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Monday, October 27, 2008

7 weeks ago TODAY!

7 Weeks ago today I looked up at a doorway and laid eyes for the first time on the most beautiful baby boy I have EVER seen! Today is 7 weeks since Gotcha Day! WOW! I can still see it as clear as day! There is something so amazing about seeing them IN PERSON after so long watching them grow in pictures!!!! It was rather funny because we shared our Gotcha Day with our dear friends Jackie and Jeff as they were picking up Lucy that day as well! :) Just before they brough Lucy in Jessica came rushing in with a camera and was like she is on the way and everyone got all ready and I had the video camera for them. I had watched Lucy grow up in pictures slightly longer than I had Noah! Little did I know when I first found them that she and I would share a Gotcha day! She was even more beautiful in person than in pictures, which should have prepared me for what was coming upon looking on the face of Noah, but somehow it didnt! So then we are waiting for Noah to be seen by his birthmother's social workers and had been told it would be a little while longer. So when I happen to glance up and see Noah with one of his Nannie's in the doorway I was in shock, I think I started smacking Bobby and was like OH MY GOSH HE'S BEAUTIFUL! Jessica was not even in the room, there was no warning so there are no pictures of us seeing him the first second but pretty close to it as Jackie's WONDERFUL hubby came running in with video camera. I am still touched to my very core that he would take time away from his BRAND NEW DAUGHTER to come in and do that for us! WOW Friendship! The day was so overwhelming and amazing! I had waited so long and so fallen in love and thought I was so prepared. NOTHING could have prepared me for how amazing that felt or was to have that amazing creature placed in my arms!!!! I am crying now just reliving it all in my mind! I still can't believe the DAY finally came and NOW I am 7 weeks past it! WOW!

Today was an amazing day for us all the way around! We had Noah's Early Steps Eligibility Meeting today and were told that Yes he qualifies for the Early Steps Program through The ARC. This was very good news because I feel we are doing something now to help him to be ALL he can be! It was a bit of an interesting meeting. Noah had 2 evaluations with 2 separate people done a few weeks apart. All that data was taken and put into some scales or something to come up with his developmental age and other things they need to know. Well, she just kept talking about all the positive signs she saw and that the things on those tests were just a scale to go by and on and on. I asked her what developmental age she would give Noah and she said she did not want to do that. She said we did not need to worry about that and keep doing what we were doing. She did say he was developmentally delayed in ALL areas which I was a bit surprised to hear. I guess I have been so focused on certain things I did not realize. Anyway, we will be having another meeting maybe next week and a OT will come out to work on his feeding. She says that is a step to language development. She encouraged me to sign with him more and more! That will be easier to do now that we received a gifty in the mail from William and his mommy Judy!

Here are pics of the wonderful Gifty's we received!!

I was so excited about this!! I have been needing to find some of these so what a wonderful gifty this was! This should really help us learn our signs!

This is THE sweetest book you will ever read! I loved it! I had no clue Little Golden Books had a book on adoption! :) I LOVE IT :) and Noah actually listened to me read it!

And this is amazing too! A way to help develop language in the language he knew for 16 and half months! We are so blessed to have William and Judy as our friends! We thank God for their family in our life! :) As we do so many new friends God has brought to us through the world of Adoption! :)
Noah is still a bit sick and so is mama but we are on the mend! Below I will share some pictures and you can see how raw his little face is under his nose. And his cheeks are so red :( Poor baby.
He got too close but you can see that smile! I have SUCH a hard time getting smiling pictures of him! ugggh He smiles but once the camera decides to take the picture he is done and off!

I just thought this was adorable! :) See him drinking WATER!! :) When we first came home I could not get him to drink ANYTHING other than formula! He drank water in Taiwan a little. Well, I finally decided to let him have a water bottle one day while playing on the floor and HE DRANK IT! So now he can have it when he is down. His milk bottles he still gets held by me when he has them! I was a bit worried at first he would begin to refuse the milk because he can get down with the water, or he would not want me to rock him and give him the milk, but except for one time he hasn't. I guess he likes being held and rocked with his warm milk bottle! :)

Bobby has gone into the bathroom to get ready for Work. NOAH is bangin on the door wantin in! heehee
So so sweet! :) That is my BIG shoulder there!

Here we are coughing! Is it not so cute. He is sorta coverin his mouth! We have been workin on that! :) He loves to mimic us!

He thinks mommy is a mountain to climb in the bed! He has just put his elbow through my ribs! heehee!

This shows his poor little face under his nose really good!

Here he is laughing cuz he had pulled off his diaper and surprised us and so we are laughing and he got tickled too! :)

So proud of himself! This smile did NOT last long. Mama went to put diaper and jammas on and he let me know he was NOT happy with me!

I had to share this one!! :) I snagged it off my daughter's myspace! :) This is BEFORE she dyed the hair black!
Now I want to try and share a video or 2! It is so hard to get these of Noah because if I have the camera he runs to me! He is so funny. Like he wants to be in my lap and not the camera! :) What I need is video of him trying to get Celeste out of my lap! or the dog!! heehee Please ignore my LOUD voice in these! I wish I had an actual vidoe camera but praise God for a digital camera with video on it! :)

My Sweet Babies!!! :)

I am so full of love for these children! Yes my daughter may be 20 but I still look at her like she is my baby girl! I love to watch her and Noah and the sweet sweet relationship they have! It amazes me that it has been 7 weeks since he was placed in my arms. He had lived in my heart for over 10 months before but upon entering my arms he was even deeper in my heart! They Joy is indescribable! No, it is not always easy. Yes, I feel inadequate to meet his needs and be all he DESERVES for me to be. BUT, I will give him my all! I can't tell you the joy that goes through my heart each time he does something new! To see him explore and discover something and learn! I never knew all those months what capacity to learn he would have. I had NO CLUE he would be so smart! I want so much to give him all I can and allow him to be the BEST Noah he can be! I just adore hearing him babble and I look forward to the day when he will say Mama! If it never comes, it is ok but I so pray it does! :)

ok, I am so sorry I went on so long. THANK YOU if you are still reading!

WE send you blessings and kisses in the wind!


marina said...

The time flies doesnt it?!?! Noah is so sweet. So loveable!

momwithfaithandhope said...

I didn't get a chance to pray for your evaluation today, and then got to read your post. Others must have been prayin' with you! Glad to hear the good news. And what a perfect gifty from Judy! She's the sweetest, isn't she?! That DVD is great! You'll start to sing-a-long in no time! Gracyn's evaluation is next Monday. Speech Therapist is coming with her caseworker. Great update - keep lovin' on that little guy! Hugs, Tiff

June Berger said...

So glad everything went well with his evaluation and he is getting the services he needs and that you feel he needs and deserves! He's doing so well already.

The Becks Family said...

I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED both videos. That is SO sweet. He looks SO happy. He's SO attached to you all! Look at that smile! You're doing an AWESOME job! 7 weeks. Amazing!

Ruth said...

I loved the videos of Noah! What a sweet, happy boy! It is so sweet to see him going back & forth between Mommy & Daddy in that video - he's as taken with you guys are you are with him. And he is very lucky to have such a "cool" big sister. You have a wonderful family!

The Family K. said...

I love the line about seeing Noah for the first time and getting so excited you were smacking Bobby. Hilarious!

Noah sounds like he is doing really well. I loved seeing him and Celeste playing together. It sounds like they'll have a very speical relationship over the years.

lorabelle said...

He is so cute Tami and the videos are awesome. Marina is right, time really does fly...
I agree, Great post!

Ramona said...

Tami - I just LUV the videos of Noah and especially the one with his sister. I'm so glad everything went well with Noah's evaluation!

schoolmother said...

We have the Blessing From Above book, too. It is so precious. You are great at taking pictures. You will be so glad you did.

Shannon said...

I am so glad the evaluation went well. I love, love,love the videos. He is so cute running to give you a hug so many times. He looks like he's been with you from the beginning! Both of your 'babies' are precious. And yes, I read your post all the way to the end and could have read more!


p.s. let us know how he likes the DVD.

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