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Saturday, March 20, 2010

BEDS! Big Boy...MAYBE :)

 Noah has basically been co sleeping with us since we brought him home from Taiwan. he as never done well with  being away from me at night.  BUT lately especially nobody is getting any sleep and I am not really sure why but it as me worried about him and I am EXAUSTED!  At nap time he has been sleeping in daddy's recliner or on te loveseat with me in room but not on top of me, so I thought maybe I would try to move him to a bed in our room. his crib has always been in our bedroom though rarely used.  So as I was thinking about this I thought maybe if we made a BIG deal about a big boy bed he would get into the idea.  Sooo, I took the side off the crib.  that has always been the plan when he was big enough and this way if he wakes up he can get out and come to me in my bed if need be.  Soo, we did that on thursday.  As you can see Noah was quite excited about it :)

Everyone in the house had to be drug by Noah to come see his big boy bed!  :)  It was absolutely adorable :)  

So Thursday Night after he fell asleep on me in living room in my recliner I laid him in his bed!

I ad my computer Chair next to it so he would not roll out.  The rail that we have that goes on a regular bed was too big to work.  So Noah slept in his bed for maybe 30 minutes before we hear the screaming.  So I am laying in bed and Bobby and I are telling him, Noah its ok sweetie we are right here.  Well, screaming got worse so we told him to come here and I loved on him and he climbed up and slept with us.  Same exact thing last night.  I am hoping it will get better.  I dont get why he will sleep in living room for 3 hours at nap and I ave to wake im but not at night.  My goal is not necessarily for him to sleep in own bed as much as everyone to actually get sleep.  It may not matter, it may just be Noah.

Be sure and keep and eye on our Auction 4 Jeremiah TWO!  It is going well, and new stuff is being added as folks donate!  I just put up a God's Word for Girls Bible!  It as no bids so far!  If you ave someting you would like to donate please let me know :)  to see the highest bids please click te button on te sidebar tat will take you to te main auction site!

I am tryin to get aold of my friend Amanda to make me a grab tis button for Auction 4 Jeremia TWO! :)

I am going nuts waiting on travel dates so we know te exact date we need to be tere!  Also we ave not ad pics or updates since January 26t pictures!  I sooo ace to see and ear someting new! :)  

Speaking of NEW.  Jeremia will ave a BRAND NEW CRIB to come ome too :)  My friend Brooke was giving me er old Baby crib and it was in te recent recall.  Sooo, se sent back wat you were suppose to and got a voucer to get a new crib and used tat to buy a new crib tat se is still giving to us for Jeremia!  Wat do you tink????

I can't wait till it is ere and put togeter wit all our frogie bedding on it :)  It wont arrive to my friend for about 7 days and se is in Baton Rouge so we ave to wait till se is traveling up ere to get it from er.  But it is gonna be great :)  Looks lik eit will be very sturdy for Jeremia to use for a long time :)

Do you Mary Kay?  Know someone who does?  My friend Kimberly started a fundraiser for Jeremia!  From now till April 1st se will give 30 percent of ALL sales to Jeremia!  So PLEASE if you are anyone you know ever buys Mary Kay buy from er and please tell everybody you know! :)  ere is er site :)

Jeremiah my sweet sweet Frogie Boy!  Mama, Daddy, GeGe (Noah,0. and Jei Jei (Celeste) all love you sooo much and can't wait for te judge to say come get your boy! :)  hang on tight little man, time is drawing near.  Until ten catch my kisses in te wind!


The Family K. said...

Wonderful news about the new crib. How kind of your friend!

So sorry that sleep has been rough for everyone. I hope Noah gets the hang of his new sleeping arrangements quickly. Tired mama + tired toddler is not a good combination. Hang in there.

Are These Kids All Yours? said...

Love the crib :) Can't wait until there is a cutie pie in there!!!!!!

lorabelle said...

Hooray for Noah! Look who is a big boy now!!! He'll get used it, give it a little time...

You might show him Allie's big girl bed. I think I have a post from a few months ago and I have the latest one with Hannah and Allie jumping together from just a couple weeks back. Maybe that would help?

That is so nice of your friend to help you out with a new crib! I love good friends!

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