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Monday, July 20, 2009

Ham and frog and Panda Boy

So my Panda Boy has turned into quite the ham! :) heehee Enjoy!!

Noah was acting so cute I HAD to pull out the camera :) He is becoming such a ham! :) heehee

loves to play with the blanket :)

more blankie :)

playin with mama

and for some Frogie Boy news :) This is a frog hanging from Jeremiah's crib that is set up and WAITING for him!

There is his crib! My friend from the playgroup Shannon got us a bed set with Frogs and lilly pads and butterflys and turtle's :) It is so cute :) I do still need to get a comforter so that the lined blanket I have on bed now can be used on the wall :) It has things to hang it and I would love to do that. I just have to match the bedding :)

The frog mobile from below

The diaper stacker :)

The mobile :)

2 frog pillows and a blankie with a frog head :)

That is Jeremiah's Easter Basket in the corner (minus the blanket we sent in the care package) and the frog and butterfly are to go on the wall!

This is the blanket that can be hung on the wall! :) so cute :)

Here is the frog on the side :)

another shot of the crib :)

And a few more of Panda Boy :)

Ice cream is his summer friend! :)

cheese :)

again the ham shows up :) Cheese :)

Noah sittin at the table at the Church BBQ fundraiser for the Dominican Republic Missions Trip.
Noah's little sippy cup at Sunday School that he CAN"T drink out of yet :( He can only use the NUBY soft spout at this point. But isn't it cute?
Please be praying for us this week as we work on getting ready for a yard sale saturday and a skating fundraiser on monday and advertising it up real good this week.
Jeremiah sweetie, Mama and baba love you soooo much, your whole family does. We are working hard frogie boy and doing EVERYTHING we can to get there to you as QUICK as we can sweetie. Your big brother is becoming more and more loving to younger kids he is around and God is preparing him to be an amazing Big brother to you darling. You dream sweet dreams during your naptime today that I bet you are about to take. You will sleep there while we sleep here. And as you wake later catch mama's kisses in the wind honey!


Lisa said...

Prayers and big wishes coming your way! May your newest bundle of blessings find his way home and into your arms SOON!!

The crib bedding is just perfect!! Its fun, whimsical and so darling!

And Panda Boy looks darling with his summer friend(ice cream) and so handsome in his checked church outfit! Like a little doll!!
Keep us posted on your fundraising progress!! All my best,
Lisa C.

The Family K. said...

That crib looks so cozy and ready to welcome Jeremiah. Sending good wishes to you for some knock-out fundraising events this weekend.

momwithfaithandhope said...

Prayers for an awesome fundraising WEEKEND! Panda Boy sure is hammin' it up. And you are blessed to have your playgroup friend - what a great GIFTY and so appropriate for your Froggie boy!

Denise said...

Noah is so cute! Love that smile.Jeremiahs crib is so adorable.Cant wait to see a pic of an adorable froggy boy in the crib.

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