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Friday, October 10, 2008

My God shall PROVIDE ALL My Needs!

God is so faithful to ALWAYS provide for our needs and I am increasingly amazed at the ways in which He chooses to do that for us! I asked y'all to pray for us a potty recently! Well, God provided us with a FREE Potty and Free Installation. Our Friend from Church Joey is workin right now doin repos on mobile homes and is always getting items givin to him from such homes. So it was suggested we ask about the possibility of a potty! Well, Joey got us a new potty! New to us anyway! Joey also knew how to put the potty in so he brought it to us and installed it! THANK YOU JESUS!!! We had to change out the seat from our old potty because the seat on the potty he got was no good. So Bobby starts out on it and is havin trouble and so I get down there and try and help and then my brother in law Wesley comes and he is helping. It became a comedy of errors night and we were all laughing like crazy. Celeste is holding Noah so he can see me and watch this process the entire time and SHOOTING PICS! heehee At one point we began that how many Sisemore's does it take to change a potty seat! lol as evidenced by the below picture!

Here is Uncle Wesley takin a break to play with his newest nephew and namesake! The WES in WesLee is after him! :)

Noah is so intrigued by Uncle Wesley. Celeste did not get it on film but he would just look at Wes's beard and almost touch it and then pull back! dont know if he has seen a bearded man till now! heehee

Here is Jei Jei (Celeste) playin with Noah! He is eatin it up ! Check out the 40+ year old jammas! They were my brothers, then mine, then Jei Jei's and now NOAH's! The bottoms snap on to the top! :) I love em :) They make Noah look so much longer than he is!

Here is Mr. Noah today playin in the shelf he thinks is built for him! :) He is so stinkin cute! :)

Noah had his 2nd eval today for the Early Steps program and it went VERY well! It was very evident how much he has blossomed since the last eval shortly after coming home! Things he could not do then he excelled at today! :) They were VERY sweet and VERY complimentary of me to the point she asked me IF I was a therapist. When I told her nope, just a mom, she told me how I was what Noah needed someone to stay home with him and work with him and all! She said all I had been doing was VERY good and keep it up. Even said I SHOULD BECOME A THERAPIST! She said the little bit of signing I was doing with Noah was VERY good and to do it more and more. Sign everything she said. I need a signing for babies book or something! I know some things but not enough. She said since he is very in to takin things in and out and openin and closing things to really use those signs and keep up with chew and more and such like I have been! The best news is that the last time he had the eval they said his developmental age was 9 months. Today she said not counting speech she would say about 13 months! That is a huge jump in just a few weeks! Especially since he has not even begun early intervention. They will have a meeting and do some grading of everything and let me know if he gets into the program. She and the first lady both said they think the program would really help him but they can't just put him in cuz they want to, they have to grade this stuff and go by the thing or whatever to make the decision. he may have improved too much for the program. She said even if he does not make it in the program to still find a speech therapist at the very least! She seemed to think he will someday talk. Of course it is fine either way but boy do I want to hear him say mama so badly! She asked me if his parents were able to speak and it occured to me that I had NEVER thought to even ask that! I do have video of the birth mother with Noah and she never says a word , she is rockin him and such and strokin his back but doesnt say a word. I need to see if I can find out if she and the birth father and grandmother and all that are challenged were able to speak. They sais I really need to know that. It is so odd to me all the things I should have asked and at the time I just could think of NOTHING to ask :( The pediatrician wants to know family history of any diseases, cancers etc and of course I have no idea. What was I thinkin when I had the opportunity to ask the social workers questions??

I am praying about putting together a small scrapbook as a gift to the birth mother for Christmas. Just a way for them to kinda see Noah in his new home and all and see how he is doin and such! I want to get something for her to go along with it. Any ideas from any BTDT adoptive mamas??

Well, I better scoot and get done on here and try and sleep before Noah wakes up. He wakes up on and off ALL night long. I worry that we still have such problems at night after he has been with us a month now. He cries out and thrashes in his sleep so much. Bobby wonders if he has always done this.

WE send you blessings and kisses in the wind!


Sarah k said...

This all sounds so good Tami, and so familiar too. As you know Jer came from SLC and he too had the same problems it seems. It took him quite a while to say Mama! Almost 2 years old actually. I want to say he was 1 year and 7mo old when he finally said mama. Jo on the other hand, we have been told said dada already and he is 6 months but also was in an english speaking home. Keep up the great work you two!! This is just wonderful news!

Sarah k

momwithfaithandhope said...

PTL for the new potty and installation. Love that Noah is wearing clothes from a generation ago! Hope he'll enjoy wearing some of Peyton's stuff too! You have a new career option in front of you when Noah is grown! Therapist Tami at your service! Blessings, Tiff

lorabelle said...

Great post Tami!
You are cracking me up about your potty, too funny! That is such great news to hear about Noah coming right along with things. He's a smart little boy! I wonder if your agency would contact Jessica at SLC and ask her to look up some info in his file regarding Bio family and speech? I'd give it a try. Good luck!

Amy from Occupation: Mommy said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog. Congratulations on your new son, he looks like he is adjusting well!

Lisa said...

Sweet Noah already has so much with your love, attention and guidance. His progress sounds incredible!
I'm just loving on those jammies, but I also just about melted when I spotted his little face in profile. What an absolute doll he is!
BTW, I think anything you choose to send his BM would be perfect, because it will come from your heart! The scrapbook sounds just lovely!
Happy weekend with your "boyful" of blessings! :)
Lisa C.

schoolmother said...

It sounds like Noah is doing so well. Good job!!

Shannon said...


I was so down yesterday b/c of my friend losing her baby, but I came over to your blog and I laughed! (I just didn't have time to comment at the time), but God used your blog!

Yes, we need to praise God even for a new potty! I also love each and every pic you post with Noah on his shelf! I just smile, smile, smile when I see him on his shelf!

Super news on his evaluation! See, he has a GREAT Mama who is helping him feel loved, secure, and happy!

E woke me up 3x last night and I have to say I am a bit foggy today, but I prayed for you when I was up with her one of the times. I know as tired as we both are, we couldn't be happier huh?
Have a beautiful Sunday!


The Family K. said...

God definitely knows what we need and I guess he knew you needed a new throne :)

I'm so glad to hear how well Noah is doing. I can tell that you are such a great mother to him, so attentive and concerned. I know he's in wonderful hands with you and will continue to flourish.

HisTaiHens said...

Oh what funny potty talk!! At first, I thought you were trying to potty train Noah already!! Ha ha on me!!

It is sog reat that you can see what a difference YOUR love has made in Noah that he progressing by leaps and bounds!! He WILL continue to do so and he WILL say mama one day- God provides our needs and that is a need of yours :)

Much love to your family of FOUR!!

Tina said...

Boy can I relate to the potty installation-not that we have done that yet...but we have had our fair share of funny moments rebuilding our house! I will give you a call on the potty when we get that far!

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