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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Multiple BLES8INGS!

Hi all :)

We went tonight to the Church around the corner to hear Kate Gosselin Speak!! And as promised I wanted to share our evening with you and of course some pictures! It was a wonderful night overall! :) It began with Praise and Worship and as that is one of my FAVORITE things to do I was in heaven!!! :) It was kinda odd cuz I was thinking, I am in Praise and Worship in the same Church with Kate! Then God nugged me , She is JUST a person like you, a mouthpeice for me, but person none the less! Oh yeah Right God! So anyway, Kate comes out and sits on like a bar stool! It was so personal though there were over 600 people there! It was so wonderful and refreshing to see Kate uncensored by television producers. To see the woman of faith she is and hear what all God has taught her in this journey they have been on. She addresses immediatly why there is not more about their faith on the show and says that is the most asked question she gets in Churches. Praise God for a night of no producers :) heehee I felt like I was at a Ladies retreat at Christ for the Nations or Women of Faith and Kate had come to speak. She shared so much and it amazes me how it fit in with things in my own life! I have been very reflective the past little while as I stand amazed at all God has done in my life for years. And especially as I look upon my son's face! :) I pray that I am able to inspire others on the way that Kate does and that I ALWAYS remember to give God all the Glory and honor and praise. Without Him I am nothing! I have been asked to speak at our Church this month at our Ladies Meeting. Acutally I was asked to speak quite a while ago and it was originally scheduled for September but God had other plans because I was in Taiwan! heehee But anyway I have thought about that God knew all along that I would not be able to speak at that time and what more did He have for me to share that I needed to wait. I am still praying about that. I am not quite sure why I got off on all that. Anyway, Kate basically preached a sermon in sharing her story and what God spoke to her through it! :) When we first arrived we noticed a table with her new book Multiple Bles8ings! :) I wanted so badly to go over and pick it up and look at it. I had grocery money with me but knew that this month of all months I did not need to pull money out for a book so I never even went over there, though Celeste kept trying to talk me into buying the book because she just knew I would love to read it! heehee Well, right before the began they had a lady announce that the books were for sale and that at the end of the evening that Kate would be autographing books. Oh boy what fun that would be to actually speak to her and have an autographed book. So of course Celeste is like Mommy go get the book! I am like nope. So they start the evening and I am totally engrossed in what she is saying. NOAH did so amazingly well while she spoke! He did get a little restless but not enough to disturb others too much though he kept gettin Celeste and I tickeld and we were havin to smother ourselves to keep from laughin too loud! heehee After Kate finished speaking and the question session was over Celeste began again about me getting the book! Stubborn Child I have there! Then she says to me buy and I will give you the money later and give it to you for Christmas! I am still hesitant, so she pulls out the big guns! heehee She calls her Daddy at work! LOL So then he gets me on the phone and says buy the book and let her do this for you! He says you may never again have an opportunity to have her sign it even if you bought it later! So Celeste goes off to buy the book! Then we wait in an incredibly LONG line to get the book signed! Praise God for my young healthy daughter! :) She was so sweet to hold the place in line for me while I sat and battled with a tired and crabby Noah several times! In the midst of all this waiting we get word from Bobby that my mother in law at home has fallen in the shower and my mother had to call 911 and she was taken to ER. We are like ready to take off for the hospital and Bobby says no, stay, get book signed and call me when you are done and if she is still here you can come. He said it looked like she was ok but they were checking for concussion. She has a big lump on her head and scraped her scalp so lots of blood. She was home by the time we got done and is doing well! This is her 2nd fall in a few weeks time. I am concerned. She says this time the shower chair flipped over and she fell. I worry she was dizzy or blacked out and that is what made it fall. Last fall she did black out but didnt tell us for a couple days. Please be in prayer for her! Well, I could go on and on about the things that Kate shared but I am sure some are in her book and I don't want to spoil that for those who may be purchasing the book or others who may hear her speak later. I was very blessed by the evening and how she showed lessons she had learned from God! :)

So here are the pictures from the evening!!! :)

Here are Noah and I in the parking lot of the Church! He looked so adorable tonight! :) AS ALWAYS! :)

another shot of Noah and I :) He is clappin here :)

Me and my baby girl!!! :)
Noah and I waiting in line to have the booked signed!

Here is Kate signing our book! I have to tell you about when she saw us! She had a fit over Noah! She was like you would fit in our brood so well! She had shared in her talk that they long to adopt a child from Korea but have too many children for the cutoff for Korea. I told her that he was not from Korea but was adopted from Taiwan and only home 7 weeks! She was VERY interested! She was like Taiwan! I did not know you could adopt from Taiwan! I will have to look into that! She was so intrigued that she messed up her own signature on the book and commited on it! heehee! Of course she had signed who knows how many before mine! There were alot of folks who bought books! :)

Here is the front of my book! :) You can't see the title too good but the picture is good! :)

Here is the signature! Anyone wanna guess what Gijoy means?? lol I am wondering if I will find out when I read the book! Can you see how she messed up on the K? I wonder if someday that will be worth money! heehee :) The hardest part is that Celeste will now put the book up and wrap it for Christmas so I have to WAIT to read it! UGGH! I am gonna go nutso!
I wanted to send you one more picture that I thought had loaded earlier but didnt!
Look at his little feet in his high chair! Is that not the cutest thing!!!! :) heehee
We send you many blessings and Kisses in the wind!


Dianne said...

Great pictures!!

Staci said...

I LOVE Jon and Kate plus 8!!!!!! That is so awesome you got to meet Kate. I will have to get their book.

Sarah k said...

That HAD to be cool! I love Jon and Kate plus 8... you are so blessed to have gone!!!

Sarah k

brazzel6 said...

Wow, sounds like a wonderful evening! I would love to hear Kate speak!

Glad Noah is better!
Kayla Brazzel

Lisa said...

I'm so glad you shared that incredible night with your kiddos. You deserve a great night AND the book too! :)
Enjoy, even though I know you have to wait!!
I also spotted your tribute to Adoption month and grilled sweet & I'm glad he's getting more adventurous with his eating! Yay!
Take care,
Lisa C.

lorabelle said...

Sounds like it was a great time! I'm not sure how you are going to keep yourself from finding and reading that book. I'd already be reading it by now! You have some will power, I'll say that...
Noah's pictures are adorable. Grilled cheese is a good good thing Mama. I'm amazed that he leaves the plate on his tray. Allie dumps her food right off the bat and throws the plate on the floor and then goes on to smear as much as she can all over the place. I've actually been feeding her again just a couple of bites at a time until she regains a little bit more control. She is a little stinker too!
Glad that you had a nice weekend.

Anonymous said...

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