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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Update, double, shaving and exciting news!

Today I got the most precious gift a mother who is adopting can get short off an announcement of a decree! NEW PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so excited and the timing was amazing! I actually prayed in my prayer journal this morning Lord please let me get new pictures and updates TODAY! THANKS LORD! :) I do not have updates yet as they are waiting for them to be translated but I do have pics :) Here is one of them :)

This is the closest up on his beautiful little face! :) Isn't he just gorgeous! I can't WAIT to hold him in my arms and rock him and tell him just how loved he is! :) Isn't it amazing how you fall more and more in love with them EVERY picture? And how you just sit on the edge of your seat as you scan email praying for just a glimpse of a new picture, or some developmental update or something on your baby that is a world away! This process of adoption is hard in so many ways but oh the joy those moments bring when you connect with the newest photo or hear the newest word about your baby! :)

Well, I was totally blessed this week with an AMAZING deal on something that I will DEFINITELY need when Jeremiah comes home! A DOUBLE STROLLER! :) heeheee I got a beyond amazing deal on this that a lady close by was selling! :)

Here is Noah checking it out! :) He wants the top back :) heehee

the picture did not come out very good but you can see it is a double stroller :) I can't wait tilll I can post a picture of BOTH my sonS in the stroller TOGETHER! :)

This is so cute! Whenever Celeste sits in the chair to do her nails, Noah comes runnin and has a fit for her to file his too! :) lol :) Isnt that a precious shot!!! ??

Tonight while Bobby was shaving Noah decided he wanted in on the action :) So Bobby put some shaving cream on him :)

not too good a shot in this one.

There you can see it better! :) Then Noah decided that DADDY had his shirt off so Noah had to have his off! LOL

There he is all manly! heehee The shaving cream came off with the shrit for the most part. You can see Bobby's bad bruise on his side where he fell on the front steps the other day in the bad weather. OUCH! It looks dreadful!
I wanted to share some EXCITING new with yall! A local place here that has all kinds of bouncy houses and such INSIDE is going to do a fundraiser for us! :) It wil be in June and it is called JUMPIN FOR JEREMIAH! I am so excited about this. A certain percentage (they have not decided just yet) of all sales for entry and concession for the night will go towards The Jeremiah Fund! I really PRAY this will be a BIG fundraiser and will go VERY WELL! We are going to make up flyers to get the word out to folks to come and all. It is a fun night for them and helps raise money for Jeremiah! :) We have it scheduled for June 18th because we wanted to allow as much time as we could to advertise it up! :) Also please be in prayer that I can get in touch with the local lady for our Farmer's Market. I want to see about signing up to sell baked goods there on Saturday Mornings once it starts :) I am having difficulty getting the information I need.
We have several other fundraisers in the fire so please pray that they will work out well too! Also we will be doing some candy sales in front of a business as well. We also have a home and garden fundraising party coming up in early June! That shoudl be fun and there are fundraising sheets we can take soon and start trying to sell off them :) And we have an online fundraiser possibility through a company that sells food. EVERYONE has to eat so I am hoping that will be good for folks :)
PLEASE keep all our fundraising efforts in prayer as we work to try and raise the money QUICKLY as possible to bring home our Jeremiah! It is overwhelming sometimes but we just have to look on that face above and remember our frogie boy is waiting for us. Lots of love, lots of prayers and lots of relying on God will get us through this. Praise God HE knows where it is all coming from!
Jeremiah sweet frogie boy! Mama loves you with all her heart! I am working as hard as I can to get there darling! PLEASE hadg on precious and until then, catch my kisses in the wind!


Paula Perry said...

So cute, i bet you can't wait to hold him! so sweet. i hope more photos come your way.

Mel said...

love the new picture of jeremiah - he is super-sweet!!!
hope and pray the fundraising goes well, so you can bring jeremiah home ASAP!
GOD is able!

Ruth said...

Great news about the fundraiser, I pray it is a huge success for you!! Love the new pic of Jeremiah - he looks so sweet.

Expecting Good Things said...

That's a great picture of J. I hope your fundraising goes great. Thinking of you,

The Family K. said...

Awww... look at that face. I'm looking forward to seeing both Froggie Boy and Panda sitting in that double stroller together.

It sounds like it's going to be a whirlwind next month or two with fundraising activities. I pray that they will be hugely successful and yield the funds to bring your adobale little boy home soon.

And yes - the joy of receiving update pictures! Few things in the world can compare.

lorabelle said...

Your little frog is so sweet Tami!
It seems like yesterday we were all just waiting for our updates for our babies who were at SLC at the same time with Noah and now your awaiting those updates all over again. Hope Noah keeps you busy and helps keep your mind off the wait, I remember how hard it is... Hang in there and have fun fundraising. You are certainly one busy lady!!!

Sarah k said...

Great Update Tami! Jeremiah sure is a cutie and so is Noah! I am so happy for you. God is good all the time!!

Sarah k.

momwithfaithandhope said...

God is GREAT, isn't He?? Glad your prayers were answered. Love the new photo. Good luck on the Jumpin' for Jeremiah fundraiser, and Noah is getting so big!!! Pretty soon he'll be pushing that new double stroller instead of riding in it! Watch out Mama - 2 boys is DOUBLE TROUBLE!

From the Heart said...

You are in my prayers,

Denise said...

awwwe!It must be the week for new pics.I got one of Jaxson too!Jeremiah is gorgouse i can see why you are anxious to hold him.wonderful about the fundraiser.I am praying you have a nice turn out.Big hugs!

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