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Saturday, October 18, 2008

MAJOR Praise and News on Panda Boy

Hi all :)

First let me start off by apologizing that it has been awhile since I posted and that this post does not have pictures. I will try and get some good ones over the weekend to share later. My camera battery died so I did not have it with me durin the past couple days.

Now on the the Major Praise. We took Panda Boy into see a new pediatrician! She happens to be of asian decent, is much closer to our home, and takes our insurance so it was such a blessing of God! She really was wonderful with Noah too! Anyway, we talked with her about alot of the testing and things for mental retardation and chromosome studies and such that has been recommended we do on Noah because they said he has inherited mental retardation of unknown origion. Well, she asked about how things were goin since we brought him home. We shared everything about Noah and how much he has just blossomed in the past few weeks! She asks if he communicates and I said well to a certain extent. Still no talking BUT he is babbling WAY more than he was and some are repeated phrases all of which she says is VERY good. She asked if he reached for us when he wanted us and we said yes and that he knew how to give me five now, and give a kiss (when he will , he is gettin stingy now! lol), and that just that day he FINALLY will wave bye bye now! :) Anyway, we talked and talked and she examined him and she said " I DO NOT BELIEVE THIS CHILD IS RETARDED AT ALL!" She truly believes that he is developmentally delayed but that with intervention and all we are doin she believes it is just that delays. She does not see the need to run any of the tests at all. Now, I need to check with our agency for purposes of post study and make sure if there is anything they require us to do in that area but unless it is required the Pediatrician does not want to do anything at this point other than us keep workin with him, and tryin to get him in early steps and all. She did recommend we continue to sign with him and to SIGN EVERYTHING! I have got to get some signin for babies videos QUICK! I know some signs but need to know more! She said he looked really good. She was impressed that he is OBVIOUSLY learning with me workin with him at home and such and also his ability to eat has gotten so good too :) Just about anything we eat as long as I make it small enough he eats! :) I am so praying she is right about this. We are thrilled for Noah if she is but we accept him no matter what. The worrier in me wants her to check it all out now just in case, but she is the doctor so I guess I should trust her for now and unless he shows what she called Signs of retardation not do alot of testing. All I want is for my little man to have the best life he can have and be the best Noah he can be no matter what diagnosis he may or may not have. She fully believes he will speak and I am really thinkin he might because of the increased babbling and such. I still need to find out if the birthparents could speak to give that information to early steps and the doctor though she says even if they didnt he still might.

Noah has just lit up my life in ways I would never have imagined. I just look at this child and I have to SMILE! No matter what I am feeling! :) He is so adorable! Even when he is begin challinging! heehee He has taken to STRIPPING the last few days! My mother in law says he is goin to be a stripper when he grows up. I rebuked that statement over him! But he is really into pulling the snaps between his legs and then pulling the whole outfit off and then comes the diaper! LOL Praise God he has only been trying this at home! I spend so much time sayin No , we must keep our clothes on! lol This morning he popped open the legs of his romper and I was like oh well. BAD IDEA ON MY PART! I shoudl have resnapped them right then because next thing I know he toddles up to me with daiper in HAND! lol and not on hiney! He is so quick! Prayerfuly he does not try this at Church tomorow!

I have a sweet blessing coming up! Something I did NOT think I would get to have since I was never pregnant in the non paper sence of the word! Be watching over the next week or so for news on this! :)

Well, my sweet panda boy is sleepin IN THE CRIB beside me. I rocked him and he was out so I tried layin him in there. We will see how long this lasts. Yesterday he woke up after a little bit and I picked him up and laid down in my bed with him and he went right back to sleep. Pray for my neck and shoulder because he sleeps so much better if I am flat on my back and he is in the crook of my arm! I hate to not let him do that since he rests so well that way and I know he probably never before slept being held. I can't imagine our sweet nanny friends at SLC had time to hold babies for too long at a time. I just hold him and stare into his face and watch him sleep :)

Well, I am off to check emails. I will try and post pictures in the next day or so.

WE send you blessings and kisses in the wind!


The Family K. said...

That is fantastic news!! What touches me deeply is that you and Bobby had the heart to take Noah on unconditionally, not knowing which way things would go. You are truly are big-hearted people.

And yes, gumbo or none, I would love to take pictures of your beautiful family. I just have to figure out how to work this camera.

Ramona said...

Wow Tami! That is truly wonderful news! He's such a precious boy - thought so when he reached his "little" hand out to me and pressed it on the window. I can never say it enough - these little ones are just so amazing.

Staci said...

Tami, that is amazing news!!! So happy for you all.

June Berger said...

I'm glad Noah is doing so well! He sure is a cutie pie!

marina said...

Wow - are you pregnant?!?!? Noah looks so loved - I'm so happy looking at his pictures!

momwithfaithandhope said...

That is a wonderful update Tami! Follow your heart with whether or not you want to have him tested further. I think you've always had the best of intentions, so regardless of what any test says, Noah is home forever with his family. Home where he'll be loved and will blossom day by day. Blessings, Tiff

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