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Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Hallelujah Night! Well maybe not!

Well, Hallelujah Night came here and of course with Noah sick we were not able to go to the celebration/carnival thingy our Church was involved in which was very sad to Mama. PRAISE GOD Noah has no clue what he missed! Noah is feeling a bit better but is VERY crabby still and STILL hates the breating treatments, even when I just put it right in front of his face. They only time it is pleasant doing it is at naptime and bedtime cuz he is asleep! He actually had a period today where he woudl not come to me in my chair or rock with me because he associated me and he chair I guess with that dumb breathing treatment. Anyway here are some pictures of our day and of Noah in costume. He was NOT happy at all about it today! A few of these were taken the day we bought the costume! That day he LOVED it, today he wanted NO part of it ;(

Here is my sweet little man at naptime today! Jei Jei took this sweet picture for us :) I am dozin in the rocker with him!

There really was no decision to be made for what Noah would be for Hallelujah Night. The problem was finding the most authentic costume! Which we did. Unfortunately with a cranky baby the pics don't show how totally cute it was! But you can get an idea!

So without further ado to those who have been askin and askin.....


This is the only shot we have that shows MOST of the costume! He is havin a fit here! I had tried to stand him up so Celeste could get a shot of the full body in costume and he melted down to this. Perhaps we should have had him be a SNOWMAN! When he does not want to stand he just melts down to the floor! This costume is adorable, you can't really see the ears and the whole face and feet and all but just darling!

This is after I scooped him back up and gave him a water bottle! It is so cute him holding it with his paws! I was trying to keep the costume on till his daddy woke up so he could see him! Bobby had to work overnight tonight so he was sleeping this afternoon.

We aer sorta happy here finally!

this one and the next few with Noah and Me were taken the day I bought the costume! He loved it that day. Let everyone see him in it, walked around in it and everything. I wish we had taken more pics that day but I didnt cuz it wasn't Hallelujah Night yet.

Daddy is FINALLY awake! (like 10 minutes later, heehee) Noah is happy to see daddy so we got this almost smiling picture! :) The costume came off right after this!

Here is Noah in a little long sleeve onsie a friend gave us that has trick or treat on it, and black cats, pumkins, bats, etc. and Noah's FIRST TIME to wear blue Jeans! As you can see they are TOO big! lol they are fallin off! We shoudl have gotten 12 months instead of 18 months.

Here we are bedded down for the night! so so sweet :) I JUST adore this amazing creature! Even in sickness he is doing amazing considering 7 weeks ago today he landed in a foreign country away from every person, sight, smell, taste, and thing he had EVER known. I am honoroed he has allowed me to love him and I pray daily that I will do a good job of being his mother!!
Happy Hallelujah Night to y'all. I pray you were blessed by the Lord this day that HE made! :)
WE send you blessings and (yes Shannon GERM FREE :)!!! Kisses in the Wind!


The Family K. said...

Even sick and out of sorts, Noah makes a smashing Panda. So sorry he had to miss his party.

Tina said...

I know you were disappointed he missed the big event...outfit too cute though! Maybe he will let you put it on him again later...Maybe when he gets better, you can go down to a pumpkin patch and take pictures of him in it!

Shannon said...
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Shannon said...

You know I was joking on the germy kisses, don't ya? ; )

I agree w/Tina, a trip to the pumpkin patch would be great! That outfit is just precious! Something to pass down to him.

I am glad he is getting a bit better each day!

Hugs from TX,

lorabelle said...

Love the Panda Boy's costume! I Knew it had to be...He looks so cute!!!

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