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Saturday, December 19, 2009

HORRIBLE DAY.. I think I wll ELF us...

Horrible day at the sale :( Worse than I could ever imagine. We are all kinda in a sad shock state right now, but thankful for what we did sale, and PRAYERFUL for tomorow to bring MUCH BETTER SALES! At least to make back what we have put into it. Needing to veg and get mind off it all. So I elfed us!

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Kat said...

So sorry it was a rough and discouraging day. Your in our thoughts and prayers....

Becky said...

Hi Tami,
It stinks that your sale didn't go as well as you had hoped today, but tomorrow is another day! I hope that buisiness picks up for you. I have done tons of craft shows in the past and I had a few tricks that always brought me luck. The first was to always greet an interested customer with a big smile and be ready to answer questions but don't hover, it makes people less likely to buy if you hover. Second whenever there were people at the table I always made sure I was standing. I don't know why that increased my sales, maybe it made me more visible I'm not sure but it worked. and last but not least, depending on the season I would always put out a basket or bowl with free lolly pops or in your case you could use candy canes that I would attach a little hang tag with my buisiness name on it. You could attach a tag with the story of your beautiful baby boy who is waiting to come home to his loving family. you can also add a link to your blog so people can follow your journey(extra prayes never hurt!).The free candy would always draw the children to the table and then the parents follow and the more traffic the better your chances are to make a sale. For some reason when a small crowd of people crowd around a table that makes other people want to come and see what all the fuss is about and thats what you want. Even if they take the candy and don't buy anything they will still see your story and they might contact you in the future if they need to purchase a gift.
I hope you don't mind me throwing by tips out there, These were things that always worked well for me so I thought I would pass them on. I am sending tons of prayers that tomorrow is an awesome blow out of a sale for you!!!
Good Luck

schoolmother said...

Tami, I'm sorry it was such a rough day. And I'm sorry that you have gone through such a tough time with changing churches,losing friendships, etc. But your son is such a cutie-pie and nothing is too hard for God. Hold on to HIM for your very life. He will never leave you or forsake you. He is a friend that sticks closer than a brother. I know you know this already :) Love Joy, RR

Mel said...

so sorry about your bad day. sure will continue to pray for you guys. and....
ohmygosh, that elf video - you guys are crazy, lol

Karrie said...

Sorry Tami Joy. We went through this. Biggest sale of all got rained out, we lost two hundred dollars in our investment. Our family felt beaten down just like y'all do. But GATES CAME HOME!
So will Jeremiah. The battle for these kids is exhausting but they can't fight it for themselves. God will be victorious, rest now sweet Sister because the Battle Belongs to the Lord and He has given you the victory!

Talley Images said...

Thinking of you....

Deborah Ann said... cute! How beautiful that you made joy when you faced such discouragement. Don't worry, God will come through!

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