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Friday, July 31, 2009

Growing ...

My Panda Boy Noah is growing and changing in SOOO many ways :) It is so amazing to me to watch him :)

Here is a picture I took on my cell phone a few minutes ago and he is sayin woohoo! heehee Even Sam in the background got into the game :) heehee

and here we are saying Cheese! lol the funniest thing to me :) he looks mad and happy at the same time when he makes the face :)

One area Noah is growing in is his vocabulary. Right now he is pretty consistently using NO (isn't that wonderful! lol), ball, more, ea for eat, du for down, bubbles this is amazingly clear, ha ya yu ya for Hallelujah, dead dog lol suppose to be bad dog, pupa for purple, bye, and bye bye, HEY, ma for mama, he also says mama but it comes more when he is wanting something and he is hollerin it over and over and pointing and can't say it, wada for water, juis for juice, chews for shoes, yeah for yes, and sometimes he will say yesh for yes, he said MINE for the first time yesterday and LOUDLY, da ee for daddy, duck, je je, wack for quack, woo woo for what a dog says, dush for hush, ELMO, toooo for two, mo for gizmo, go, YAY!, na na for nanny, and maw maw for grandma, and miah for Jeremiah, I u you for I LOVE YOU, up, ni ni for night night, pow pow for powder, di di for diaper, eas for ears, stop, pop, a couple times he has said NOAH. He signs please, down, eat, more, milk, up, his version of water all very consistently while saying his version of the word :) It amazes me what all he can say. He is 2 years and 3 and half months old. For so long we did not know if he would talk and now he is trying so hard to talk. He will try to mimic the sounds of alot of things you say but does not then use those consistenly yet. He also communicates in alot of ways to get his point across. :) Here is a video of him during speech therapy. Things were kinda nutty and we had stuff everywhere getting ready for yard sale and bunch of kids were here as well. But if you listen close you can hear him say a few words. He does NOT do a great job talking on command! lol He wont talk as much to the speech therapist but when she leaves he talks a ton to us! Even words she worked with him on! lol He is getting better :)

He is also growing physically. He is 33 inches tall and 26 pounds. He also can climb up the little plastic slide and slide down now. He skips a step but when I tried to correct that he almost fell big time so I decided to leave it alone. He can climb up on the couch and the bed now! He is doing puzzles like you would not believe and when he is cooperative he can do so well with shape sorters and stacking blocks now!

He still has major temper issues at times and a very mechevious and rebellious streak. He is definitly TWO!

Sometimes I look at him and I still can't believe he is really HERE! That taiwan really gave me this amazing angel.

He has a big doctors appointment on August 4th to get results from some testing so please be in prayer with us that day.

He is also trying to be helpful around the house! Sometimes it is and sometimes its not! heehee but he tries. He is so curious and into EVERYTHING. He definitely still fears that he will loose me, toys, food, etc and will fight for them big time. He has matured in alot of ways when it comes to me depending on the day. He will now venture off to get in mischeif IF he knows where I am and does not think I am leaving. He will play and have fun with others :) He also will leave me in a room to go where someone else in the family is in a room but still does NOT like for ME to leave him in a room. LOL go figure :)

He is very jealous of anyone getting hugs or attention from anyone else and will shove himself in the middle. Sometimes it is cute, sometimes not. just like most things!

One way we are growing is our household is going to grow another way for about 10 months! Tomorow morning at 5:05 am we pick up our Foreign Exchange Student from the airport in Dallas :) She will come here and live and study for the school year :) She is from Taiwan and we pray this will give us opportunity to teach her about American life and her to help us learn more about our Sons' culture! :) I can't wait to have her input on Chinese New Year :) She is in the air as I type this so please keep her in prayer for safety as she travels. Quite a big trip for a 16 year old. Also please pray for us as we leave this afternoon for a weekend in the Dallas Area to pick her up and attend a wedding of a dear friend of Celeste's from Christ for the Nations. We got a great deal on a hotel with an indoor pool so even if there is rain we can swim and have fun :) Praying against rain all the way around. Here is a picture of our sweet girl from her facebook! :) We have been talking on yahoo messenger and facebook for a month or two and getting to know each other. I am nervous and excited at the same time :)

Isn't she the cutest thing! :) She seems really sweet :)

And also on the growing front here are the newest pictures of my sweet Jeremiah :)

This one was taken July 10th

This one July 14th

And this one was taken July 29th! :) The day he turned 16 months old!
And for updates we were told:
his height: 73 cm = 28 inches
weight: 8.4 kg= 18 and half pounds
head circumference: 39.5 cm=15 and half
formula: 1150 cc a day
supplemental foods: Rice cereal, meshed rice, meshed fruits /veggie,
meshed egg yolk and meshed rice. Steamed eggs and dessert egg custard.

*04/09/09 He was taken to see doctor and the doctor recommended he needs more strengthening of hip rehabilitation training, and the doctor arranged for the test of the liver and kidney function and found no abnormal hemoglobin. He needs to continue to take prescription medication.
*04/30/09 He was taken to see a pediatric neurologist. We told the doctor that he seems to have suffocating twitch at different time. The doctor suggested not to have EEG examination for now and continue to take muscle relaxant but adjusted the amount to one Bid. The doctor also told us to continue record any suffocating twitch.
*On May 20, 209, he had optic nerve evoked potentials VEP follow-up. He was not reactive to the test. Dr. explained that the results of a low response may be affected by poor eyesight and suggested that it could be improved by daily adequate visual stimulation.

*On May 31, 2009, He had fever then had a seizure, so he was taken to see the physician. The doctor explained that it was heat seizure. Then he had brain ultrasound done.

*On June,4, 2009 there was appointment with Dr. to see the results of the brain ultrasound. The professor explained that the EEG showed abnormalities. If the convulsive seizure happens often after fever, the chance of having epilepsy is high. Today, he started taking anti-epileptic drugs and the doctor suggested to continue the observations and recording.
* June 2009: teeth growth: 4 upper front teeth and 4 lower front teeth
* June, 2009: When he hears the familiar voice calling his name, he would smile at the person and make his own sounds. He sometimes makes his mouth wide open and move the mouth up and down like biting. He likes to smile at people.
Please keep my sweetie in your prayers. I am worried about the seizure and the suffocating twitch thing. To me he looks less alert this time. The family says don't worry. I am trying not too. PLEASE pray our fundraising efforts will do MUCH MUCH better and we can get this baby boy home QUICKLY! I so ache to hold him! I so want to be able to ask the doctors questions and to be the one taking care of him. I know the time will come. So hard to watch them grow and change and be sick a world away :(

Not sure if I have showed yall this yet or not! This is Jeremiah's Car Seat and Cover just waiting for our Frogie boy to ride in it! If you enlarge it you would be able to see it has FROGS all over it! Go figure! lol :)

I can't WAIT to take a picture of him IN this seat! :)
Jeremiah sweetie we love you more and more each passing day. I pray somehow you know that we are here working hard to get to you and that you are not alone. Hang tight sweet baby and catch my kisses in the wind.


The Family K. said...

It sounds like Noah is really doing great with his communication. I loved the pictures of him. And how great that you're getting an exchange student. I have been giving serious thought to this and should pick your brains. It's pretty late in the game but still possible. Praying that Jeremiah can get home SOON so he can get all the therapy, medical care, and nurturing he needs.

Anonymous said...

Noah is doing wonderfully under your loving and amazing family's grace! Praying for a safe flight for your foreign exchange student and of course praying Froggie boy home quickly! I hope these new concerns are simply fleeting issues and are resolved quickly! He is a darling boy....that goes for both of your dumplings!

Hugs! Lisa C. of destination-taiwan.....sorry, for some reason I have to post anonymously this time?? pesky blogger! LOL :)

OH, the car seat cover is DARLING!!

Pink Velvet Mommy said...

We hosted an exchange student a year ago. She was 17 and from China. It was the best experience for our family, and we learned so much about Chinese culture, heritage and the language. She became such a part of our family that we went to China first to visit her and her family for 5 days before we went to Taiwan to pick up our daughter.
Our exchange student will return in just 2 weeks to go to college here in the US, and we can't wait to see her. She will spend her holidays with us as it is too far to fly home. She is such an important part of our family and we hope that Millie is the same for yours
Take care and good luck to Millie

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