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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sharing and paying forward

So we leave in 7 days to go get Jeremiah!!  I am beside myself with excitement, nervousness (flight and other), and frenzy of getting ready, trying to figure out what to take, how to pack it etc. and what on earth to do with our furkids!  In the midst of it all I am standing totally amazed at all God has done to help us bring Jeremiah home!!!  When I think about what the LORD has done for me, for Jeremiah, for our entire family I am overwhelmed with gratitude and emotion!!!  Then I think about so many other children still waiting and I know that we have to pray, we have to help and we have to pray.  Bobby and I have know for a long time, even before Noah that the Lord was calling us to orphan and adoption ministry, not just in our home which yes He has done that and we know that He called us to our boys and to be willing to open our home to whatever children He sends us, but also to orphans and adoptive families around the world.  We know we will have a Ministry and from that ministry we hope to have 2 grants a quarter eventually that we seek funds for and then award to adoptive families.  The future of our Ministry/foundation is getting closer and closer.  The prayer is to gain 501 c 3 status and be able to take tax deductible donations and such.  Well, for now we are not there, but we feel we are to still be involved in orphan and adoption ministry in a concrete way and we have been for years but its time to step that up a bit.  There is a little 7 month old baby boy waiting at an orphanage in Taiwan with Down Syndrome that I have been somewhat advocating for over the past few months.  I want this little guy to have a family!  Our family is open to Down Syndrome and feels the day may come when God sends us a child with Down Syndrome but the timing is not now, now is for Jeremiah to come home and for Noah and Jeremiah to have our attention and love and help to meld more into a family all together.  So we know he is not for us, but we are responsible to continue to advocate for him as much as we can.  I ask that you help spread his picture around to anyone you know that is wanting to adopt :)  He is one handsome fellow :)
I have begun a chip-in for this little guy and it goes directly to a fund that will be a grant through Reeces Rainbow for the family that ends up adopting him.  All donations to that fund will be tax deductible so if you do donate to his chip-in make sure you put your email address so those running Reeces Rainbow may get you a tax receipt.

If you would like to see his family support page on Reeces Rainbow's Site and read more about him you can go HERE!  He is close to the bottom of the page and has been given the name TYLER on there.  He is with HEARTSENT ADOPTIONS  BOTH of our adoptions have been through Heartsent and they have been heartsent to us :)  Totally amazing to work with and just have loved us through it all :)    PLease be praying for Tyler and the family taht has yet to find him and please spread the word about him and if you have a dollar or two you can spare please invest in the life of a child.  His fund is for him, it goes with him to whatever family adopts him, it is in no way connnected to Jeremiah or us.  The paypal address it is connected to is Reeces Rainbows.  Just making sure yall understand and all.

Now , back to our journey :)  PLEASE pray for me as I am physically getting ill at the thought of the planes!  I SO need to let this fear go but it just overtakes me.  I told Celeste early I dont want to die or any of us to die and it is real possibility in a plane BUT I HAVE to trust God!  I remember last time getting on the plane and looking down that first tiny plane and feeling like I was looking down the center of a pencil and telling Bobby I can't do this, and he turned me around pushed me and said NOAH!  Well, this time its JEREMIAH!  For the love of our kids :)  What a mama will do !

Jeremiah my sweet!  We are boucning up and down with excitement that we can come and get you so soon!  It almost time baby boy!!!!  HOLD ON TIGHT and enjoy your last days there and I pray in some way the Lord prepares your little heart for all that is to come and in some way you might not be scared.  I wish there was some way I could let you know how much we love you and that we will do everything in our power to give you the best life we possibly can!  We are coming Jeremiah, until then catch my kisses in the wind!


NachalaDenise said...

You know I met someone also terrified of airplanes. When they adopted the husband had to travel by hisself to pickup their litte boy. Everyone has their own fears, mine is crowds. :oO

NachalaDenise said...

My prayers are there, just close your eyes on lift off :o) Focus on the little guy, you'll do great, God is There under the wings to guide you there :o)

Mel said...

what a cute little peanut - i so wished we could right now and you know i would :-(
he's been on my prayer list for quite a while now and i hope and pray that very very SOON that precious little pumpkin will find his home.

i'm so so so excited for you and your upcoming travel to bring bigJ home. i hear ya about the plane rides - i loathe flying and am usually pretty drugged up when we go. still on bumpy occasions i cry on my hubby's shoulder and throw up every once in a while......take your bible on the plane, that always helped me as well to calm my nerves.

let me know when somebody commits for tyler - i'd love to follow his journey (if his adoptive parents have a blog or something).


Dawn said...

Okay, here is what you tell yourself with each step you take on to the plane as as you are flying... YOU ARE NOW IN THE CENTER OF GOD'S WILL FOR YOUR LIFE! YOU COULD WALK THROUGH FIRE TO GET THAT BOY AND BE FINE! Trust me on this... Be Brave Be strong the Lord thy God is with you. Sing it to your self. And Angels will fly under that machine and keep in in the air... there you go now you are fine! Enjoy your boy mama!

momwithfaithandhope said...

Praying for no flight fears for you my friend, and can NOT wait to see you holding your son!

Thanks for advocating for that adorable peanut. Praying his family finds him soon!

sunflowermom said...

I SO understand the fear of flying!!! Praying for you to feel God's peace and love as you go get this little son of yours!

soontobemomof9 said...

Can't wait to see him home!!! You will be covered in prayer my friend! I LOVE to fly, so I dont' know what its like... but I can imagine!

Little Tyler... if the time was right, and my children didnt' number over 5... what a cutie pie!!!

The Family K. said...

What wonderful, rare hearts you and Bobby have to advocate for orphans with special needs. I pray the Lord will bless your efforts abundantly.

This time, you'll have Noah in your lap and Jeremiah coming home, so who knows how much time you'll actually have to get worried about flying...

Sandra & Steve said...

Not a huge fan of flying myself but like you said you do what you have to do! So happy you got your funds, so nice to see you paying it forward, just thrilled for you that you will hold your newest son soon.

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The FIRST Picture we EVER saw!
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