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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Noah Updates!!!!!

Hello all :)

I got some updates on Noah today and I thought I would share:

here are his measurements:

height: 29.72" / 75.5 cm
weight: 21.16 lb / 9.6 kg
head: 17.72" / 45 cm

here are other updates :)

"When he wakes up he sits up or hold the railing to stand up; he smiles at you when you call his name; he will cry out loud if he cannot see the nannies or wants someone to hold him. He can walk by pushing a walker. He eats very well and is motivated to learn. He watches people’s mouth to learn to talk and repeats the sound."

Below is the updated medical information:

• 4/08: from birth to nine to ten months, we observed that most of the sound he makes is “a:”. He is almost one year old, I have not heard he made “da” or “ma” sound, but he love to interact with others, no different from other children.
• 4/29/08: went to Chengkung university medical center to see ENT specialist, Dr. Wu, Jun-ling to arrange hearing test: normal
• 5/6/08: Another arrangement is the otoacoustic emission hearing tests and brain stem auditory nerve test, both results show normal
• 5/08: Can stand up and hold on something to walk, like to play and hit toys, likes people to hold him. When he wants to have someone to hold him, he will cry very loud. Can push a walker and walk. Eat very well and is motivated to learn. Will watch people’s months to learn to talk, can play peek-a-boo with you. When you call his name, he will smile at you.
• 5/08: two upper front teeth and 2 lower front teeth
• 5/9/07: See Pediatric nerve doctor, Dr. Chen, Yong-Rong to ask about his language development. According to Dr. Cheng, his ENT hearing test shows normal, suggested to talk to him more to stimulate his motivation and chances to talk. A follow up on 11/7/08

I pray beyond pray that he is here LONG before that follow up appointment! I just thought I would share! My boy is growin up a world away and it is hard to see all he does and how many teeth and all that I wasnt there for him but at the same time I feel so much closer to him when I read any tiny bit of news! :)

Mommy and Daddy Love you so much Noah!
Catch my kisses in the wind!

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