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Monday, October 20, 2008

Shower of Blessings!

Tonight I was blessed with my very own BABY SHOWER!!!!! :) I was so incredibly thrilled that I got a shower :) Since I did not have a pregnancy or even adopt a newborn it is not something that I would have thought would happen but I AM SO THRILLED IT DID! It was a wonderful time! We had wonderful bean soup over rice and some chips and spinach dip and pasta salad and of course cake! :) My dear friend Cassie MADE 2 cakes for us! She made my FAVORITE buttercream icing! :) She was so sweet and had to make this cake for Noah since he has been affectionatly known as Panda Boy for so long! :) Is it not the cutest thing???? :)

She is so talented! :) and let me clue you, it was soooo yummy! and the leftovers of this one are in my kitchen! heehee

Here is the other cake she made also! :) Again YUMMO! :) I just love reading it! It still seems unreal to me at times that Noah is FINALLY here! :)
My Sister in Law Michelle made this daiper cake for a centerpeice! :) I was so impressed! She and her whole family helped! :) I am told their are pictures of it in progress and I PRAY I will get some copies soon! :) She KNOWS me so well, she came in sayin YOU HAVE TO TAKE IT APART AND USE THE DIAPERS! heehee She knows I would be so tempted to just set it up at the house and look at it forever and never take it apart! ( I guess the welcome home Noah sign and door bow still being over a month later could have given her that idea! heehee)

Noah is doing SOOO well! He was of course the center of attention and LOVED it! He is getting SOOO comfortable at church! I was SOOOO excited when I arrived at the Church because as I was getting him out of his car seat and he looked up and realized where we were HE GRINNED SO BIG! :) HE KNEW WE WERE AT CHURCH!!!!!!! :)

Noah's Aunt Lisa gets to meet him for the first time! :) She is so fun and I am sure many years of fun times await Noah and Aunt Lisa at reunions and other family get togethers :)

Noah coming back to base (heehee mama is base). It is so cute how he ventures out but will come toddlin back to make sure I am still there! :) Boy howdy though if I stand up and am anywhere NEAR the door he is on top of me then! like he has radar or something! :) It was so cute! :)
Mama's good friend Amber and her baby Erin meet Noah! :) Amber and Erin have a special day coming up Nov 3rd! Its there court date for their adoption! We are sooo thrilled for them! :)
I just love all the kiddos that came to share our joy! :) They were so sweet and showered us with the blessing of hugs and sweet smiles! Noah is blessed to have so many little friends to grow up with! :)
Noah LOVED all the gifts and the wrapping too! :) He is a paperaholic! heehee
Here is Noah looking at a card! He recognized Elmo! He was so cute to come and read cards :)
Noah and his cousin Melissa! :) She is such a big helper to her Mom and has lots of experience with boys with her 3 little brothers! :) She will be a wonderful big cousin for Noah! :) That is Joshua with her! He and is little sister Tori just LOVE Noah! They always want to be around him :)

This one made me so cry! :) My dear Friend Sarah made this photo album for us! :) It has some pictures in it from the airport and some of the update photos of Noah over the months! and then room for more photos! I just love it! :)
Hopefully you can read this! It is the incription inside the photo album!

Here is a sweet book from my Sister and brother in law's family! It is so true that we give our children the gift of Love! That is SOOO important to me! That Noah KNOWS how much he is loved by us and by the Lord!

This was a gift from my dear friends Leesa and Paul who also happen to be our Pastors! :) I love this! Not only can I use it for bible time with Noah now for us to read to him, but it is also a phonetic reader for years to come as he learns to read! :)

Here is the inscription in that Bible book!

Most everyone who came brought a package of diapers!!! :) LOOKIE :)

That is such a wonderful blessing! :)

Here is most all the gifts the best we could get them in the picture! There were a few Church outfits, a sweater, a sleeper with feet in, toys, books, baby wipes, picture frames, photo albums, bibs, cups, travel containers adn the list goes on and on! There were a couple of gift cards as well so I will be doing some shopping soon and will have more to show you later! We were so blessed with so much :) I will make a slide show video thing when I have time so you can see each thing and more pictures of the shower events! This is just a snippet of all their is to show! And lastly I leave you with a sweet picture of a VERY worn out Panda Boy! When we got home he was sound asleep in the car seat! I actually took him out and move him into the house and laid him in the crib and he never woke and is still there now!

I so love this little baby boy! :)
THANK you to all my wonderful friends and family who were able to attend the Shower and Shower us with blessings of gifts and fellowship! I feel so honored :)
We send you all blessings and Kisses in the wind!


Sarah k said...

Ok I was doing good until the writing from your pastor and wife! Then I started crying! It is so wonderful to see such a wonderful welcome for Noah from God's children! I love it! Such a happy day and it tuckered out the Panda the boy!! lol...
Good night baby boy and we are so happy you are home!!

Sarah k

momwithfaithandhope said...

Oh Tami! How wonderful to be showered with love and so many giftys, as you'd say! Love the panda cake - sounds super yummy!
Blessings, Tiff

The Family K. said...

What a special day! I'm so glad you got a shower. And why shouldn't you?? You sound like you have some really wonderful friends.

I love that phrase, "And howdy, though?" I think I'll have to borrow that one.

Ramona said...

What a wonderful party and such a supportive community of family and friends. Noah looks so handsome in his party clothes! Yummy - buttercream frosting - a weakness of mine, too!

June Berger said...

What a blessing! My church family did the same thing for me! And Jonathan was child number 5!! (But the first "new" one at our church). So awesome to know that you have the support of a group of Godly people!!

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The FIRST Picture we EVER saw!
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