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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Hello from Fort Worth/Burleson!

Hello from Fort Worth/Burleson Texas! :) We are here for the weekend for a wedding of a dear friend of Celeste's and because we were going to be here the day they decided to bring our Foreign Exchange Student/ Daughter for a year :) We had them have her come to DFW instead of our tiny airport back home. :) So fun first weekend for her with us :)

This is the sign we held up for Ching-Yi who has chosen the American name Millie :)

Here is our girl! :) She is the sweetest thing and is already teaching me alot :)

Here are the flowers we gave her when she arrived :) they are not fairing too well in the hotel ice bucket with water. heehee Hope they make it home to a vase! :)

Here is Millie wearing the High School Musical Earrings that was part of our welcome gift to her. She loves High School Musical :)

Here is one of the fans she brought to us :)

and another with Celeste behind it :)

and another :)
Here is Celeste with her outfit for teh wedding! :)

A Gift of Chinese Tea that she brought to us! :)

Noah munching on a pineapple cake that Millie's mother made homemade :)

Noah and avacado ranch dip! heehee

eating chips and dip with mama at Chilli's

more dip shots :) Jei Jei had too much fun with that :)

Noah showing me Daddy and Millie in the arcade at the movie theatre :) Wanting to go with them :)

Daddy showing off his skills to new daughter :)

Noah playing in arcade :) Praise God he does not yet know he is suppose to have quarters to play the games! :)

climbin on table acting cute
our girls watching something on the laptop :) heehee
It is amazing how much Millie has already taught me. She is very polite and helpful. She brushes her teeth for the LONGEST time and looks at a watch on and off. She has been raised VERY well :) and I am very impressed. She talks about eating healthy which is so good that a girl that age is so responsible :) She has been such a blessing already. She is almost to polite and will not make a decision when we say would you like to go swimming, she will say it is up to you. and we say , no it is your choice if you want to go we will go one more time before we checkout if not that is fine too, what do you feel like. Up to you she says :) Very very sweet :) I hope I can raise my asian angels near as well as she has been raised by her family. They have done an amazing job!
Jeremiah honey mama aches to have you home with all of us :) Hang tight baby boy. Soon we will have 4 kiddos in the car for awhile till Millie goes back to Taiwan. I am holding you in my heart and sending you kisses in the wind :)


Anonymous said...

Thats great she is staying with you. You can learn about her culture and hopefully she will take back some great things learned here.

Expecting Good Things said...

How fun. Can't wait til we are ready for an exchange student. Can't wait to follow your happenings.

The Family K. said...

I know Millie will have a wonderful American experience with your family and leave impressed by how much you love one another. I loved the Noah pics. What a handsome fellow!

brazzel6 said...

Congrats on your new daughter! :) What a blessing to have her to share her culture with you all! I have thought about hosting an exchange student whey my oldest get in high school. Since I homeschool, I don't know how it would work!

Noah is so CUTE! Love the pics.

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