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Sunday, June 13, 2010

He is very rigid and that makes it hard to hold him sometimes and that makes me sad. I mean i hold him and all but it mkes it hard to snuggle at tomes. My biggest wiorry is bonding! I never realized how much gazing into Noah's eyes when I gave him the bottle meant to me and how it helped our bonding! Jeremiah does not make eye contct and if docs are right he does not see me at all. That makes me sad. We will learn to help be his eyes, but for bonding that won't help.none thing that incresed my bond to jeremiah was when on our last day in
Taiwan and he finally passed a bm and the pain was so bad that as he was crying he literally stopped breathing and turned blue! Celeste and I were ream


Lou said...

Hang in there! Two of my adopted girls have been blind, and two of my kids have CP. Jeremiah may not be able to see you but he can FEEL you. I'm here, you can email me if you have any specific questions. My gmail is and it goes straight to my cell phone. Congratulations on your beautiful new son!! Please get some rest, you must be exhausted!!! BIG HUGS!!!

Denise said...

My son Landen is legally blind.Touch is wonderful to help with Bonding.With him being rigid the massages would help with both bonding and the rigidness.Hang in there.. Jeremiah will bond and be very much a mamas boy.

Annie said...

Hi Tami,
What Denise said is so true! Your holding him and rocking, feeding, etc is a bonding experience for him. He is probably more sensitive than he appears. He will know your touch and your voice and your scent. The massage idea is great. You doing a great job, Tami. Prayers your way!

Carissa said...

Like the others have said, there is so much more to bonding than sight! He'll learn your smell, your voice, even your heartbeat when you hold him close. Sing to him and love on him. Take his hand and put it on your face so he can see you with his hands. Put your cheek on his and whisper in his ear.

Have you considered a baby massage class? Such a great bonding tool and it will help with the CP, too. There are techniques specific to kids with CP to help with the rigidity, to help them be more comfortable and to train their muscles to relax.

Once you two get to know each other a little more, things will get easier for both of you.

Remember, he can sense your stress and he'ss tense up in response, too. Try to relax and get some rest. Trust me, I know that's a lot easier said than done with such a sickly little one, but I will pray for rest and peace for you. Music might help both of you, too.

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