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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Sadness :(

Well, I write tonight a very sad post :( Noah's cold that we thought was getting better has taken a turn for the much worse. I took him back in to the pediatrican (Thank the Lord for Dr. Dang being close and quickly available) today and she says Noah is Wheezing and congested in his lungs. She put him on antibiotic, steroids (which made me cry he is on these because of my history of EXTREME weight gain when I was on them when in hospital with pneumonia), and breathing treatments with a nebulizer machine. I am suppose to let her know ASAP if he does not improve or gets any worse. Quite scary I must say. I am suppose to keep him in and make sure he does not get too hot or too cold or anything. Poor little guy. He will end up missing a party he was suppose to go to tomorow night for a friends 2 year old! It was his first invitation to a bday party :( so sad. He will also miss Hallelujah Night Friday Night :( I cried about these 2 things too. I have been crying alot this afternoon. I HATE to see him so sick :( and he definitly HATES the breathing treatments! Talk about hard to make him go through :( Here is video of his first treatment. WARNING!!! This is HARD to watch cuz he is so unhappy with it :( It just rips my heart out to see him so upset! My daughter is one tough cookie. She is like it gets more in his lungs if he screams! Scream Noah. Mama is like shhh honey. :( my poor baby boy.

I am so upset for Noah that he will miss his first Hallalujah Night :( We will take his picture in his costume anyway and post it so y'all can see him in it! He is so cute in it! I hate that he won't get to go but he is so young there would have been alot he could not do and he does not really know he is missing it so that helps too!

Boy mama hates her panda boy to be sick that is for sure! He sure can scream loud as you can see! Please keep him in prayer that this passes QUICKLY and does not turn out to be asthma or anything like that.

WE send you blessings and Kisses in the Wind.


Lisa said...

Thinking about you guys and hoping for a speedy recovery. Take care of yourself too, sweet Mama!
Lisa C.

Ramona said...

Oh, poor little Noah and poor Mama. I notice you're using a mask. When Mikey was that young, we had a hard plastic attachment we attached to the tubing. We put it about 2 inches from his face and it blew the treatment into his face while he breathed. Much less traumatic than the mask = happier baby. I'm thinking about him and hoping he gets better soon. It's so horrible to see your little one so sick.

The Family K. said...

Aww... poor Noah. I'll send up prayers that he feels better soon.

lorabelle said...

You are so right, it was hard for me to watch too. Breaks my heart to see our Panda boy so sad and sick... you are doing the right thing though, so keep up with the breathing treatments and be strong. He has to have them in order to get well! I like what Ramona's doctor used. Perhaps you could ask your doctor to look into this technique if he has to continue with these for much longer? Hope that it gets easier. Hang in there, we are all here if you need us.

Shannon said...


My heart is breaking for both of you. All of my kids have either had pneumonia or croup. My eldest was hospitalized with it. A couple of tricks. You can ask for Xopenex if the Albuterol makes him really nuts. Steroids make their heart rates so fast. I had a child that 'freaked' when he had the mask on. Celeste is right, he is getting that medicine deep into his lungs when he cries w/ those deep breaths. Distraction during sessions is key along with holding the mask near his face, but not on it. They do get enough. I remember the sound of that machine would set my Levi off into crying as soon as he heard it.

I am praying as I have been. I am sorry Noah is missing some 1sts and I know that it is disappointing. I know you will even cherish this time as you cuddle him, sing to him, and nurse him back to health.

hugs from TX,

Staci said...

Poor boy. I'm so sorry he is so sick. I hope he has a speedy recovery! Thinking of you.

Lindsey's mom said...

Hang in there!! Thanks for the comment on my site!! Your gotcha day would have been my late daughter's 11th bday so that made my heart smile. He will respond well to the nebs and steroids...:-)
Kathy T
ANchorage AK

The Becks Family said...

Oh Tami. That is hard. Mostly for you. You're doing the right thing though. Holding him, talking sweet to him. He knows you're there. He was facing you and knew you weren't doing it to hurt him. He'll be ok. He's a tough little guy. And I know big sister and dh are there supporting you and Noah. Stay tough girl! Gotta do whats best for our babies. That's why God entrusted us as Mommas. Thinking of you, Holli

momwithfaithandhope said...

Oh Tami. . .I'm so sorry to see little Panda Boy so sick. Hang in there sweetie. You're both in my prayers. Hugs, Tiff

marina said...

I'm so sorry you are going through this right now. There is nothing harder than seeing your child sick and in pain/fear. My thoughts and prayers are with you and Noah.

AZmomto8 said...

Oh goodness, poor little man, I feel so badly for him. Praying her gets better soon (((((((((((((((mommy))))))))))))

June Berger said...

I feel worse for you Tami! Both of my oldest boys had asthma and had many many resp. treatments, I know it isn't pleasant. But I really believe it's worse on mamma! The little ones get over it so quickly, it's us that's more traumatized! And crying does get it deep down into his lungs, so just think of it as a "benefit" ;o)
Praying him better quickly. I'm sorry he'll miss two parties, but he will be blessed with so many more in the years to come. Try and get sleep momma, you'll be exhausted before long.

Tia said...

So sorry. Sister is right though and it will definitely help to carry it right through the lungs to where it is most needed.

If he's not long home then this is possibly his first encounter with some of the local infections - hopefully this one will help build his immunity.

Take care and hang in there

brazzel6 said...

Praying that Noah is better soon!!!
Kayla Brazzel


I am so sorr that Noah is so sick. Asthma runs in our family, so I know how difficult it is to have to give a child breathing treatments. We will pray for a speedy recovery for him.

Vickie H.

Sarah k said...

Oh Tami, Just having come from where you are.. I feel your pain honey. I am so sorry that panda boy is sick! He look so so sweet and sad in the video. My heart just broke for you all.
I am so glad however that you are there as his mommy to hold him and have priveledge to be with him during his time of need. Praise God for that! We will pray for him! I am just so heart broken that he is this sick.... He will get better soon though.. God can do miraculous things!!! and will.

Sarah k

Paula Perry said...

poor little thing, praying for a speedy recovery.
Take care yourself too so that you have enough energy to care for him.

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