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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Noah is 18 months old

Today Noah is 18 months old! A year and a half! I have had the pleasure of watching him grow up in pictures from 6 and half months to 16 and half months. I have loved bein the one to do the monthly update now! This is the 2nd month bday update I have had the express pleasure of posting myself! :) Noah is doin QUITE well in most areas! :) He spent his 18 month bday at Church and then now at home with the family! :) Noah is still about 30 inches tall and he weighs 23 and half pounds now! That is a jump from last month. He is still drinking ALOT of formula but has added more and more table foods to the mix. He will pretty much eat anything as long as I make it small enough and HE IS IN THE MOOD TOO! heehee He is VERY clingy of me! He definitly knows what he wants and lets YOU KNOW how he feels about it if he does not get it! The pediatrician said give him anything to eat that he will eat and can eat. I am finding that I have made some errors in that area and we are a very gassy boy. Every day I fall more and more in love with my baby boy! I worry so much if I am doin all for him I should, is he happy, is he feeling loved, does he like it here. On and on my thoughts go. I want SOOO much to do the best I can for this prescious creature the Lord has gifted me with! I feel SO INCREDIBLY guilty when he cries and wants me and I dont pick him up. Sometimes it is just NOT SAFE to be in Mama's arms. Like when she is cutting up meat for supper! Also he has taken to if ANYONE else tells him no for any reason he screams and runs to me! When we are out at church I have become BASE! lol He will toddle off to explore or run after bigger kids or have them chase him but he ALWAYS comes runnin back to BASE! It was so cute the other day. He did it so much that SaraJane (21 months old) started followin suit! heehee So they would just toddle with all their might all over the fellowship hall and then Noah would rush back and touch BASE (ME ) and then here would come Sara Jane to touch me too! Before it was over with several other preschoolers were doing it as well! :) So funny! Noah has INCREDIBLE social skills for an 18 month old baby! He still ADORES paper! He is VERY into in and out and open and close! He will put things in and take them out and open things and close things. He loves it! He also adores cooking! lol Sara Jane taught him how to stir in a pot with a spoon in toddler class one night and EVERY time he is in there now he goes to that pot. Mama has got to find him one! Here are some pictures to share with y'all!

Noah WesLee sittin in Church beside mama listenin to Mrs. Leesa preach this morning!
LOOK at that face! He is so gorgeous!
THIS is a decision I now regret. NOAH's first taco (minus shell) at 18 months old! Gassy tummy followed! What do pedatrician's know anyway? LOL
more from dinner time
gettin very good at feedin ourselves if mama makes it small!

Can you see the inside of the taco?? :) so cute :)

Here is Noah in a hat from Bobby's brother John. Jei Jei just HAD to put it on him backwards! heehee

This is a book Bobby got Noah! He was just glancin through books and upon reading this one he found that it is about Adoption! So our first story book on adoption!
Well, Panda Boy is showing his displeasure at me for trying to post this! So I must run.
WE send you blessings and Kisses in the Wind!


The Family K. said...

Happy year and a half, Noah!

It sounds like he is making great strides toward bonding.

Sarah k said...

OH so cool!!! Happy half birthday!!!
I love the new pictures! He is just so handsome guys! I look at those eyes and just stare! So sweet looking!

Sarah k

lorabelle said...

Hey Tami,
Taco bell is one of my kids favorite fast foods! Allie gets a soft shell taco with no lettuce please, at least once a week and she LOVES it. I know, it's crazy but she really does! She doesn't get gassy. Try giving Noah a little of that mylicon before he has his taco next time. I have to tell you, I make Mexican food once a week here at home too and nothing bothers this gals tummy, I must be really lucky! LOL

The Becks Family said...

Happy 1.5 birthday Little Man! And don't turn 2 for at least another year. :) lol! Your momma wants to enjoy this time with you.

Lisa said...

Oh, what a big milestone for you all!
Its always exciting and bittersweet when they go and grow, change and develop on ya! :)
You are doing a super job and I'm sure he feels happy and well loved!!
Enjoy every moment...I know you do!
Lisa C.

Shannon said...

No WAY has he grown that much in 2 weeks since we've been gone! He is looking great! Happy 1 1/2 year-birthday Noah!! You are the cutest little guy! Is he still hanging out 'under' the table?? I love when he does that : )

Blessings to you Tami!

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