Not flesh of my flesh, nor bone of my bone; but, still miraculously, my own.
Never forget, for a single minute you didn't grow under my heart, but in it.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Pay it Forward, First Decree outfit, Noah story and other things to share...

Things just keep getting funner and funner!! :) Our Pay it Forward Gifty arrrived!!!! Thanks so much Tiff! :) I love it all! :) Especially something with a Panda on it because we call Noah our little Panda since ladybug didnt seem appropriate for a boy from Asia! Here is a picture!! :)

Pay it Forward Gifty from Tiff!!!

So all you mommies out their still waiting come and play Pay it Forward! I will send a pay it forward gifty to the first 3 mommies who comment to the blog that they want to play Pay It Forward! :)

So we are still in shock and so much blessed happiness over our 1st Decree!!! Can't wait to hear Final Decree and the travel date! I have had a total blast telling everyone! We began Vacation Bible School last night and so it was fun to tell each new person that came in to help us. WE GOT FIRST DECREE! :) And of course because yesterday was First Decree Day I had to go and buy Noah and new outfit for it! :) Well, with the start of VBS and all it was like 11 p.m before I could get anywhere and I just HAD to buy an outfit ON THE DAY! So I entered the time warp of WALMART! LOL Anyway, I found a cute outfit with the help of Noah's Jei Jei (older sister) Celeste! And also Daddy had to help us pick out a pair of Swim Trunks! We bought big to allow room for the little swimmers diaper thingy to go under them! So what do you think??

Final Decree Outfit and Swim Trunks!
Also, we were blessed with an account of our wonderful friend Ramona's meeting of our sweet Noah! Here is the account she gave:
I saw your little boy! When it looked like things were winding down, I asked if we could tour the nursery. They said we couldn't go inside but that we could look in the windows from the outside. We went to the older children's nursery first. Of course I was looking for Lucy & Noah. Inside the 1st window I saw Jaden's crib and a few babies sleeping. I thought, "Oh no, he's sleeping!" Then I moved to the next window and who should be standing in his playpen looking back out at everyone? Noah! Tami, he's got such an angelic face and his eyes have such a sweet twinkle to them. He made my heart warm and fuzzy. He was very interested in all the people looking in. He kept his eyes on us and was reaching out with both hands. The nanny picked him up, put him on his feet and he made a beeline for the window. Yes, he's walking very steadily unassisted. He came right over to our window, peered up at me and put the palm of his right hand on it. I pressed mine up to his on the other side and said, "Hi Noah. You're mommy and daddy are coming for you soon." He kept his little hand pressed to the window and stared at me. He was moving his lips like he was trying to say something but I couldn't hear because the window was closed. His little face peering up at me was so precious I just couldn't stop staring at him. I just kept saying, "Hi Noah. Hi Noah." One of the nannies said, "What is his name?" I said, "Noah." She reapeated it and smiled. I stayed looking at him as long as I could, maybe 5 minutes(?) and he did the same. Tami, there aren't enough words to describe how angelic he is. He's also a big boy, very sturdy and strong looking. Gentle giant comes to mind. He's very ready for you to come get him.
I have not gotten a chance to take a picture of this before but when we went to get Celeste the last time we stopped at a truck stop and found this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I could not believe they had Noah! :) and it says Louisiana! So I bought it. I don't know if you can tell but it is a mini license plate! I figure it will go on the first Tricycle some day! :)

Thanks so much for all the prayers and love y'all keep sending our way! We totally appreciate them and say PLEASE keep them coming! I am so in awe of all God has done and so completely thankful to Him for this wonderful gift of our son! Children are a heritage of the Lord! We are so blessed. I can't wait to see God show off some more! :)

Noah honey, We are coming soon soon little man! Just hang on baby boy! Catch my kisses in the wind!


momwithfaithandhope said...

Glad you got the Baseball PJ's and that the Panda backpack will work out for your little "panda" - I think you'll just smile when you see him wearing it on his back! Of course, I got a pink one for Gracyn! Loved reading Ramona's account of Noah. And I love the SWIM Trunks!! Even though you bought big, they still look so small! Hugs, Tiff (I know I'm the first to "sign your blog" but be sure to PIF to someone new!)

The Becks Family said...

Tami, How cute!! I can't wait to see Noah in those Spiderman Swim Shorts. Lol!! Too cute!! I can't wait to watch your blog as you pick up Noah. :)

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