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Friday, September 11, 2009

THE PARTY!! and a day at the park

I thought I would share some pics from our 1 year Gotcha Day Anniversary Celebration Party:)

The Cake!! I LOVED the cake! They did such a good job! :)

Noah in his new outfit :)

he loves to get in Daddy's chair :) another shot in the outfit

These were our gifts to him :) I LOVED these bags :) They are earth friendly bags from Toys R Us but I loved them and what better gift bags for Panda Boy :) I must say I did have trouble getting the dump truck in that bag :)

Doesn't he look BIG! heehee He is 26 lbs, 34 inches tall and shoes are a 6 but he is growin out of them so I think it is bout time to go up. The sandles are the ONLY shoes he likes. Those were the ones like were in his coming home outfit, but were a 5. I had found a deal and got a 5 and a 6 at that time because I did not know how big his feet were. They were a 4 when we got him so the 5's were big the first day. When it gets cooler I am gonna have a fight on my hands to get non sandles on his feet.

This is a shot of the table we decorated with Asian items. Some were ours we have acquired, some were ones that Millie gave me from Taiwan, some were borrowed from friends :) The poster was made my Celeste and my friend Liane! It has Happy Got You Day written in Chinese :)

Jeremiah was there with us on my laptop wallpaper :) I used the laptop to show the video :)

Another shot of some of the things on the table. We had games children play in Taiwan (with the help of Millie to tell me what to buy. And candies and such that children in Taiwan eat.

Samuel and Noah playing while we were rearranging tables. The banquet room was accidentally double booked. I checked the booking THREE times and so I was quite shocked when told we could not have it because it is booked EVERY whatever by these other people. I literally cried and the owner showed me another area of the restraunt where we could have the party but we had to rearrange tables so we had a long table for everyone. I had wanted 2 long tables but was not room in this area so they other long table had to run another dircetion and we weren't all as close but it was ok I guess. We had a blast and that is what matters :)

Another shot of the table we made :)

Here you can see some of the candies and the pineapple cakes that Millie's mother made!

LOL, the face again :) He makes that now when the flash light goes of before the flash. He also does it in the sun. I am worried about that eye if he does it because the light bothers it maybe.

Ain't he cute! :)

Pastor praying a blessing over Noah!

more of the blessing time

more blessing time :)

Millie and my mom :)

Noah enjoying his cake!

Millie showing us how to eat this candy that children in taiwan love! You spin it on a spoon or chopstick! NOAH would NOT eat it though! lol Daddy loved it :)

Noah and the cake still :)
Now on to a Park Day we had Wednesday with our PLaygroup :)

Noah sliding down the rock wall!

Noah was so bold. He ran across to go up there and is quite far from me :) This is a first :)

Noah on the swing! I AM SOOO HAPPY to have a smile on the swing! The last time at this park he WIGGED out on the swing! He did not stay long and when he decided to get off her reached for me and almost flipped over !

He is so cute :) and very active :) HE LOVED the park :)

Run, run run :)

ok, we will walk now :)
Noah lookin out :) This was the big kids play area that he just had to go too.
Sam and Noah peekin through
I just LOVE to watch him play :)
This shot is so cute to me :) He is climbing so good! His OT/PT will be so proud! :)
I can't wait till the day I have Noah and Jeremiah together at the park! I am really aching for Jeremiah. People have said that before I know it we will have Jeremiah's 1 year home! I CAN"T WAIT! Looking at Noah and all God did to bring Noah home REMINDS me and gives me HOPE that Jeremiah's funds will come and he will be here soon with his big brother :)
Jeremiah my sweet frogie boy! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! I ache to rock you and sing to you and tell you how much we love you, how much Jesus loves you. I can just picture you and your brother together and I can't wait for it to be reality. I love you baby boy and we are working hard and will be there as soon as we can. Be sweet for the Nannies and while you wait catch my kisses in the wind!


The Family K. said...

It looks like you really pulled out all the stops for Noah's 1 year home party. What a fantastic time it looked like. How neat, too, that you were able to get Millie's help with all the authentic Taiwanese touches. Congratulations!

Megan and Ryan Reed said...

Hi there!!! You very recently bought a preschool/kindergarten curriculum from me on EBAY. Thanks for your message. I've been given so many hand me down curriculums and glad to hear they are doing someone well :) I like your blog and even more that you are serving Christ and exercising the gift of adoption. Adoption has always been near and dear to me as I was told I might struggle to conceive. The Lord blessed us with two biological children, but we have struggled since. I am definitely interested if the Lord wills it for our family :)

I placed your button on my blog
and my facebook

I hope it helps get the the word out for you and you can bring Jeremiah home very soon to your loving home.

Oh, and your item is in the mail. Hope it gets there safe and sound. You can track it through order details on the item page.


lorabelle said...

Your decorated table and sign are just beautiful! Noah is so lucky to have a family who puts so much into making sure that his celebrations are really about him. I think it's wonderful that you add the Taiwanese touches and I think someday when he looks back, he will too!
I was checking out his weight and measurements and remembered that you asked about Allie's in one of my last posts. She is24 inches tall and weighs 23 pounds. She just moved up to a size 7 shoe last week and she only turned 2 in August. She's long and lean. LOL... Again, Congratulations on Noah's "Gotcha Day". Just think, it won't be long until you have 2 of these to celebrate each year!

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