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Friday, January 22, 2010

Panda Boy Footage (hard won and by Reqest) and Oodles of Pictures

I have some pics of Panda Boy I want to share and a HARD gotten video.  Noah does not cooperate with the camera alot lately!  lol  but at the request of my dear friend LORA there is some Panda Boy Footage :)  Noah is growing like a weed!  I have pulled out the boxes of bigger clothes I had waiting and realized that we lack very many 2T and for that matter 3T clothes for boys anyway!  lol  Noah has just about outgrown all 18 months at this point except for a rare few and is starting to outgrow 24 months.  It is more and more I put an outfit on and take it off and say another outfit for the Jeremaih Bucket!  The Jeremiah bucket is now 2 FULL buckets and a bag going!  LOL  Noah is DEFINITLY TWO and giving all of us a run for our money!  He is the sweetest most loving adorable friendly little spitfire!  LOL  He has some sensory issues and does NOT do well in OT.  As a matter of fact for his benefit his OT suggested trying another OT because things were totally unproductive with there sessions, they literally end in horrible meltdowns EVERY SESSION.  At times I feel my heart is breaking into over Noah and the difficulties he has with temper, emotions, and such.  I have not posted alot lately but decided I would share for those to pray for him.  A friend, who has phsychological training is convinced Noah has RAD.  I disagree, based on all the listed symptoms when I read and the fact that I beleive he does love us, and care about us, and has as much conscious as any 2 year old does. I wonder often how much is adoption related and how much is NOAH and his personality or whatever.  I just think what would I be like at this point if I had lost everyone I have ever known, every sight, smeall, touch , feel, everything different and gone and had been for over 16 months!  I know Noah has many delays that are catching up swiftly.  The child that it was doubtful would ever talk jabbers away and is speaking words and has spoken his FIRST SENTENCE!  All as one word mind you but he spoke it!  Iwantmycup!  LOL  Either a sentence or a very LONG word~!  He is tryin to say most of what we say.  At times I think he is like any normal 2 year and 9 month old child because he has come soo far, but then I get around children way younger than him and they speak so well, they move better than him, etc and I realize he is not on target but that is ok :)  He is Noah and we love him :)  His biggest issues seem to be his temper and sensory.  He has the new OT who specializes in sensory beginning next week so I am praying she will be helpful.  He has a neurologist appointment for a nuero workup in early February.  We have not heard back on the fragile x or any of the testing they did and are going nuts wondering why it is taking so long.  Folks will say, Is he austistic, is he aspergers, is it fragile x, does he have RAD, he has RAD etc and on and on it goes.  To be honest I dont care if he has a diagnosis or what it is, I just want him to be happy and healthy and loved.  Most of the time that is the case, but when he has his meltdowns he is misarable.  I am not talking just a temper tantrum.  We continue to pray and train and love him and go on.   The meltdowns bother me for the misery he is in, not for anything to do with us.  I do NOT want folks to think I am in anyway complaining or unhappy with my angel boy!  Because of the Joy Noah has brought us we would take a housefull!  He is not always easy, and I KNOW I was meant to be his mom because I have had people say he is bad and other derogatory words and I get so angry at them.  My mother today said he is a Humdinger!  whatever that is.  She was joking.  He is not any of those things.  I have even been asked how long we are keeping him.  WHAT???  People please!  Noah is my SON!!!  He is not going anywhere!  Anyway, overall Noah is doing amazing and gaining stregth and development daily :)  Now onto what you really wanted :) 

On our recent trip back to Jackson to have my mom's finerprints redone for Jeremiah's Adoption, we went to a restraunt called The Froghead Grill and this was taken there! :)  So cute!

This was the other day.  This is only the 2nd time Noah has fallen asleep not in my arms or laying beside me!  I was shocked!  Isnt he adorable?? :)

Millie had her birthday and had a slumber party :)  Here she is with her cake :)

Noah did NOT realize the party was not for him!  LOL  He was up in the middle of things the whole night :)

I just loved this, I could not get a great shot but he had the girls rocking him back and forth, rolling back with him and puttin him in the air.  Itwas like they were amusement park rides!  He had a total blast! :)

He is runnin crazy through the house here :)  Hard to get a good shot!

He was smiling just before and just after I took the picture!  LOL


Tuesday our playgroup went to Tiny town!   a local chuch has a free indoor playplace open a couple times a week and we decided to check it out :)  Noah quite enjoyed it and by the end did very well with help of some friends :)

He was up pretty high here!  My friend Shannon was up there helping him! 

Can you see his little head WAY up there??? That is the farthest he has EVER been from me!  He would hollar at me!  LOL  I went in with him once but not that high up because I am very big and it is very not!

There he is again all the way up there! :)

Here he is comin off the BIG slide.  It was from teh top down, I think it was a bit overwhelming.  He came off of it and clung to me!  LOL

Sittin on the top and not wantin to share his spot!  heehee

Noah and his buddy drake climbin!

Here is the froghead Grill sign :)

I told him to wave!  LOL  so of course in front of face :)

They had frogs everywhere there :)  Noah had to hug this one and I told him to look :)

They had a live frog there :)  was hard to get a good picture of it and Noah because he was standin on a chair and I had to hold him and the camera!

sooo good :)

one messy guy :)  heehee

Interesting way to drink :)  heehee

He loves PUPS as he calls them! :)

He posed for this on his own :)  I had the camera and he came up to the table, set his pup down and did that! :)  I LOVE IT :)

another shot, posing in the room :)

such a big boy!  He is using his spoon so good to eat his eggs! :) 

and for LORA :)  Here is footage of Panda Boy!  Now, let me say I sound like a nut in this!  LOL  and there are some times you cant see him well or at all :)  LOL It is difficult at times to get footage but it is so cute :)  So, comment and tell me what you think of my boy who was not suppose to talk!! :)


lorabelle said...

Thank you so much for post with photos and video of our Panda Boy!
He's changing so much Tami...
I think he's coming along super!
He is able to communicate as well as or maybe better than my Clayton did when he was Noah's age. Clayton also struggled with sensory and didn't like OT either, so it made me laugh when I read that. Not that it's funny "hee hee", but that I'm not giving up on Noah. Not 1 IOTA!
It's in there...And you'll get it out of him, I'm sure of it!
You are so good to be so nurturing and patient with him. I don't know too many Mama's that would still be holding their babies to get them to go down to sleep... It made me smile thinking about all of the other things that you could probably be doing during those times, but you take the time to be still and soothe him to sleep. Okay, this could be long...
I'll shoot you an email tomorrow morning!
Thanks for posting. I truly needed my Noah fix!

The Family K. said...

You always convict me with the depth of your love for your children, your patience, and your selflessness. It's a joy to read about how well Noah is progressing, and I have to think that a lot of that is due to his supermom.

Congrats, btw, on finally getting those fingerprints done. Whew.

Annie said...

Hi Tami Joy, I believe your love, patience and insight for Noah and his needs will be your strength. That coupled with God's strength will overcome all obstacles as you grow as a family! It looks as though Noah is growing, learning and developing and has made great strides! I will be praying for his peace and emotional growth. You are doing a great job!

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