Not flesh of my flesh, nor bone of my bone; but, still miraculously, my own.
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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Tiny Town Playplace or Gym??? and Auction Ends and Chicken Spaghetti

We had a playdate today at Tiny Town!  This is a 2 story playplace at a big Church and it is free to the public a couple hours at a time a couple days a week!  :)  So Noah, Celeste and I headed to the playdate today and I climbed up in this thing a bit.  NOT as much as Noah wanted or I would have liked.  When I got to the part that was like a rope floor I was scared my big self would bust it so I would not go any further in.  NOAH was not happy with me :(  maybe someday I can go further!  Anyway I made this collage of some of the pics that were taken today at Tiny Town :)  Hope you enjoy :)

And I wanted to say thank you to all who bid in our Auction whether you won or not because you were willing to help us out! :)  I have been contacting all the winning bidders today and am waiting on some to contact me back and work out paying their bid and getting them connected with the donators! :)  I will post on the fundraising blog and here about the winners as soon as I get it all together and hear back from everyone :)  I will let you know that we will have another auction.  I have had several things donated already for another auction including premier jewlry, Chinese Translation service, Stationary gift sets, and I will have quite a few sets of Pampered Chef items to bid on as well :) 

Please be in prayer for me tomorow and Thursday as I prepare and all for our Chicken Spaghetti Plate Sale Thursday!  We have sold 57 Plates so far!  I am hoping for a few more plates and my neice is probably going to buy some for her family.  This first sale may not raise alot of money because we had quite a few upfront things that we won't have to buy every week that all had to be bought this week as we start up.  Some will last one more week, some will last for several sales! :)  Anyway, ANYTHING is more than we have now! :)  EVERY PENNY HELPS!  For those curious in what we are doing it is Chicken Spaghetti, Italian Green Beans, a roll and a brownie for $5 per plate, or $7 if they want an extra large serving.

Jeremiah my sweet frogie boy!  Jesus has been moving mountains to help us get to you angel!  I can't wait till we have all the funds and we have our travel date and are boarding that plane I am SOOO terrified of to come and get you!  :)  Your auction seems to have done really well sweetie on top of the grant yesterday! :)  I just know that the judge is gonna sign our first decree soon and we will be coming to get you before you know it.  Daddy and I pray for you daily sweet little man and we have so many hopes and dreams for our future together :)  Last night we were talking about what it is going to be like to have 2 little squirmy boys to play and tickle! :)  I can't wait to smell your scent that is totally your own and snuggle you close my sweet frogie boy! :)  I found out today that a lady is making some wraps for us baby!  So that Mommy can wear you in several ways and have you close to me as we get to know each other!  It is gonna be so wonderful sweet man! It is the middle of the night here and it is afternoon where you are my sweetie and I am thinking you are probably having your nap.  As you do catch my kisses in the wind!   I LOVE YOU JEREMIAH!


Ruth said...

That play area looks like tons of fun! Wish we had something so cool close by. And it's free? How cool is that! Also wish we were closer to buy your plate dinners. It's a great price & I am sure the food is delicious!

The Family K. said...

Awesome play area. It looks like Noah had a blast.

Mmm... me still want chicken spaghetti...

lorabelle said...

Noah is growing again! He's changing so much... Love the new pictures and seeing him have so much fun! Remember the first time you took him to one of those things and he freaked? Now he's so brave!
Hope that your fundraising lunch went well. Chicken Spaghetti sounds great!

Congratulations on getting the grant, btw! You are getting SO close now!!! So Happy for you guys!

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The FIRST Picture we EVER saw!
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