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Friday, February 27, 2009

MY SCARIEST Moment as a mom to a boy!

First off I can thankfully start by saying HE IS OK! By the grace of God! :) Noah and Samuel were playing in my room while I was paying some bills online (ooops need to remember to go back and pay them bills! ) and they were giggling and playing and such and for some reason, perhaps the leading of GOD!) I happend to look up at the right moment and saw Noah chewing on something! I was like what do you have in your mouth! I really thought it was dogfood at first because our dingy dogs love to bring some into another room and set on floor and eat one at a time so I am digginn in Noah's mouth expect dog food and instead I find a pill! That was by far the SCARIEST momens as a mom to Noah I have had yet. The 2nd scariest I have had ever! I will share later about the first. Anyway, so it appears to be a sudafed and he has gotten the coating off and there is very little of the colored part left and some white. I am panacking because 1) I have NO CLUE how he got this, 2) was this the FIRST or the LAST one he got? and 3) Bobby is gone in my car on errands and I am trapped! FREAK OUT BEGAN! I called bobby hysterical and told him to get home NOW! I called peds office who gave me number to poison control and was told to get closer to hospital if I did not want to take him in now and wanted to wait but to get closer. I am thinking ok, so you think I need to be closer. humm I want to be there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The big issue was we had no clue for SURE if it was sudafed and for sure how many he may have gotten. Bobby arrives, we load samuel (who I am also watching even though I did not see him take one) and we head to ER. They never did figure out for sure if it was a sudafed. They observed him a couple hours I guess. They said that if he had toxic levels of anything that he would have shown symptoms and hadn't so they sent us home. We are home now, boys are fed and down for naps and I am one worried mama! I am worried bout both boys cuz sam was in room too but neither is acting like anything is wrong. Noah was sleepy at hospital at a weird time which scared me but doc said not to worry. Now that they are home and napping, guess what I AM WORRIED! I am not a doctor so prayerfully he knows what he is talking about. I still dont know how he got the pill. someone must have dropped one on the floor and didnt realize cuz the package was up high still and I have trouble getting them out of it so i dont know :( ugggh scary! we are all real sick with flu here on top of everything!

Thank you JESUS for protecting my prescious baby boy!

by the way, the only time I have been more frightend as a mom was when Celeste was about 12 and she was haveing some very scary symptoms and we were in a ER and she had gone paralyzed from waist down and arms were getting weak and the doctor said he thought she had gilliam barre syndrome (? on spelling) and that her lungs would go paralyzed soon and they were gonna have to put her in a drug induced coma for awhile and put her in pediatric ICU. I was like FLIPPIN out and scared. Then she was paralyzed from neck down adn I got more scared. doctor left to write the orders and I called the prayer chain! By the time they got ready to move her upstairs she was better! and NEVER had another symptom like those again! She still sometimes has no reflexes but other than that no sign of anything left! THAT was the scariest I think. I dont know maybe these 2 or tied! I just kept telling bobby, I dont want to loose Noah. How did this happen. I STILL can't believe it. I told Bobby I wanted him to move our heavy bed so we can vacuum under it and behind everything just in case. I am ready to go out a buy one of those jumper things on a stand and only put him down in it if I am even slightly distracted! so scary! no more bill paying. and I may boycot sesame street. Elmo let me down with keepin the boy mesmerized! ok I am grasping for something funny in this post. AT least we have the happiness that Noah is OK! :)

WE send you kisses and blessings in the wind!


momwithfaithandhope said...

I got the prayer chain, and gasped. .. and pryaed too, of course. So glad everything is okay. You know, I must admit we've found a Motrin on the floor before too. Luckily neither of the kids puts stuff into their mouths unless it's familiar, but still scary. I think in our case it was in someone's pocket, and came out with laundry, or just slipped out while sitting on the couch. It happens, yes, scary, yes. . .glad Noah's safe!!

lorabelle said...

When I got your text, I couldn't help but freak out a little bit myself! So happy that everything turned out okay and our Panda Boy is alright. Things like this just sometimes happen, try not to beat yourself up Tami. When Clayton was little he got the "childproof" lid off of the vitamins and ate between 16-20 of them and I had to call the poison center too. Scared me to death! But he puked them all up within a couple of hours and was back to his 'ole self in no time. urhhrr wait a minute, maybe that's what's wrong with poor little Clayton? LOL, just kidding...

Anonymous said...

So glad everything is okay. We were praying! God is good!

The Family K. said...

Whew! Praise God that everything is okay. I'll bet that was a scary moment. I could see William also doing this since he still puts so much junk into his mouth. I'm sure you handled things much better than I would have.

Paula Perry said...

praise the lord! i am so please that he is ok. how scary! i often worry about sarah getting pills as i have to take them every day and thus there always some in the house.
You did the right thing got to the hospital and prayed. what more can you do. As for not putting him down, please don't think that you did anything wrong by letting him play while you did the bills we all do that. and it can't be helped. plus he's not a tiny baby that can be kept in one place for long anymore. Take it easy on yourself. your a good if not great mum.

Precious Wonders and Little Monkeys said...

Oh goodness me! Someone has some guardian angels busy that day! Taht is one thing that is sooo hard to monitor sometimes... what they stick in their mouth! I had to drum it into my children's heads not to eat anything off Grandma's floor because my sister who has mental special needs often drops pills... they love to come running and show off their prize but it scares me half to death. My parents have since moved but I used to vaccuum everytime I would go to her house as soon as I got there. Another thing that I taught them is selective candy eating... if it isnt' delicious... spit it out.. it still makes me nervous those with those hoover mouths. Sara

Ruth said...

What a scare! Thank goodness everything is okay! It's amazing what those little hands can find. So glad both boys are well.

Expecting Good Things said...

I'm so glad everything turned out. How scary! Kids are just so smart and as hard as you try, you just can't watch them every second. You know I've been there with Breelyn. Still feel bad about the stitches. I've decided the scar gives her character. ugh!

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