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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

UPDATE FINALLY :) WOOHOO :) and other news :)

Just got new pictures of Jeremiah and some translated Nursery updates! :) I am soooo excited :) One of them they got him to smile! Woohoo :) Noah has a fit every time he sees the pictures and is talking to him :) heehee and kissing him. SOOOO CUTE :) So they said he is 18 pounds and 28 and half inches and his head circumference is 15 inches! Not bad for a 14 month old! It hit me today that Jeremiah is 2 and half months younger now than Noah was when we got him. Wow!

They also said he is eating well :) I was shocked by all he can eat :) see:
formula: 1150 cc a day
supplemental foods: Rice cereal, mashed rice, mashed fruits /veggie, mashed egg yolk and mashed rice. Steamed eggs and dessert egg custard.

These words were nice :)

"He likes to be held"

These worried me a bit for him but its ok :)
They said his hands and legs are rigid.
I can't wait to get him home and work those muscles myself and see what we can do to help them :)

Anyway, here are the pictures :)

I LOVE THIS SHOT! I LOVE THE SMILE! :) He is gorgeous :) I can't wait till that smile is directed at me :)

the picture of innocence here! For some reason that is what I thought when I saw this one! He just looks angelic here :)

awww so sweet :) I love these little things :) I have seen one with Noah in video when he was there, they have wheels. I would love one for when Jeremiah is home :)

In other news things here have been hoppin :) Lots goin on in our world and Panda Boy Noah is a busy busy bear! He is into everything, trying everything, trying to say everything! Busy busy :) He is more adorable by the day :) He is such a cuddly guy which I had worried about because with adoption and bonding and all you never know but he definitly is attaching and bonding and loves to give hugs, kisses and cuddles. He is so funny. I love his personality :) As do most in our world :) He will pick up a book with a picture of an animal or person face and kiss it. Everytime he sees Jeremiah's picture he kisses it and is now "talkin" to it :) SOOO cute :) I often wonder WHAT he is telling Jeremiah! heehee He has been such a helper and it is neat when we are out sitting selling candy bars in front of a business or whatever and I have Noah with me and folks come by and are like, we prayed for Noah too! He touched and still does touch so many! :) We have been blessed lately with 2 candy sales and one raised $183 and we were there from 3:30 to 8:30 and the other raised $254 and we were there from 12:30 till 8:30 :) Not bad huh! :) I had an opportunity to babysit a 3 month old for 3 weeks all the pay from that little one is going towards the adoption.

Noah's therepies are going well. He has it 3 days a week and has pretty much wrapped all 3 ladies around his little finger :) so cute :) Found out today they will come into the home and work with him till he is 7 so that is good :) then a diffferent program will take over if he still has needs :)

We are busy bees this summer trying all kinds of new activities. I will be posting in the next few days about our Dallas trip and a first that happend while we were there. Today we went to Noah's first movie. There is a place here doing a free movie 3 mornings a week so we went to see madagascar 2! This was Noah's first time to go to a movie for him! I did try to take him to one we adults went to when we first got home and thought he would sleep through but he didnt. lol but anyway we go in and at first we get this:
doesnt he look so big :) They have a booster seat thing and he sat in there with his mum mums and was find at first.
But the peace did NOT last. He wanted to get down and run around and he would cry and throw a fit and we had to take him out and eventually stayed out. He did NOT like this. So we ended with this:

the shot is not a good one for some reason but he was cryin and cryin. He is definitly two! LOL He will get there :)
We went to a local hands on science place after that. I will share some pics from that later :)
I wanted to show you the matching shirts I got my BOYS! I love that I will have BOYS! :) They wont wear these till winter but aren't they cute? Got a good deal on them :)
Here are a couple of cute Noah shots for you :)
this was a shot from our trip :) I said cheese and he smiled! yippee now if we can get him to keep that up :)
and this was a cute shot :) I love it :)

Please keep our fundraising in prayer. Things are going well, its just he needs to be home quick as possible and so they need to go better than good! :) Jumpin with iJeremiah will be the 19th here locally and I am praying that one does very very well :) I am workin on lots of other ideas. IF YOU HAVE AN IDEA, PLEASE let me know :)

Froggie boy Mama loves you soooooo much! I can't wait till you are home smiling and playing with your amazing big brother Noah! :) We are working sooo sooo hard sweet boy! HANG ON!!!!! until we get there catch my kisses in the wind!


Tia said...

Isn't Noah growing up now? I remember those early pictures of him when he was having a rough time with a chest infection and now look at that bouncing bomb!

And such sweeeeeet photos of Jeremiah, I pray he is home with you soon.

Christy said...

They are both so precious! So glad you got updates!

lorabelle said...

You have sure been one busy Mommy!
Glad to hear that everything is well your way. You are much braver than I am. Taking Allie into the Movie theater just isn't an option for us right now. She isn't ready or maybe it's us who isn't ready, LOL!
Noah is so cute! His smiles still touch me so. Glad to hear that he is feeling better. What did you decide to do about those tonsils?
I'm happy to see that you received an update on your little frog as well. He is SO So sweet.

Mel said...

Tami, he's beautiful! so glad you finally got updates - what a blessing. and WOW can he eat, lol.

Jenny said...

It is great to see new pictures. I knowthat must be such a great feeling next best to holding them.

The Family K. said...

Both your boys are adorable. I can't wait to see them together. It sounds like Noah is practicing hard to be a big brother. Fantastic about the candy sale success. Certainly no one can accuse you of not working your tail off to get this guy home!

brazzel6 said...

It is so good to read an update and see some new pictures of the boys! I have been missing Panda Boy undates! You are such an inspiration to me! Can't wait until I can fully rely on God to bring home our last one!

Noah has really grown! Loving the pics of your Jeremiah! I know you can't wait to have that sweet angel home!

Let me know if you get down our way this summer! Maybe we could grab Karen and her gang and do something fun!

Ramona said...

Look at that precious little honey pot. And Noah! What a big boy!!!

Ramona said...
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Jennifer @ Quiverfull Family said...

Wow, look at all of the hair! SO much for a 14 month old :). God bless your journey!

Crystal said...

Hi, I just found your blog this morning from the AR site. We just brought home our little buy from Ethiopia two months ago. He was diagnosed with CP althought it is likely that it was a faulty diagnosis. Anyway I wish you the best in your adoption. Your little guy is adorable. I no it is hard when they are yours in your heart but not home yet.

heidi r weimer said...

I love the photos. And I love Jeremiah's hair.

God bless you guys on this journey!!!

soontobemomof9 said...

Both boys are just too cute for words! I love getting updates! Can't wait to see Jeremiah home. He is as big as Shawnee and she is 3! :)

You are a blessed momma to recieve update info! Praying the best of blessing for your family and Jeremiah!

momwithfaithandhope said...

So happy for you that you received an update on Froggie boy. Adorable photos! I think you might be able to purchase one of those cots on wheels at Carrefours??? I remember seeing something similar. Noah is BUSY, BUSY Panda boy, isn't he?! If you think you're busy now, just wait until that Boy, becomes BOYS. Can't wait to see a pic of them in those matching football Tees!

Denise said...

Jeremiah is adorable love that smile!I cannot wait until both our boys are home.Noah is sure growing in leaps and bounds what a sweetheart he is.That is a wonderful update you got.big hugs to noah and jeremiah and of course mommy deserves a hug too!

marina said...

Wow Noah looks so grown up. Jeremiah looks beautiful.

Jennifer&Eric said...

Precious boy!!! So glad you received some encouraging updated information. It helps, a little, :-) as we long to hold our precious child in our arms.

Blessings and prayers for your journey,


JackieMacD said...

Hi Tami,
J is just beautiful. I'm sure Noah will make a wonderful big brother. Thinking of you all.


Sarah k said...

Wooo! What an update! Love the new pictures and oh my goodness on both boys!!! They are just too sweet Tami!!!!!!

Sarah k

Expecting Good Things said...

I love the new pics of Jeremiah. Noah is gonna have a best friend for life! The matching shirts will be cute.

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