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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Noah Pics and update on Ravyn

Evening All :)

I thought I would share some photos and a video of Noah! It amazes me how I love this little boy more and more each day when I think I can't possibly love him more. He is such a joy to my life :) Tonight he had ALL of us just about rolling laughin at him! :) It feels like he has always been with us but at the same time I am still just so in awe that he is ACTUALLY FINALLY HERE!

Noah loves music! Here is he playin on this play piano. You can't really tell but he is babblin to Sam! :) SO CUTE :)

YUP! Panda Boy still LOVES to play on the coffee table shelf! :) a few of yall have sent emails asking about "table Boy" heehee How many nicknames is one boy gonna end up with :) heehee

Just look at that face! :)

Tonight Mama cried and cried. I don't know if you can see it or not but Noah was toddlin along with his water bottle and fell and busted his lip :( He cried but not for long. I was much more upset. Another reason not to let the walk around with the bottle. I finally gave in on that issue to get him to drink water! The only time he gets to have a bottle out of my lap is his water bottle and it has worked. He is not drinkin water. Not sure what I will do now :( feel really bad but it bled and all but you can barely see it now. I HATE that he got hurt :(

Here he is the other day :) He would run and play and spin in circles adn then he would go and lay his head down on the recliner :) so cute :)

Another shot of that smiley face

He has taken to chewin on his fingers. NOT sucking, chewing. worries me a bit. Is he not the cutest thing you ever saw :)

Here is Noah coverin his mouth for a cough! This and his blowin kisses look alot alike. He loves to blow kisses now and the coverin his mouth I really was shocked that he actually does it now! so cute :) He is such a mimic lately. IF you don't want him to do it , you better not do it! heehee

chewin on our paci :) I think he may be gettin his 1 year nolars finally at 19 months. I am not sure but he sure is chewin alot :)

Thank you to those who have been praying and have been writing and asking after Ravyn. She is in ICU and Chemo has begun. PLEASE continue to pray for her. Here is a link to a blog and information page about her if you are interested and below is a picture of Ravyn. The newest pictures do not look near as bright eyed :( Very sad. PLEASE PLEASE PRAY for this little sweetie and all the family.

Here is a short video of Noah babbling! I LOVE IT :) I was so worried he would never talk and he is babblin more and more every day. I BELIEVE he is gonna eventually talk. If not its fine but I really believe he is goin to :)

WE send you blessings and Kisses in the wind!


The Family K. said...

You go, Noah! I love the short but sweet video of him babbling away.

momwithfaithandhope said...

What a precious little voice Panda boy has! Can't wait to see, and her more!

Ramona said...

Noah looks so happy! I can see in his face he knows his family loves him. What a beautiful boy! And poor little Ravyn. It's so hard to read about children being so ill.

brazzel6 said...

What a sweet little voice! Love the video!

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The FIRST Picture we EVER saw!
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