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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tain Tu

Well, we had an exciting therapy session last night! :) Noah's special therapist was here to work on global delays with emphasis on language development! Well, she was here and she has this Fisher Price First Blocks Shape Sorter that NOAH loves. It is like a box with handle and has a lid with the shapes in it and all! Well, Noah loves to do the shape sorting and also takin them all out and putting them all in. He was taking them out and handing her one and then me one and on and on. Well, everytime he hands me stuff I say Thank you, or when I hand him something I say tell mama thank you. So he hears that alot. Well, he is goin back and forth givin each of us blocks and us each saying thank you and all of a sudden he is babbling as he does it! :) His babble is so cute! :) so on to other activities and he babblin all along. Well, he wants to go back to blocks so back we go and then same thing handing each of us a block and we each say thank you. Well, we realize that he is babbling each time we do and we start really listenin cuz the babble sounds different and all of a sudden Maria says "LISTEN TO HIM!" "LISTEN HARD" So we keep goin and realize he is sayin tain tu every time he hands us a block and we say thank you! Maria is CONVINCED that he spoke Thank you in his way and I have to say it sure sounded like it!!!!! :) Maria is like HE IS TALKING!!! She was as excited as me!! :) She said if he is tryin to put TWO sounds together that he is for sure gonna talk and have no probs!!!! :) I was beyond excited and cried. Now , granted I could not get him to do it again after that session so far but he did it! :) I am still sayin thank you like always but so far no luck. BUT this mornin he was runnin back and forth to peek at bobby round the corner and would run back to me and said VERY CLEAR in a babbly way DA DY! I was like YES that is Daddy, where is daddy and he ran back to Bobby! :) Again, he wont do it again but he did it! Then on top of that!! YES there is MORE!!!! heehee On top of that there was a commercial for that darn Elmo live! (WHY WOULD THEY MAKE SOMETHING $60 for ONE TOY! UGGGH) anyway, heehee NOAH loves this thing and has seen it in the store several times and always has to hold him and all! Well, the commercial came on with that elmo and Noah was in my lap and he is gettin all bouncy and excited seeing it and I am texting on my phone and he takes his hand and turns my face so I am lookin at him and almost screams HEY! ROFL! I almost cracked up! It was his way of saying MAMA ELMO LOOK! heehee I will probably never get anyone to believe me that he did that BUT HE DID! :) He is babbling more and more and so I think as time goes one his babbles are gonna sound more like words! :)

Also in other panda boy news last night Noah had a VERY rough night and cried and cried no matter what. He is teething and it was hurting him and he wanted ME not that dumb crib! Poor guy. Well, about 3:30 after putting another batch of baby ambesol on him I feel to tiny sharp pricks. I THINK his 1 year old molar is comin in on one side. Poor buy. He is 19 and half months old and has 4 top and 4 bottom teeth but seems to have been teething since we got him! He is also battlin ANOTHER runny nose! The feeding therapist this morning said that the runny nose is from teething! maybe. Noah is getting better about eating table foods and not choking. Not sure what is the cause of the choking but it is improving. We are doing alot of fork mashed foods and he does very well with that! He still prefers the bottle and mum mums and other cracker/cookie things to anything else but it is improving!

Here are some pics for ya :)

LOOK at that face! :) even covered in food it is adorable! :) He loves to hold the toddler fork or spoon! :)

This particular night Noah decided to LICK the plate! You can't really see it too good but that is what he was doing! heehee

That face again! :) So adorable :)

Here are a few more from Thanksgiving!

I just ADORE this picture! Noah looks grown! I can't remember if I showed you this picture yet or not! He is all decked out in the John Deer outfit and boots from AUNT LIZ :)

Speaking of whom! :) Here is Aunt Liz and Celeste :)

I don't believe I have shared the story yet but Noah's Suitcase got left at home! Bobby thought he got them all but that one did not make it. It had Noah's daipers, formula, clothes, bathing items etc. Most everything we needed for Noah! :) It had his special clothes for Thanksgiving, a christmas outfit to wear home friday and his jammas. just everything! ;( I cried and cried and felt like a baby but I couldn't help it! It turned out ok for thanksgiving cuz he had the John Deer outfit from Aunt Liz and all but I was still upset. HERE is the onsie and the soft soft pants he was suppose to wear that day! The onsie is quite a bit too large so it MAY fit for next year! :)

We put the outfit on him when we got back home so I could at least get a picture in it! :) It says Thankful for Mommy!

Jei Jei (Celeste) decided she wanted her cartilage peirced on her ear. Here she is before! (not sure WHY this picture is sideways UGGH!)

Here she is during the peircing!

Here she is after! Her ear was WAY redder than this picture shows! FIRE red!

Here is a picture of Noah sleeping after his rough rough night with the tooth and all! :) Isn't he the most beautiful thing!!!!?

In other news, Celeste fell in love with Aunt Nancy's dog Sissy at Thanksgiving! Sissy is a teeny tiny yorkie and so Celeste wanted to get a puppy. She had some money put back in the bank and decided she was going to buy a puppy. She got our american classifieds today and could not find a yorkie she could afford but she found a place selling Shih Tzu puppies! They had some discounted for Christmas! She wanted us to take her out there to look. So we picked Bobby up tonight at 6 and headed out of town to Atlanta, Texas! This is the website of the kennel we went too! Well, the gentleman was so wonderful and sweet and Celeste fell in love with this tiny little pup that is 9 weeks old! :) He told her the price, she asked if he would take a less amount, he agreed and then ended up later going even cheaper! :) It was such a sweet thing! Then when they decide and all he takes the puppy, now named Gizmo and bathes him, blows him dry, cuts his nails and gets him all ready to go! :) It was so sweet :) While he is doing all this there is a pen that has these 2 older pups about 8 months old in it! They were so cute and one in particular was quite interested in us and Noah was quite taken with it and all the dogs really! Our camera battery was dead when we went to the kennels so I dont have pic of him there but it was very sweet! :) Anyway, as we are playing with this puppy the man says he is selling him for such and such! Now it is a very low price for a pedigree shih Tzu! I am like I have no money so I have to be good! So he says to us this pup really needs a home I will let you take him and you can pay later! I am like it is up to Bobby as I am NOT getting into this! heehee I would take the whole kennel full home because of wanting to love on them and all! LOVE dogs :) Anyway so time goes by and the puppy keeps leapin up at us and followin bobby and watchin him and all and Bobby says to the man if we can afford it in January we might come back for him or another one like him. The man says go ahead and take him now. If things are good in January send him some money, if not fine. If things are good in march, send him the money, if not fine. If things are good in the summer, send him the money, if not fine! basically take this pup and give him a good home! So Bobby decides we are getting him! LOL So now we are coming home with an 8 month old puppy and Celeste with a 9 week old puppy! LOL Bobby said our pup should be Brownie and so it is! :) Noah LOVES both dogs! :) He just laughs and laughs at them! I am not sure what the big doxie's out back are gonna thing in the morning but we shall see! Here are some pics :)

This is our Brownie! NOt a very good shot but there he is :)

This is Brownie and Gizmo together. Again not good shots but just to show you! :)

Well, I am gonna post this and pray it works since autosave keeps failing.

We send you blessings and kisses in the wind!


brazzel6 said...

I am crying now! What wonderful news!!!!! Noah is SO CUTE!!!!! The puppies are cute, too! We love dogs around here and I can relate to bringing them all home!!
Looks like you all have been and will be having loads of fun!

momwithfaithandhope said...

Yippee! New memebers of the family. Can't wait to see a picture of Panda boy on the floor with Gizmo and Brownie lickin' away at his nose!

The Family K. said...

Apart from reading about Noah's teething pain and the lost suitcase, every detail of your post made me so happy. I'm right there along with you celebrating Noah's words. How wonderful is that? And how delightful to hear about the puppies. What great providence.

June Berger said...

LOL, you have a bunch of cryin' aunts here! I started cryin' too and then I come to comment and here is Kayla saying she was crying. As you can tell you and Noah have quite a support group going here! Isn't it so very exciting when they do things and make advances?!

I'm sorry he had a rough night, do you give him Motrin at all? Sometimes that seems to work better than Tylenol because it also helps reduce swelling that comes along with teething, just a thought.

All the pics are so very cute!

June Berger said...

How could I forget!! Those pups are adorable! I bet they and Noah will be the best of buddies, how wonderful!

Dianne said...

That is wonderful that he is trying to talk, it is so exciting. He is so cute.
The puppies are adorable too. Have fun with them.

Expecting Good Things said...

Oh where do I start. Ok, I had no idea what Tain Tu was when you texted it so I was confused. But now I understand!! Noah is talking! YAY! I LOVE his Thanksgiving day outfit! Next year you won't even remember that he didn't wear it Thanksgiving Day. Isn't it great to get 2 holidays from one outfit! Celeste looks so brave in that pic. I looked at the pic and it gave me goosebumps. Brave Girl. Congrats to both Mommas on your new baby pups! They're so cute!
Love, Holli

lorabelle said...

What a fun post! Full of so many exciting and different things, I don't know where to start. I'm so happy that Noah is putting it together and using his new sounds/words. That is awesome!!!
Sounds like your house is going to get more fun and busy by adding a puppy to the mix, I hope that goes well for ya! You are much braver than me! LOl.
Hope that Panda Boys teeth hurry and come in and he isn't teething for too much longer... Poor baby boy! Allie likes to bite onto frozen yogurt stix with the wrapper still on. She winds up biting through them, so it gets messy, but it must feel really good on her gums because she will go to the fridge/freezer and bang on it until I get her one to chew on! By the way, she likes to eat the yogurt when it thaws out too...

Ramona said...

Tami - we'll have to catch up on therapies for our kiddies. J's being seen regularly by 2 and there's 2 more to come. Sounds like Noah's doing great!! BTW - Love the cute pups!

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