. Anyway here are some pictures of our day and of Noah in costume. He was NOT happy at all about it today! A few of these were taken the day we bought the costume! That day he LOVED it, today he wanted NO part of it ;(

Here is my sweet little man at naptime today! Jei Jei took this sweet picture for us :) I am dozin in the rocker with him!

There really was no decision to be made for what Noah would be for Hallelujah Night. The problem was finding the most authentic costume! Which we did. Unfortunately with a cranky baby the pics don't show how totally cute it was! But you can get an idea!

So without further ado to those who have been askin and askin.....


This is the only shot we have that shows MOST of the costume! He is havin a fit here! I had tried to stand him up so Celeste could get a shot of the full body in costume and he melted down to this. Perhaps we should have had him be a SNOWMAN! When he does not want to stand he just melts down to the floor! This costume is adorable, you can't really see the ears and the whole face and feet and all but just darling!

This is after I scooped him back up and gave him a water bottle! It is so cute him holding it with his paws! I was trying to keep the costume on till his daddy woke up so he could see him! Bobby had to work overnight tonight so he was sleeping this afternoon.

We aer sorta happy here finally!

this one and the next few with Noah and Me were taken the day I bought the costume! He loved it that day. Let everyone see him in it, walked around in it and everything. I wish we had taken more pics that day but I didnt cuz it wasn't Hallelujah Night yet.

Daddy is FINALLY awake! (like 10 minutes later, heehee) Noah is happy to see daddy so we got this almost smiling picture! :) The costume came off right after this!

Here is Noah in a little long sleeve onsie a friend gave us that has trick or treat on it, and black cats, pumkins, bats, etc. and Noah's FIRST TIME to wear blue Jeans! As you can see they are TOO big! lol they are fallin off! We shoudl have gotten 12 months instead of 18 months.

Here we are bedded down for the night! so so sweet :) I JUST adore this amazing creature! Even in sickness he is doing amazing considering 7 weeks ago today he landed in a foreign country away from every person, sight, smell, taste, and thing he had EVER known. I am honoroed he has allowed me to love him and I pray daily that I will do a good job of being his mother!!
Happy Hallelujah Night to y'all. I pray you were blessed by the Lord this day that HE made! :)
WE send you blessings and (yes Shannon GERM FREE :)!!! Kisses in the Wind!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Oh Noah what have you done!

The wonders of Steroids and treatments! Noah is doing some better! He is still a sick sick baby but he has what we have termed "Toddlin Pneumonia as NOTHING seems to slow this busy guy down for long! Poor baby still HATES the breathing treatments, even when I just try and blow it in front of his face he screams and today he is fighting and trying to get away from us so it is even worse. BUT, he is up and around some today. Here are a few pics and a more pleasant video!
not a good shot because it is only part of him but I really like it for some reason! you can just see joy in the eye :)

This is just so prescious to me :) His nose is staying like this or worse :( We keep wiping it and it keeps getting raw raw!

Tonight he was playing quietly at my feet with some toys while I was on the computer and then I realize I hear paper rustling and that he is no longer playing toys! Here are a few pics and a video for your enjoyment. Sorry it is not better lighting.

this one is not sideways on the computer! I have no clue WHY it wont sit straight here :(

This is a battle scar on my neck from Noah! He did not mean to scratch me but he did good and drew blood! Sorry it is not a good shot. I think I was in the light trying to hold the hair back.

Please continue to keep Noah in your prayers as he is a sick little guy. I don't know how to know for sure his lungs are getting better other than PRAY and do what the doctor said. I wish I had her here to listen to them again and tell me if they are better.

We send you lotsa blessings and kisses in the wind!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Sadness :(

Well, I write tonight a very sad post :( Noah's cold that we thought was getting better has taken a turn for the much worse. I took him back in to the pediatrican (Thank the Lord for Dr. Dang being close and quickly available) today and she says Noah is Wheezing and congested in his lungs. She put him on antibiotic, steroids (which made me cry he is on these because of my history of EXTREME weight gain when I was on them when in hospital with pneumonia), and breathing treatments with a nebulizer machine. I am suppose to let her know ASAP if he does not improve or gets any worse. Quite scary I must say. I am suppose to keep him in and make sure he does not get too hot or too cold or anything. Poor little guy. He will end up missing a party he was suppose to go to tomorow night for a friends 2 year old! It was his first invitation to a bday party :( so sad. He will also miss Hallelujah Night Friday Night :( I cried about these 2 things too. I have been crying alot this afternoon. I HATE to see him so sick :( and he definitly HATES the breathing treatments! Talk about hard to make him go through :( Here is video of his first treatment. WARNING!!! This is HARD to watch cuz he is so unhappy with it :( It just rips my heart out to see him so upset! My daughter is one tough cookie. She is like it gets more in his lungs if he screams! Scream Noah. Mama is like shhh honey. :( my poor baby boy.

I am so upset for Noah that he will miss his first Hallalujah Night :( We will take his picture in his costume anyway and post it so y'all can see him in it! He is so cute in it! I hate that he won't get to go but he is so young there would have been alot he could not do and he does not really know he is missing it so that helps too!

Boy mama hates her panda boy to be sick that is for sure! He sure can scream loud as you can see! Please keep him in prayer that this passes QUICKLY and does not turn out to be asthma or anything like that.

WE send you blessings and Kisses in the Wind.

Monday, October 27, 2008

7 weeks ago TODAY!

7 Weeks ago today I looked up at a doorway and laid eyes for the first time on the most beautiful baby boy I have EVER seen! Today is 7 weeks since Gotcha Day! WOW! I can still see it as clear as day! There is something so amazing about seeing them IN PERSON after so long watching them grow in pictures!!!! It was rather funny because we shared our Gotcha Day with our dear friends Jackie and Jeff as they were picking up Lucy that day as well! :) Just before they brough Lucy in Jessica came rushing in with a camera and was like she is on the way and everyone got all ready and I had the video camera for them. I had watched Lucy grow up in pictures slightly longer than I had Noah! Little did I know when I first found them that she and I would share a Gotcha day! She was even more beautiful in person than in pictures, which should have prepared me for what was coming upon looking on the face of Noah, but somehow it didnt! So then we are waiting for Noah to be seen by his birthmother's social workers and had been told it would be a little while longer. So when I happen to glance up and see Noah with one of his Nannie's in the doorway I was in shock, I think I started smacking Bobby and was like OH MY GOSH HE'S BEAUTIFUL! Jessica was not even in the room, there was no warning so there are no pictures of us seeing him the first second but pretty close to it as Jackie's WONDERFUL hubby came running in with video camera. I am still touched to my very core that he would take time away from his BRAND NEW DAUGHTER to come in and do that for us! WOW Friendship! The day was so overwhelming and amazing! I had waited so long and so fallen in love and thought I was so prepared. NOTHING could have prepared me for how amazing that felt or was to have that amazing creature placed in my arms!!!! I am crying now just reliving it all in my mind! I still can't believe the DAY finally came and NOW I am 7 weeks past it! WOW!

Today was an amazing day for us all the way around! We had Noah's Early Steps Eligibility Meeting today and were told that Yes he qualifies for the Early Steps Program through The ARC. This was very good news because I feel we are doing something now to help him to be ALL he can be! It was a bit of an interesting meeting. Noah had 2 evaluations with 2 separate people done a few weeks apart. All that data was taken and put into some scales or something to come up with his developmental age and other things they need to know. Well, she just kept talking about all the positive signs she saw and that the things on those tests were just a scale to go by and on and on. I asked her what developmental age she would give Noah and she said she did not want to do that. She said we did not need to worry about that and keep doing what we were doing. She did say he was developmentally delayed in ALL areas which I was a bit surprised to hear. I guess I have been so focused on certain things I did not realize. Anyway, we will be having another meeting maybe next week and a OT will come out to work on his feeding. She says that is a step to language development. She encouraged me to sign with him more and more! That will be easier to do now that we received a gifty in the mail from William and his mommy Judy!

Here are pics of the wonderful Gifty's we received!!

I was so excited about this!! I have been needing to find some of these so what a wonderful gifty this was! This should really help us learn our signs!

This is THE sweetest book you will ever read! I loved it! I had no clue Little Golden Books had a book on adoption! :) I LOVE IT :) and Noah actually listened to me read it!

And this is amazing too! A way to help develop language in the language he knew for 16 and half months! We are so blessed to have William and Judy as our friends! We thank God for their family in our life! :) As we do so many new friends God has brought to us through the world of Adoption! :)
Noah is still a bit sick and so is mama but we are on the mend! Below I will share some pictures and you can see how raw his little face is under his nose. And his cheeks are so red :( Poor baby.
He got too close but you can see that smile! I have SUCH a hard time getting smiling pictures of him! ugggh He smiles but once the camera decides to take the picture he is done and off!

I just thought this was adorable! :) See him drinking WATER!! :) When we first came home I could not get him to drink ANYTHING other than formula! He drank water in Taiwan a little. Well, I finally decided to let him have a water bottle one day while playing on the floor and HE DRANK IT! So now he can have it when he is down. His milk bottles he still gets held by me when he has them! I was a bit worried at first he would begin to refuse the milk because he can get down with the water, or he would not want me to rock him and give him the milk, but except for one time he hasn't. I guess he likes being held and rocked with his warm milk bottle! :)

Bobby has gone into the bathroom to get ready for Work. NOAH is bangin on the door wantin in! heehee
So so sweet! :) That is my BIG shoulder there!

Here we are coughing! Is it not so cute. He is sorta coverin his mouth! We have been workin on that! :) He loves to mimic us!

He thinks mommy is a mountain to climb in the bed! He has just put his elbow through my ribs! heehee!

This shows his poor little face under his nose really good!

Here he is laughing cuz he had pulled off his diaper and surprised us and so we are laughing and he got tickled too! :)

So proud of himself! This smile did NOT last long. Mama went to put diaper and jammas on and he let me know he was NOT happy with me!

I had to share this one!! :) I snagged it off my daughter's myspace! :) This is BEFORE she dyed the hair black!
Now I want to try and share a video or 2! It is so hard to get these of Noah because if I have the camera he runs to me! He is so funny. Like he wants to be in my lap and not the camera! :) What I need is video of him trying to get Celeste out of my lap! or the dog!! heehee Please ignore my LOUD voice in these! I wish I had an actual vidoe camera but praise God for a digital camera with video on it! :)

My Sweet Babies!!! :)

I am so full of love for these children! Yes my daughter may be 20 but I still look at her like she is my baby girl! I love to watch her and Noah and the sweet sweet relationship they have! It amazes me that it has been 7 weeks since he was placed in my arms. He had lived in my heart for over 10 months before but upon entering my arms he was even deeper in my heart! They Joy is indescribable! No, it is not always easy. Yes, I feel inadequate to meet his needs and be all he DESERVES for me to be. BUT, I will give him my all! I can't tell you the joy that goes through my heart each time he does something new! To see him explore and discover something and learn! I never knew all those months what capacity to learn he would have. I had NO CLUE he would be so smart! I want so much to give him all I can and allow him to be the BEST Noah he can be! I just adore hearing him babble and I look forward to the day when he will say Mama! If it never comes, it is ok but I so pray it does! :)

ok, I am so sorry I went on so long. THANK YOU if you are still reading!

WE send you blessings and kisses in the wind!

THE WAIT FOR NOAH IS OVER!!!! November 3, 2007~September 8, 2008 First heard about Noah~Noah in our Arms!
April 1, 2009~ June 7, 2010 First committed to Jeremiah~Jeremiah in our Arms!

The FIRST Picture we EVER saw!

The FIRST Picture we EVER saw!
Noah WesLee 5 months old

The First Picture we ever saw of:

The First Picture  we ever saw of:
Jeremiah Harold Sisemore ~1 year

Kisses in the Wind

I hold you in my heart and touch you in my dreams.
You are here each day with me, at least that's how it seems.

I know you wonder where we are... what's taking us so long.
But remember child, I love you so and God will keep you strong.

Now go outside and feel the breeze and let it touch your skin...Because tonight, just as always, I blow you kisses in the wind.

May God hold you in His hand until I can be with you.
I promise you, my darling, I'm doing all that I can do.

Very soon, you'll have a family for real, not just pretend.But for tonight, just as always, I blow you kisses in the wind.

May God wrap you in His arms and hold you very tight.
And let the angels bring the kisses that I sent to you each night.

When Love Takes You In!