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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My Baby is 16 months old Today!

I can't believe it but Noah is 16 months old today! :) My baby boy is getting so big! I do not have him in my arms today as he turns 16 months BUT this is the last time he will turn another month older without being in my arms! My sweet little man's life is about to be changed beyond his comprehension. PLEASE pray for him that the Lord will begin to prepare his little heart and mind for all that is coming. Pray for us to be JUST what Noah needs us to be. Please pray for Su-Mei Noah's birth mother. I feel closer and closer to her as each day passes drawing me closer to bringing Noah home and the realness of the INCREDIBLE gift she is giving me becomes bigger. I am praying now that she will decide to come on the 8th to say goodbye to him and meet us. It is totally up to her if she wants to do that. I am told some mother's do wish to do this when the option is given. I do know after Noah was born she stayed in the mother's home at St. Lucy's and she visited him each day the whole time she was there. I don't know what she will decide and whether I meet her or not I will always hold her close to my heart. I know she is so young, I wish I could bring her home with me too! I was so hoping and praying for a new picture of Noah today as I feel the ache more and more as the days grow closer and closer. I feel so many different emotions during this time. I am working on laying down fear of all kinds, the airplane, the unknown of a foreign country, that Noah won't like us, that he willl wish we had not come, that he will be miserable with us and have a hard transistion and and and. I know that God knows and has known from day one that Noah was ours and would come home and God's timing is perfect. I am trying to lay down all the fear and worries and just look forward with excitement to all that is coming, all the new experiences and all the years with Noah. To be able to gaze upon his face sleeping or awake, to take his picture whenever I want, to feel his little chubby arms around my neck. I am ready for the "labor" of having to FORCE myself to get on the plane no matter what my flesh feels to get to Taiwan and begin the ride of life with my boy.

Noah honey, Mommy loves you more than you can ever fathom. Catch my kisses in the wind baby boy!


Sarah k said...

Oh hon.. hang in there you are so close to getting to Noah! I know these month markers are hard to hurdle! *HUG* WE are here if you need us!

marina said...

I am so happy sweet Noah is going home!!! Don't worry - Mei-Shun says that angels whisper in the babies ears that their mommies are coming and that's what keeps them hanging on. I really believe that. Noah will know you are his momma. Sarah did!! It may take some time but it will be ok. I can't wait to follow your trip!

R... said...

Oh, the thoughts that go through our heads as we wait! It's all going to be worth it and feel so far behind you soon. And don't worry about the travel - it will be fun, but it will also be a blur soon!


Mama Koala said...

I've found your blog through other blog links. I wanted to let you know that I said a prayer for you and Noah. What a beautiful thing you are doing--congratulations to you!

Tina said...

Do you remember all the thoughts and fears when you were awaiting the birth of Celeste? Not so different is it...except of course the plane ride?! The only real difference is Celeste was born under your heart, Noah was born in your heart! God speed friend!

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The FIRST Picture we EVER saw!
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