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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Table for Five Please

Well, Noah is in love with our Foreign Exchange Student Millie! He is so cute :) He hugs on her and plays with her and it is adorable and I must say I think the feeling is mutual unless a fit is going on :) heehee I titled this table for Five because with traveling and all this weekend after picking Millie up we said that at every meal! :) Normally we only say that if my mother is with us when we eat out at home. The neat thing is before Millie goes home Jeremiah will be here and then when just the immediate family goes out it will be Table for Six and then if Nanny goes it will be Table for Seven! I can ALREADY tell it is going to be so hard Early June to send Millie back home :( We have spent so much time together over the weekend and then Monday and Tuesday were very busy going and registering for classes and shopping for uniforms and helping her figure her money and on and on :) Today we go to Celeste school to deal with some things to get her ready to begin her Phlebotomy courses for fall. It is so fun having my two big girls :) So far everyone is getting long very well and Noah is loving it. Prayerfully it will stay this way :) Here are ALOT of pics for yall to enjoy :) with commentary of course ;)

Noah looking cute at Target :) Celeste had been telling Millie about Target so she had to go to one in Dallas :) heehee I was worn out at this point so left the girls to peruse the last few isles and came to sit down and play with a tired Noah :)

He looks shy in this one :) Sometimes he is shy, and sometimes not :)

LOOK how long he is getting. Seein him sitting in that buggy he looks all legs! :)

We discovered a new Restraunt in Texas that we have never eaten at and it is Cheddar's! Here are pics from there. In this picture you can see that Celeste is VERY hungry! lol :) Couldnt wait to be fed so she is going after Millie :) We joked we would put the caption Sibling Rivalry on this picture :) heehee

Is that not the sweetest picture?? Almost looks like he is posing :) He did not know I was going to take the picture, the camera was sitting on the table and I just pushed the button :)

Celeste and Millie :) so sweet :) I think in some ways Celeste is loving having a little sister she always asked for.

Millie is introduced to Texas GIANT Cheese Fries :) See Noah's hand too?

my oldest sweet daughter :)

The giggly girls got VERY tickeld :) heehee

Laughter is so fun! :)

Such Silly girls!

Laughing at his sisters :)

more adorableness :)

Traveling home! Noah and Millie CRASHED! :)

Welcome to Louisiana Millie!

Welcome to your American Home :)

Millie meets Nannie :)

The door to Millie's American Room :)

Millie by her closet :)

Acting silly yet again! :) Millie in her American Room! :)

Noah at McDonalds :) He loves ketchup :)

Celeste posing with her nugget :) heehee

Mommy and Millie :) I am so blessed by ALL my children! :) The thought of a temporary child is hard, but I am sure Millie will be a daughter in my heart FOREVER! :) I so want to be a good American Mom for her and I think alot about her own mother and how she must worry if we are taking good care of her daughter. I want to care for her in a way her family would be pleased :)

She is soo cute :) and her bubbly personality is contagious :)

Grandma (ma maw) we miss you! This was a paiting the funeral home had done that was buy the casket. We framed it to give to Bobby's Sister for her birthday. When I was holding it Noah ran up saying mamaw and gave her a kiss! He misses her too :( We did not have the camera out at the time and every time we tried to get him to redo the action he was too quick for the camera.

Millie brought out more gifts last night :) This is a tshrit for Noah :)

Bobby, Celeste , Nanny and I all got shirts like this :)

There were two of these beautiful hangings shaped like a cross :)

a set of chopsticks :)

More haging things all had 2 each :) the long one is a calendar of the chinese symbols I guess you say. Like year of the pig, year of the dog ect. They are in the order that they go :) Very nice things for me to have from my boy's cultures! :)

This is a set of coasters :) in a nice holder :)

This was for Celeste :) it has shoes at the top very cute :)

I am so enjoying talking with Millie and learning about Taiwan and life there and growing up there and the schools. I feel like I need a tape recorder to record it all to someday share with my boys!

Jeremiah my sweet Frogie boy, I ache to have you here with our family. We do not feel complete because you are not here. Every day I work on something to get ready for you and it helps in some small way to make the time go faster. We all love you and we all send you kisses in the wind!
Had to post a picture of Jeremiah too! He is such a part of my heart and our family even though he is an ocean away. I love how my friend changed this picture for me :) This is my computer desktop now :) I wish I knew how to do things like this! I would make one with Jeremiah and Noah together :) My two baby boys! Brothers forever! :)


momwithfaithandhope said...

What great pictures! How fun to have Millie join the family, even if only for a short period of time. Looks like she's loving her new American family and catching on to the "American diet" consisting of FRIES! I too, will soon be asking for a Table for FIVE. Hard to imagine. . .

The Family K. said...

I loved the picture of Millie and Noah zonked out in the car. Sounds like you're all blending together well.

Ramona said...

Tami - it's so cool that you're doing the student exchange program. It certainly gives children a chance to experience a new culture. Your family is so welcoming, especially that beautiful daughter of yours. And Millie looks like a sweetheart!

Noah - what a big handsome boy!!!

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