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Saturday, April 26, 2008

What an Anniversary Gift we received!!!!!!!!!! News News!

I just wanted to share with everyone that while Bobby and I were away for our Wedding Anniversary we received an amazing gift!!!!! At 7:08 pm on our anniversary Wednesday night I received a phone call from the Director of the Taiwan program at Heartsent (our WONDERFUL adoption agency). Well, She said she had sent us something by Fedex to arrive at our home thursday A.M. and that is was VERY GOOD NEWS! I was like soo excited and about to jump out of my skin :) She said that St. Lucy's (the orphanage where are little Noah is living) had finished with their review and had approved us as Noah's Parents!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And what was in the FedEx envelope to us was 4 copies of the Adoption Contract in Chinese!!!!!! She said when St. Lucy's receives those back as far as St. Lucy's is concerened Noah is our son!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We can not abandon him after that. LIKE WE WOULD!!! WHAT! give me a break. We were so so so so excited! Bobby and I were jumpin up and down and I was hollering I am pregnant for sure! LOL paper preganant! not that we werent already paper pregnant but there was a chance St. Lucy's could have said no so we are thrilled! :) We also have some other papers to sign, one is a referral paper because we never did that step officially and they said to sign here IF you accept this child. I am like IF? You have to be kidding me! OF COURSE we accept him. We have been tryin to get him home so hard! YES YES YES! Give me my baby! LOL And in the referral package on the cover was a new picture of Noah! :) It is adorable! It was taken the day before his first birthday! I need to make a copy of it to a disk so I can add it to the blog! So anyway, Friday (April 25, 2008) Bobby and I met at the Bank to sign the contracts and have them notoraized! Then we went to FedEx and sent them to Liza (our Amazing Agency's Amazing Taiwan Director!) so that they should be in her hands by Monday Morning!!!! She will then send it all on to Taiwan!!!!! And everything will go to court. I dont know exactly when we will log into court but I am praying it is quickly!!!! Please please pray for a fast judge! Pray for USCIS to hurry up with our 171H and please please pray for God to move miraculously with the $4000 orphanage donation money we need, the airfare, hotel, food, Noah's Visa and anything else we do not know about yet! Luckily God knows. Also pray we can make wise decisions about hotel and that we guesstimate the amount of money we need to take with us correctly. :) Pray with us that the Judge approves and finalizes the adoption Quickly! I cannot wait to post on here to yall that we have a travel date!!!!!!!! I have a video of my sweet Noah but I am not real sure how to put it on here! I will work on that! It is only 24 seconds long but the most precious 24 second in the world!!!!!!

Thanks yall for the prayers and caring and please continue on.

Noah honey, Mommy and Daddy are gettin closer and closer. We love you little man! I am blowing you kisses in the wind baby boy!

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Chris, Tammy & the gang! said...

What fantastic news for you guys! I sincerely hope the court process goes quickly and smoothly for you! Another step closer to your precious Noah!

Take care,
Tammy M.
Prince Edward Island, Canada

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The FIRST Picture we EVER saw!
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