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Friday, May 14, 2010

By the Hardest...FAMILY PICS!!!!

So we were blessed with Family Pics today by a friend who sent us money specifically for the purpose of getting a picture of The Family Four!  Our first, last and only professional photo since Noah came home!  Part of the reason we have not done so sooner is NOAH and how he can be difficult!  LOL  Part was money.  Well, money for the package was taken care of by our friend who recommended Portrait Innovations :)  and then we were able to get the cd because of another generous person!  We are quite blessed and I think in years to come it will mean alot to Noah to have these pictures!  I feel so bad we never did it before and I never got 2 year old pics of him done.  They wanted to do a 3 year picture with a number block but he would not cooperate.  The photographer we got was not to be honest very good with kiddos and you add that to Noah and already and her trying to put him where she wanted him in her little set idea of a family photo and it was tears and no fun!  But finally she went and got 2 other photographers, leave it to us to need THREE photographers at one time trying to get Noah to take a good picture!  LOL  I will NEVER forget this photo shoot!  lol  I really liked one of them and have said we will bring the boys in after Jeremiah is home and get some shots with her.  She finally through acrabatics and all kinds of such got us The Family Four Official Family Photo!  The package came with a 10 x 13 so as soon as I can get a frame for it it will be up on the Mantle!  It is neat that you get your actual pics that day!  So without further ado I present to you...


So, what do you think???

And some other shots made! :)

love this :)

THIS ONE is priceless! :) well, aren't they all :)

He was wanting to go bye bye

you can see he wants to be upset but extra 2 photographers are starting to get to him

lets climb up mama!


I am so blessed!

He was so scared

These pics were so hard to get, they kept wanting pics of him alone, well he wanted me, so they put me in a chair, and had me put him on the front of my lap and then put a black cape over my arms and hands, I am holding him!  In some of them on the side you can see a bit of my hair that fell into picture! 

Please keep praying for fundraisers :) We are still bare minimum of $1500 away from what we need for our trip.  We leave 3 weeks from today!!!!  Please pray for our $5 fundraiser and if you or anyone you know can spare $5 please go to our JEREMIAH'S 100 GOOD WISHES SITE and leave a good wish and a few dollars :)  EVERY PENNY HELPS!!!!!!!!!!!!  Also, if you are into Pillowcase Dresses for your little girls then my friend at Soldier Girl Creations has offered $10 for every dress she sells to Jeremiah and 15 percent of any other sales!  These dresses are so sweet :)  This is the one she donated to our craft sale so you have an idea of what they are like :)


Jeremiah my angel boy! We love you sweet man!  I can't wait till you are home and we have a family picture with you in it too!  Hang on tight little man, we are coming soon!  WE LOVE YOU SOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!  Catch my kisses in the wind sweetie! :)



The Family K. said...

How sweet of the two people who helped you get those pictures done. I like the one of you and Noah. I know what you mean about trying to get a good family photo. That's why the four of us still haven't gotten one done. The wiggly kids are a big factor, but Craig and I also have our issues. If our eyes aren't closed, we have 9 chins or dorky expressions. We just can't win.

lorabelle said...

The pictures turned out great. I really like the one that you chose for your family shot, but I think the ones that I like the best are of Noah standing up with one arm reaching up around you and the other around his big sister! That smile is just priceless!
That was really nice of your friend to arrange this for you:)

schoolmother said...

The family pictures are great and I love the one of just you and Noah, too. So precious. I know God will bring to completion what He has started.

Talley Images said...

I hope you will reconsider getting the Family Five pics done here... and instead let me do them when you come to MS... :)

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