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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Bean Soup Anybody? :)

Well we have been busy beavers over here getting ready for the big Sale Show at the civic theatre on the 19th and 20th.  See some of our Confetti Bean Soup Jars? :)  I have not finished them, we will put fabric on them and ribbon and such and maybe some stickers :)  I might get some paint pens and draw on them and such :)    I am also doing some in cute paper gift bags in case someone doesn't like the Jar look or in case someone orders to have them mailed.  We have had 1 Jar ordered so far and an order for some Bag Gifts as well, though not soup but a selection of sweet mixes :) Here is a pictue of the one Jar gift that was bought from the blog.

I am havin a bit of trouble figuring out how to get the spoon to sit on the Jar.  Not all of them will have a spoon but in this one it did :)  I will post pictures of some of the bag gifts when I get them completed :)

Here are some more pics from our trip to Jackson for Noah's Doctor Appointment

This was at breakfast at the lodge! :)  Noah felt so big, I took a mini carton of milk and put a coffee stir stick as the straw and closed it back. He loved it :)

My handsome Men :)  Don't you love Noah's smile to my cheese!

Noah runnin around the lodge we stayed at :)  He loved it :)

This looked so cute walking back to the room after breakfast.  I had to take a picture :)

Tgus was taken at a really neat little Italian style delli I guess you would call it.  It was in an outlet mall we stopepd at on the way home looking for Noah shoes.  It was the first of two malls that day, still no shoes!

We received an update today on Jeremiah, but no photos, but word that Photos are coming soon!  Until then here is a photo I made and below is the update.

11/12/09 19 MONTHS
30.1 in76.5 cm
19 lbs 8.8 kg
15.7 in 40 cm 1000cc
12/8/09 20 MONTHS
 29.7 in 75.5 cm
21.1 lbs 9.6 kg
15.7 in 40 cm

This shows that he is shorter this month than last.  I was worried about that. I fear it is because of muslce atrophy and contractures :(  I don't know for sure but I do worry.   He has gained weight but his head circmference, which was already small, did not increase at all. 

New Nursery Update:
His sleeping time is shorter and shorter. His appetites are better and better.

I am thinking the sleeping shorter and shorter may be a good thing.  I know in alot of pictures he has been asleep so I think he may have been sleeping an excessive amounnt of time. 

November 09: teeth growth: 8 upper front teeth and 8 lower front teeth
That boy has got some choppers!  LOL  Noah did not have that many teeth till he had been home a LONG WHILE! 

November 09: When he heard familiar sound, he would smile and happily with his mouth wide open. He needed to be taken to the garden to see around in order to increase his vision and hearing interactions.
 I LOVED hearing this! :)  He got to go outside!  I am praying that his vision will improve!  I pray that the dysfunction is not too bad.  PLEASE everyone continue to keep Jeremiah and the funds to complete the adoption and bring him home in your prayers! :)  I will post new pics as soon as I get them :)  Also in the next couple days I hope to put together the puzzle peices that have been sponsored and post pics of Jeremiah's puzzle so far!  :)  I really really pray we can get all the peices sponsored! :)  I can't wait to see it finished with all the names of folks who helped on the back :)  For a $2 and up donation toward puzzle fundraiser I will add a peice to the puzzle and put your name on the back :)  Also please pray that folks will be interested in ordering some jar gifts and stuff from our coffee store and all :)

Jeremiah sweetie :)  We are working so hard to bring you home as soon as we can sweet boy!  I am so excited you got to go out to the garden recently!  I can't wait till you are home and we can sit outside and swing and you can feel the fresh air on your little face!  I can't wait to see that big smile directed at me, and for you to laugh with your brother :)  He so loves you already!  He is callin you miah at this point!  It is so adorable!  You get kisses from him all the time!  So as I close to night your big brother and I both send you kisses in the wind!

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The Family K. said...

Length measurements on kids can be funny things. When they lie down to get measured, they can scrunch up or stretch out, making the measurements inaccurate so many times. William's head actually shrunk since his last checkup. I attribute that more to faulty measuring than to a diminishing head.

Anyhow, so glad you got some updates. I'm with you: it's great to know that Jeremiah gets to go outside. I always wondered if William really knew what the outdoors werel like before we brought him home.

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The FIRST Picture we EVER saw!
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The First Picture  we ever saw of:
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