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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Oh Noah what have you done!

The wonders of Steroids and treatments! Noah is doing some better! He is still a sick sick baby but he has what we have termed "Toddlin Pneumonia as NOTHING seems to slow this busy guy down for long! Poor baby still HATES the breathing treatments, even when I just try and blow it in front of his face he screams and today he is fighting and trying to get away from us so it is even worse. BUT, he is up and around some today. Here are a few pics and a more pleasant video!
not a good shot because it is only part of him but I really like it for some reason! you can just see joy in the eye :)

This is just so prescious to me :) His nose is staying like this or worse :( We keep wiping it and it keeps getting raw raw!

Tonight he was playing quietly at my feet with some toys while I was on the computer and then I realize I hear paper rustling and that he is no longer playing toys! Here are a few pics and a video for your enjoyment. Sorry it is not better lighting.

this one is not sideways on the computer! I have no clue WHY it wont sit straight here :(

This is a battle scar on my neck from Noah! He did not mean to scratch me but he did good and drew blood! Sorry it is not a good shot. I think I was in the light trying to hold the hair back.

Please continue to keep Noah in your prayers as he is a sick little guy. I don't know how to know for sure his lungs are getting better other than PRAY and do what the doctor said. I wish I had her here to listen to them again and tell me if they are better.

We send you lotsa blessings and kisses in the wind!


Shannon said...

Hey, I hope your kisses in the wind are germ-free, ha! : ) What a rough day! I am glad he is a bit better. It takes a long time to get over that. I have had it and Rebecca had it when she was 4. He is precious even when he is sick!
What a sweetie!
Praying for you still!
xoxo from TX,

Jackie said...

Hi Tami - sounds like Noah's doing a bit better. Try not to worry too much, it's completely natural for them to hate the nebulizer. And your daughter is right, the more he cries, the better he gets the meds.

Thinking of you. Looks like being sick hasn't kept him out of mischief!

Shannon said...

p.s. you have a 'mention' at my blog!

Ramona said...

Little Noah looks SO much better! Sure looks like he's on a path to a speedy recovery. Thank goodness.

momwithfaithandhope said...

What a little trooper he is! Love the picture of him resting his head on your shoulder. Happy Halloween to you guys! Keep him from the TRICKS - Looks like you have your hands full with this guy!

lorabelle said...

So happy that Noah is smiling again! His poor little nose still looks really sore though...
My Clayton's used to get really irritated too, so I started patting it gently to get it dry and then putting a little Neosporin on it. That seems to help protect it from the constant wet runny nose as well as help to keep it clean... It's so nice to see him happy again. Hang in there, he has to be on the tail end of this by now! I hope...

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