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Friday, May 7, 2010


So, I am OVERWHELMED here!  Overwhelmed with getting house ready for Jeremiah, everything ready for the trip, still fundraising left and right, and and and.  I am STRESSING but TRYING not too!  I am worrying about packing and how to do it and what carryons are ok and and and.

Soo basically, If you have travled to Taiwan for Adoption, if you have traveled anywhere for Adoption for that matter if you travel period PLEASE send me your advise!

The way our flights worked we are taking a separate domestic flight that is NOT connected to our International flight, the only big issue with doing it that way is PRAYING we can make the connection and all, and Baggage.  We have to pay $25 EACH WAY PER BAG!  I am like whatever gets checked needs to be the maximum 50 lbs weight so if we are paying it is worth it!  It is freaking me out, how much is it gonna cost.  So my resolve is to get as much in the carryons for each of us as I possibly can, BUT Eva only allows 15 lbs per carryon!  plus a personal item each and I have no clue how big that can be but being in economy this time and not economy plus I worry there won't be room and I know the site says it has to fit in the bin or under seat.  Last  time we took bags that were called carryon and had a handle with wheels.  There was a way to connect them then to our big suitcases and so we were able to wheel where we went, but once added Noah and the stroller it was much harder.  This time we add Jeremiah and Noah and a double stroller so we are really going to need wheels.  BUT I worry about how much I can get in there for the weight with the wheels and bar and all.  And last time on the first flight they almost made us check the carryon, but this time we ar ento traveling from our town, but driving to Dallas and starting there.  that might help as for the complaints.  can you tell last time was my FIRST and only flight experience!

I am not sure why I am posting other than hopes yall will have some advise for me that will help and make it all less scary, or maybe at least not feel alone in it all!  LOL

Lots to get done so I best scoot.  Sends me your amazing words of wisdom!  And while you are at it any taiwan specific tips for Taipei and Tainan would be great too :)

In the midst of it all...My beautiful amazing almost 22 year old daughter graduates May 14th as a Phlebotomist!  She has already passed her National Board Exam to be certified!  I am soo proud of her! :)


Robin said...

Hang in there Tammi! I remember this time being the MOST stressful time. If you have 3 big people and 1 little person you should be able to get alot into 4 big suitecases. Can you do laundry? If so that helps. Can you get the majority of your outfits to go with 1 pair of shoes? That helps with the weight. I am pretty sure it is 1 carry on and a personal bag(pocketbook). Use a BIG bag as your personal pocketbook/backpack to spread out your stuff. Those great shirts you are going to wear should get you some good will! Just breathe Tammi. You are coming sown the home stretch.

Shirley H. said...

The hotel should provide washing machine and dryer.. Maybe you can check with the hotel? So that you can pack lesser clothes and do laundry there.. Like what i did when i went Taiwan for 14 days.. Even the hotel doesnt have both.. You can ask whether the nearby has any laundry shop where you can do laundry yourself (what i did as the hotels i stayed dont have any).. =)

Other than that.. Try rolling your clothes than folding them.. It really save room.. Here is the link to show you how to roll your clothes..

For me other than rolling the clothes i also put them in ziplocks! (To save even more room)

Chris and Jen said... posted a comment on our fundraising blog awhile back, and I was checking in to see how things are going. So exciting that you are traveling soon! We traveled to China in 2007 to adopt our youngest and are going back at the end of the year for our son. Definitely pack light and plan on doing laundry while you're there. Laundry there is good and quick and cheap, even if you use a shop...many of the touristy shops will do it for you. The last thing you want to worry about are huge heavy bags to deal with at airport with two kids in tow! You'll be grateful you packed light...and if you forget anything, can buy most things very cheap there. In China they had Walmarts, 7-11's etc. relatively closeby. Only exception to this rule is MEDICINES. Plan on bringing your entire medicine cabinet as even OTC meds are hard to come by there. Be sure to get an antibiotic for everyone from your MD. Ask for Zythromax as it does not need to be refrigerated. Ask for them to leave in powder form and then you can reconstitute with bottled water if/when you need it. SO glad we did this since our daughter was placed into our arms with a raging fever/sinus infection and no western doctors to take her. Pack a packback for everyone as carryon with everything you need for 1 day (change of clothes, meds, toothbrush,etc) in case of lost luggage. Don't worry about packing diapers as at least in China the disposable ones are pretty good....might want to pack a few US diapers for plane ride back as they are more absorbant. Feel free to email me privately if you want more info. Hang in there...soon all the craziness will be well worth it!

Talley Images said...

So glad you asked this b/c I was wondering too... hold on, you are almost there!

(oh, and Kosciusko is only about 2 hours away... :) )

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