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Thursday, January 28, 2010


Today is a VERY SPECIAL DAY!!!  It is EXACTLY 16 months, 2 weeks and 5 days since Noah came home!!!!  THAT is very special BECAUSE that is EXACTLY how long Noah was in the orphanage!  WOW!  I can't believe we are at this point.  He has been with us as long as he was there!  So tomorow he will be with us LONGER than he was there!  WOW!!  So many things we were told by adoption specialist and alot of times we heard till he has at least been with you as long as he was there!  Well, we are HERE! :)  I look at him and I think, does he remember before us?  At times it feels like he has always been here.  Yall the child has grown like a weed!!!!!!  He is gonna be one tall Asian! heehee  When I look at pictures of him on Gotcha Day and I look at him now and I am like WOW! I wonder if he is properly bonded, I wonder so much, but I am so in love with this little guy! :)

We got word that the testing is finally all back in and it is 100 percent that Noah does NOT have Fragile X Syndrome!  This has been an on and off question since our journey to him began and we finally got the appropriate DNA testing done.  We did get some other information about some things in his family makeup that put him at risk for some things and out of respect for the families privacy I will not go into detail here on the blog.  We are digesting all this information and moving forward.  Noah is set to go for some Neurological workup on Feb 5th so that is the next medical thing with him.  I am hoping to have him in to the allergy doctor about his allergies and excema.  He siil to this day has bowel issues and it so worries me that we have to use miralax and sometimes resort to pedia lax baby enemas to help him and it is jut no tnormal.  The pediatrician is not concerened, I am .  Not sure what to do about that but there you have it.  Panda boy is outgrowing things faster than I can blink.  I pull out an outfit to put on him put it on, pull it off and put it in Jeremiah's bucket!  LOL  I have filled 2 buckets that way so far and am headed to another bag now!  It floors me the child who was wearing 9 to 12 months for sooo long is now needed 2T for the most part!  Overalls which he and I love or anything one peice and it is a given he need a 2T.  Some pants he can wear an 18 month and some shirts if they were made long he can wear a 12 month.  I know weird but that is that.  lol  Basically if folks ask or I am lookign I say 2T.  He even has a few sleepers taht are 3T because they were a cheap brand and made small!  He is looking so old and mature to me lately!  He is talking up a streak, granted it is not clear really and alot of things others can't understand but I do :)  He is saying sentences but the sentence is all one word!  :)  heehee INEEEEDDDDAAAEEAAAT  at the top of his lung...translation I need to eat!  heehee  he has many of these words.  He wines alot and I am having to try and teach him if he does NOT wine we understand ALOT more and he gets further!  lol  He is a very demanding little Panda but we are TRYING to teach him to not be so do it now or I am gonna freak!  In some ways it is getting better and in others, worse!  LOL 

Today we marked his special day by going to the library and getting him a library card and attending story time!  He was the ONLY child there :(  kinda sad.  They said every other week the preschool at the First Baptist brings their kiddos and there are more.  We plan to go every week unless he has a playdate function that interfeers. 

Here are pictures galore to share! :) 

He found a GIRLS hat (shhhh don't tell Daddy) when I was goin through things in the nursery and moving out girls things to store somewhere else for when God sends us a princess.  Well our Panda just thought it was for him!  LOL

Eating our triscuits!  He is addicted!  lol and watching the Saints WIN the championship and a spot into the Superbowl!!! :)

Nanny was usin this Chair to prop her feet and Noah just had to get up there.  THANK GOD when he did this I had the camera to grab!  :)  heehee :)

Noah and his buddy drake at a play date!  They had a baby at this house and Noah kept playing with all the baby things too :)  heehee

This thing was a hoot!  Even as tall as he has gotten he is not tall enough to play on this bounce ball thing.  It was quite a site me tryin to help him!  LOL

Making boomerangs on Australia Day! :) 

Here hi is playing with the toy bar for the baby swing!  See how intently he studies what he is doing? :)

THIS was a miracle!  I put him on the love seat for time out and after he was done I said it is nap time now and told him to lay down, He was fussing and sayin no no no and I was like, nope you are gonna sleep there.  So he layed and was fussin and I said, let me finish what I am doing and I will get your blankie.  Before I was done he had pulled the small lapblanket off the back of the loveseat and had one to sleep!  LOL  Dont look at the love seat!  I HATE it, it was inherrited so to speak and I keep praying to get a microsuade cover for it!  Someday!  anyway this was the second time he has fallen asleep not on me but the first time he did it not by accident so to speak.  I had him do it 2 other days this week but today he flipped out and had to be on me.  It is a start! :)  I would love to have at least nap time without him on top of me! :)  But whatever he needs!

His little panda boy personality is coming out more and more :)  he is funny!  He asked to have the glove put on and then wore it for the longest which is a miracle with his sensory things.  And then he put the pants on his head!  LOLOL

See how fun he is!!!! :)

this is our new thing.  He LOVES to eat his breakfast sittin on the truck toybox watching ELMOS or handy Many depending on what time it is.  LOL  He wants totable foods in the am.  I am on a mission to figure out things I can get him.  For some reason in the am he HATES the chair and does not want me to mess with his diaper for like an hour.  IT kills me to give in, but if I change it first thing he wigs and then is in a dreadful mood for hours!  So I am tryin to avoid the issue if not imperative as along as he is only wet.  We use night night diapers and they are VERY absorbent :)

another shot of him watchin disney this am :)

he POSED for this :)  I LOVE IT :)  Still can't believe it that he has been home with me now as long as the orphanage! :)  I worry so much that I am not a good enough mama for him and that maybe he has fits sometimes because he remembers them and how they did things, or that he misse sthem and on and on, but he is such my little cuddler and I SOOOOO want to do and be the best I can for him.  Someone said to me recently they thought he was manipulative and had rad, was only attached for HIS purpose and had no compassion or empathy for us, just wanted us to fill his need.  Last night at church I was upset and had tears STREAMING down my face as I sought the Lord IN FAITH for the funds for Jeremiah to come home.  Noah is in my lap and all of a sudden I feel this little hand wiping my tears and open my eyes and he is cockin his head and lookin at me with the most sad and concerned face.  I look at him and say its ok baby and he breaks out in this HUGE grin!  To me, that baby was worried about me and sad I was sad!  I think he is attached.  Now, will I worry next week about it, probably, but I do NOT see RAD in my son. 

This is his things from the Library today :)  He got a sticker that said he got his library card today :)  The card is there and the back is where his name is.  The little one is for my keyring!  Is that not the coolest thing! and that is the little groundhog craft he made today during storytime :)

Here he is holding Mr. Groundhog :)

Showing Nanny Mr. Groundhog!

sittin in the big chair!  He is sooo into climbing in the chairs, he pushes them all over the room!

lookin at our Mr. Groundhog!

January 31st is the final day of our Barefoot books fundraiser!  If you have not gone and looked please do.  Some of the sale prices are like $2.99!!  Not bad and the books are great.  All kinds even multicultural, educational, cds, games etc. 

Please keep Jeremiah in your prayers and pray for us this weekend.  We have a spot at a craft show, yes I know the last one did NOT go well, but this one is less to get in and we have ALL DONATED items to sell so other than the spot no costs to us.  Even if we dont sell alot we have postcards and business cards we got free from Vista Printing to give out.  If 1 person keeps that card and later come to the blog and doantes, or shares with someone who gives grants or something then it could be huge.  But whatever we do or dont we are just hopin to have fun and be thankful for whatever God chooses for us to get :)  Please cotinue to pray for our Show Hope grant we have not heard back from and a possible adoption loan opportunity. 

Jeremiah my sweet frogie boy!  HOLD on baby!  we are coming as quick as we can.  God is helping us move the mountain and we will be there!  Until then, catch my kisses in the wind baby boy!

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lorabelle said...

Happy Happy Day! Love it that you are seeing more and more of Noah's personality. I love it that you are able to catch more of it in pictures and video to share too, because it allows Allie and I to see more of him. Isn't funny how quickly some are to point their finger and assume the worst...I personally don't think Noah has RAD either Tami...
I'm thrilled to hear that he doesn't have Fragile X. That is wonderful news!!!
He looks so content laying there on the sofa sleeping. I wonder if you offered that up as a napping spot if he'd take you up on it?

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The FIRST Picture we EVER saw!
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