Not flesh of my flesh, nor bone of my bone; but, still miraculously, my own.
Never forget, for a single minute you didn't grow under my heart, but in it.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

oodles of Pictures! :)

If you are in the mood for pictures boy do I have some for ya :) Oodles of them :) UNFORTUNATELY nothing new of my Jeremiah sweet frogie boy but prayerfully by the end of the month I will have some new of him too!

Panda boy being silly with mama!

Millie on the way to "The Boardwalk"

Celeste acting silly :) The girls had Bobby take them on Monday to look around and dream shop at the boardwalk :)

Girls having fun :)

heeehee my silly daughters :)

She looks so serious :) LOVE the shades :) heehee

Millie's turn :)

wish they had brought me the sleep mask!

Millie in front of the river at the boardwalk

Celeste and Millie in front of Riverfront :)

My sweet panda boy!

he is such a fun and silly boy :)

Noah and mama :) I LOVE my snuggle buddy :)

We took a trip a couple hours away with my friend Liane and her family and went to the zoo :)

Samuel and Noah at Zoo :) Ready to see all the animals! NOAH loves animals! Go figure! heehee

Celeste and Millie :) loved the cutout :)

Celeste and Liane's Daughter Kelsey being monkeys :)

Millie taking a picture of Celeste taking her picture with my camera :)

Here is a picture of a bird that was so friendly :) He kinda played with us all :)

Here is Noah looking up at the bird! Notice the head! heehee

Then with 3 girls in tow we had to hit the mall and to cool off we hit dipping dots! Noah quite approved of that choice :)

he is so beautiful :) and doing quite well with that spoon lately

Millie and Kelsey and part of Celeste at the food court :)

more Noah ice cream shots :)

This entertained Noah for the longest time! :)

My sweet first baby :) My baby girl! so beautiful :) and FUN


My daughter for the year! :) another beauty :)

LOVE this shot of Noah concentrating on the ice cream :)

so cute :)

just love this panda boy sooo much :) I love to watch him :)

Check out that spoon in mouth action!

doing sooo good! I love it :)

Millie and Daddy at Buffulo Wild Wings!

Noah trying to do with his fingers like Millie does :)

Noah has taken to playing with his tongue! lol so cute :)

Noah chompin down on a dill pickle spear

Here is one of the flyers for the Bake Sale we are having on August 29th for Jeremiah! I know you can't see it too good. We are blessed that a business close to a really busy place has offered us to do this. The last time one was done there they raised $700. Alot of folks donated to the sale for that family, so please pray folks will donate baked goods to ours, and others will come and buy!

Millie's lunch box after I packed it this morning! She LOVES High School Musical! :) I am in search of good deals on anything with it on it for her for Christmas :)

Millie just before we went outside to wait for the bus :)

We were rushing to be out their on time and she had to put her belt on out there :) heehee and then the driver was MUCH later than she originally said :) lol

Millie getting on the bus! :) FIRST time I have ever put a child on the bus! :) She had a wonderful first day, already has 3 friends at school and some at Church tonight :) She is doing so well :) I so admire her! I would NOT be doing so well at her age going to another country! I am very proud of my daughter for the year :)

As I come to a close of this picture sharing post I am sad to not have pictures of my Jeremiah to share as I do of my other kiddos! My life in ways feels so full and joyful with Celeste, Noah, Millie and my sweet hubby Bobby, my mom, friends, Church, etc. and it is, BUT a part of me is missing. My Jeremiah waits a world away and each day it aches more and more that he is there and I can't hold him, touch him, smell him, comfort him, give him his medicine, talk to his therapist and learn what I can do daily to help him. Find the best docs, the best everything to give him the best I can. It is amazing to me how quickly I forogt how HARD this is, waiting, this being a mama to a baby across the ocean. Fundraising is so overwhelming at times, I look at how much we need, I look at uscis paperwork that NEEDS to be filed and KNOW I dont have the money to file it NOW and it needed to already be gone, I loook at it all with earthly eyes and I feel like I just dont know what to do, but then I remember as I was led to share with someone else today, we see through a glass but dimly, the Lord sees all! HE KNOWS where EVERY penny is coming from. He is moving on Jeremiah's behalf in areas I have no clue! I KNOW this! I KNOW he cares. So as long as I can hold onto more of what I KNOW and less of what I SEE then I should be ok, right?!

Jeremiah my sweet frogie boy. Mama soooooo loves you. I so want to come and pick you up this instant and rock you and sing to you and tell you how much you are loved and adored. Honey boy we are working so hard and praying so hard and we will be to you as soon as we possilby can. Hang tight little man and catch my kisses in the wind!


Paula Perry said...

shame that he's not in Taipei, if i ever go there in the next few weeks i'll try and see him. You must be longing to hold him, keep the faith! paula

brazzel6 said...

Love all the pictures! How fun to have so much energy, silliness, and laughter in your home!

momwithfaithandhope said...

I'm with Paula's comment. . .Keep the faith Mama!! What great pictures of the kiddos. Looks like great fun!

lorabelle said...

laughing at all the "peace" signs!
Hope you get some pics from St. Lucy's soon. Thinking about you.

Lisa said...

Wonderful, joyful pics! I'll be checking back to see new pics of your sweet baby boy!
:) Lisa

The Family K. said...

Fun pictures. You've definitely got me excited about the prospect of hosting a student, perhaps next year.

I so wish that you could have your Jeremiah home with you now. I know you're working as hard as you can to make that happen. But for now, don't lose hope! A year from now, you'll be shaking your head in amazement at the ways in which God pulled off not one, but two miracle adoptions.

Shelly and Family said...

Hi There ~ And THANK YOU for stopping by our blog! I am just loving all your photos and your little "panda" is so adorable! Can't wait to follow along your journey...

And me too must say ~ "Keep The Faith...

Terry said...

What a fun time everyone had! And those dippin dots will entertain for a while, as you take some cute pictures!
Can't wait to see new pictures of Jeremiah!

Terry said...
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soontobemomof9 said...

LOL.. okay my picture happy friend... so glad I dont' have dial up! :) Noah, as always, is just adorable. And I second dippin dots! I love 'em! :)

Anonymous said...

You love your kids! Your heart is so evident! God Bless!

THE WAIT FOR NOAH IS OVER!!!! November 3, 2007~September 8, 2008 First heard about Noah~Noah in our Arms!
April 1, 2009~ June 7, 2010 First committed to Jeremiah~Jeremiah in our Arms!

The FIRST Picture we EVER saw!

The FIRST Picture we EVER saw!
Noah WesLee 5 months old

The First Picture we ever saw of:

The First Picture  we ever saw of:
Jeremiah Harold Sisemore ~1 year

Kisses in the Wind

I hold you in my heart and touch you in my dreams.
You are here each day with me, at least that's how it seems.

I know you wonder where we are... what's taking us so long.
But remember child, I love you so and God will keep you strong.

Now go outside and feel the breeze and let it touch your skin...Because tonight, just as always, I blow you kisses in the wind.

May God hold you in His hand until I can be with you.
I promise you, my darling, I'm doing all that I can do.

Very soon, you'll have a family for real, not just pretend.But for tonight, just as always, I blow you kisses in the wind.

May God wrap you in His arms and hold you very tight.
And let the angels bring the kisses that I sent to you each night.

When Love Takes You In!