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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

hell from Taipei!!!! LONG BUT GOOD!

hello from Taipei :)  I am on my laptop without the external keyboard so unless I cut and paste h I do not ave it.  Well, it as taken me forever to get a cance to post so I will ave to post wit no h for te most part or tis may never make it up ere!  lol  First of all ere is a video of part of te news conference/Going away party tat St. Lucy Center (Te orpanage) did for us.  In tis video tey are singing to Jeremia and us :)

I ave so wanted to get on and sare and sare about our Gotca day experience and more.  We are dealing wit illness now of everyone except Daddy so oter tan snippets ere and tere from my pone I ave not been able to get on muc.  I tink yesterday was te first day in ISTORY I did not get on te computer at all even for a second!  course I sent an update to facebook by pone but for e tat is weird.  Anyway to gotca day

It was so amazing to go back to SLC!  We felt rigt at ome te minute we got out of te taxi!  Wic tougt we allowed so muc extra time made it rigt tere really quick and we were an our early!  LOL  were going to wait outside and Jessica came out to us aving a fit to see Noa! :)  Se was like its fine its fine and took us on up to ter room wit te famous green couc! :)  eeee   It was so wonderful to be back and it was really funny because as we walked in Noa let go of my and and ran into te room! like e remembered it or sometin!  We spent some time wit folks coming in and out to see Noa!  Tey were trilled to see im! :)  Mei Cun t etranslator arrived and ten Sister Terese arrived!  Se is like te ead of Good Seperd sisters tat is over St. Lucy's!  Se is amazing!!!!  ILOVE er to deat!  Se visited wit us on and off at lengt trougout te day.  I will say se as a bigger eart for orpans tan any woman I ave ever met!  Se said tat se and I sared te same eart!  I would agree wit tat! :)    It was wonderful.  Anyway, in just a bit Celeste says, Mommy I saw a lady walk by and saw a flas of green, I tink e may be coming!  Now tis is still early so we were not sure but got ready in case and ten all of a sudden in te door tey came wit im!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  My eart stood still upon sigt!  Spring Peac brougt im in and immediatly flipped over NOA :)  Se  got down to see im and sow im is broter :)  All te nannies were amazing to Noa and I can so see ow muc e and Jeremia bot were loved tere :)  Actually tourout te day volunteers and oters came for te express purpose to tell Jeremia bye or to see Noa cuz tey eard e would be tere! :)  It was awesome!  Tey gave Jeremia to Bobby first because Noa got a bit nervous and wanted me to old im and so once I picked im up spring peac laid Jeremia in Bobby's arms!  e was socked! :)  it was so sweet!  e ten put im in my arms!  My sweet angel is sooo rigid :(  My eart broke te minute I touced im but I know tat we can work ard to relax tose muscles some :)  Anyway it was amazing te entire time and after a bit Sister exused erself to give us time wit im ourselves and said se would see us later!  at one point te door opens and in walks a lady wo used to come and play wit Noa and se walks in, calls is cinese name and e turns and RUNS INTO ER ARMS!  I was FLOORED!  We ave tried using is cinese name on and off and e does not resond, and oters ad used it tat day and noting, but tis woman comes in and tat append!  Bobby tins someting subconsicouly remembrerd er!  AFter te intial ug and all e was more reserved wit er!  it was interesting.  

Anyway, we ad been told tat tere were be reporters and after getting tere we were told tat a party was planned as well.  WE ad NO CLUE wat we were in store for.  Tey take us over to te meeting room and tere are TONS of reporters, camera's, video camera's and oter people.  It was wild!  Tey ad us sit a bit and te owner of St. Lucy spoke to reporters and ten staff sang to Jeremia and a video was played for reporters wic I am uploading on one true mdia now and will put up soon.  ten tey put us in cairs across te front and asked me to sare about adoption and our eart and ow we came to want Jeremia and suc!  I tougt I would die!  LOL  but once I opened my mout it went fine!  We were able to sare all God as done :)  It was suc an amazing time of blessing.  After I talked bobby did a bit and ten tey asked questions and suc.  Ten it was just party time :)  students from medical scool came to meet and tank us and say buy to Jeremia, all te nannies were tere ( I kept wondering WO was watcing t ebabies!  LOL  I guess oter volunteers!  We met so many volunteers tat elped wit Jeremia and loved im and everyone was so sweet.  We were given gifts from Sister, and from so many of te volunteers  and all.  I still dont get tere, tey gave us te biggest gift on te planet wen tey gave us Jeremia!  but tey were giving more gifts???  Dont get tat!  We were blessed beyond imagination!!!  My eart for St. Lucy Center grew more and more te longer we were tere! And not just because tey were giving us gifts and being so amazing to us , but just getting to know tem and tere eart more and more!  Tey are angels of God!!  I told tem I know we will be back someday!  I just knew in my eart we would be!  I ave no clue wen, wy or ow.  I dont know if it will be anoter adoption or a visit but I just know it.  

Tere is sos muc more I could sare about te day but I worry for going so long and I need to sare about te next day too so I will go on.  Te next morning Jessica came in a van from St. Lucy's and picked us up and we went to te ospital to meet Jeremia's doctor.  e spoke very good englis and we were able to talk to im and learn many more details about Jeremia.  Also we were able to get a prescription for a rescue ting on te off cance Jeremia as a prolonged seizure on te airplane!  It is like a rectal suppository ting and it is suppose to stop it.  tat is neat to ave so I dont worry as muc.  Te news from te doctor was grim and sad.  We knew tat Jeremia ad "Severe Cerebral Palsy and Visaul Dysfunction" but did not know exactly wat all tat would mean.  According to Jeremia's doctor Jeremia is as bad as it gets.  e is totally blind (toug we TINK e is seeing some ligt, but doc says e can't) and we now know is type of cp.  e as "Spastic Quadriplegic level 4 Cerebral Palsy, As bad as it gets)  e as Seizures, e is blind from brain damage,   e as severe ypertonia over truck and all 4 limbs.  We love tis baby no matter wat.  Tsi doctor basically does not ting Jeremia will ever walk, talk, or ave any self care of any kind.  I ave cried my eyes out over tis, NOT because I will not love im even if ta tis wat appens, but because I so ace for im and wat e may miss.  I found myself yesterday just staring at im and bawling and bawling.  Now, I am a woman of fait and I KNOW MY GOD is ABLE to eal Jeremia completely if tat is wat God cooses to do, I also know tat God's ways are perfect and unknown to me.  It may be God can use Jeremia more for te kindgom witout totally earling im.  I dont know.  I DO know tat God allowed Jeremia to be born and to live wen by medical science e sould not ave.  I KNOW God as a purpose for Jeremia!  I just need to elp Jeremia be te best e can be and find it!  I am at suc a loss of ow to play wit im, ow to include im.  I am doing all I can at tis point and praying alot.  I want im to ave enjoyement in life.  My eart urts for im so.  Jeremia's developmental testing ave im on one as a 3 mont old and anoter as a 1 and alf mont old.  Not sure wic is wic but basically e is like a newborn in a 2 year olds body and a small one at tat!  e is tiny!  Te size 2 diapers I brougt swallow im.  Te tabs over lap completely!  Te 12 monts clotes are all big on im :)  I am pretty sure 9 mont clotes will fit im, not positive but it looks tat way.  e is LONG toug and as big feet :)  lol ere are a few pics for yall :)  I will try to get on tonigt and post some more but I am pusing it tis long.  I am soo incredibly appy to ave my baby boy finally! :)  Noa loves im to deat and is a GREAT big broter!  Please keep our sickness in prayer.  Enjoy te pics

After bat :)  first nigt :)  in t ematcing jammas :)

Jei Jei and er "lovey"

Panda Boy and Frogie boy :)  

Ready for AIT!


Ruth said...

It has been so wonderful to follow your progress and see you all FINALLY together! I'm sorry to hear the medical news, but as you say, God has a plan and I am sure you will all figure it out as you go along. I will keep praying for all of you. Jeremiah is a blessing in your life to be sure, but I am sure being in your family will be a huge blessing to him as well. Enjoy the rest of your journey home!

lorabelle said...

I'm laughing right now because I know that you didn't mean to title your post like you did and I'm imagining how freaked out you right now when you discover that you've typed "hell from Taipei" hee hee hee!

It sounds like you've had such a busy and wonderful time at SLC. I love hearing about Noah feeling comfortable and perhaps remembering caregivers. I'm sure it was amazing to see...
The video of the ladies singing is very sweet and I love the pictures you posted! He is a tiny little guy.
I'm sorry that the doctors gave you the news they did, as I know that you were expecting better and holding out for more positive... I'm anxious for you to get him home and see what our doctors say... Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers and hoping that you are all feeling better today.

Sorry you guys got ill!
That does sound like hell from Taipei to me...Feel better soon!

soontobemomof9 said...

I love the pics!!! He looked bigger than what you described, but he is a skinny boy huh? is a fantastic intro to ideas for visually impaired children! You'll learn as you go, so will Jeremiah. I look at him and think the drs prediction is way to dire! Jeremiah is gonna surprise us all!!!

Sandra & Steve said...

Your baby boy is so beautiful. I love seeing the two brothers together. I am sorry the medical news was not better but I agree, see what you find out here and what strides you can make with him once he's home with his family. Your love will find a way to include him, in so many ways it already has!

Room for More said...

I just love seeing all of you together and all your BIG Smiles!

Tisra said...

I am thrilled to get more of a glimpse at what your Jeremiah trip has held. I believe that the enemy is trying to get you to respond in fear and with worry. What better time to push a faithful woman's buttons than when she is tired, and sick, and out of her comfort zone in a foreign land???? But when that is the case, the Body of Christ rises to battle with the Word as sword:

In response to the fear that Jeremiah may never see or walk or "enjoy life" the way you desire for him:

1 John 4:18 "There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear..."

2 Tim. 1:7 "For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and love and of a sound mind."

As affirmation that your sacrificial loving is what Christ commands:

Matthew 16:24 & 25 " Then Jesus said to his disciples, "If anyone desires to come after Me, let him deny himself and take up his cross, and follow Me. "For whoever desires to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake will find it.""

In your exhaustion, do not forget:

Isaiah 40:28
"Have you not known?
Have you not heard?
The everlasting God, the LORD, The Creator of the ends of the earth NEITHER FAINTS NOR IS WEARY. His Understanding is unsearchable. HE GIVES POWER TO THE WEAK, and to those who have no might He increases strength.
Even youths shall faint and be weary, and the young men shall utterly fall, but those who wait on the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall RUN AND NOT BE WEARY, they shall WALK AND NOT FAINT." (emphasis mine)

Tami and family, your adoption story yells at the top of its lungs that GOD IS FAITHFUL. The same God who brought you every cent of your required expenses will surely work out everything else for His glory. Keep your eyes on Him- nothing else matters- and He will be by your side. Love wholly, and peace will come.

Jill said...

He is so BEAUTIFUL! I love the way he looks lovingly into all of your eyes, even though he cannot visually see. He truly knows that you are there to love him. God Bless Jeremiah your family. I'm so glad you could all make the journey. I was worried when I read your post and you left the "o" out of hello. LOL. :)

June Berger said...

Bawling my eyes out for joy that he is finally with his forever family. How blessed I was to see the obvious love that Jeremiah's siblings have for him! They look at him so lovingly it is precious.

I'm sure you are grieving the "loss" of things that Jeremiah might never do, that is typical. But, I also know that you will pull yourself up and dust yourself off and get right back in the saddle. We are blessed in the US to have so many resources that can help Jeremiah. Of course, our best resource that we have as christians is Christ! Prayer and love will see miracles happen in your little guys life, no matter if he walks, talks or not, he will be used in a mighty way by God, you can count on that.

Praying you all feel better soon and that Bobby doesn't get sick. The pics are beautiful and the video was touching. Be blessed and enjoy the first few days with your little man.

Kat said...

Oh Tami! So beautiful to hear from you. I'm sorry to hear what the doctor feels is the medical outcome, but am so thankful that God is bigger than what the doctor feels. Thoughts and prayers my friend!

Annie said...

Tami, first of all, the typo in the title of your post gave me the giggles!
I am laughing and crying with you reading about Jeremiah's needs. You are right, God gave him a place on this earth for a reason, and Jeremiah is precious to God. A loving little being who will never offend God in his life. Simple and honest little guy. I also agree, God can make all things new. The same power that raised Christ from the dead is still available today and regenerate health in Jeremiah's little body. All things are possible, so we will pray for it all!
I loved Tisra's verses!
That was so cool how Noah seemed to recognize the voice of his former caregiver! The repoters wanting to hear about your love was really amazing too!

The Family K. said...

So many things to comment about, but let me just say how happy I am that you've reached this point, how amazed at the hand of God I am, and how excited I am to follow along in this new chapter of your lives. I'm thrilled that so many people in Taiwan got to hear of your heart for orphans with special needs. I can't think of a better person to testify to God's love for these precious children than you. Blessings on your travels back to the States.

momwithfaithandhope said...

Tami - Thank you for allowing us all to be a part of your journey to froggie boy! I absolutely love the photo of the boys sitting on your laps. I'm praying for your health, and for the transition. May you be at peace with what God has in store for your sweet baby boy! You are an amazing person to obey our Father and to bring your son home despite the challenges that lie ahead. No one said it would be easy, but it's so clear that he is a blessing, and He wanted you to be his Mama! Noah looks like he's enjoying his new role as big brother!!! Love the matching outfits!!! Are they going to get matching haircuts too???! LOL

Happymom4 aka Hope Anne said...

Oh the boys are SOOOO sweet together!!! Tami, if you ever want to talk to a Mom who had about a grim of Dx with their newly adopted child as you seem to have with Jeremiah, only to discover it wasn't so grim . . . get in touch with Scott and Kathy Rosenow at The Shepherd's Crook Ministries and ask them about their daughter. She is not ever going to be 100% or even close to it probably, but NO WHERE near what grim predictions were given initially. I so admire your faith and attitude--God has a plan and purpose for Jeremiah, no matter what his level of functioning! And I believe he WILL feel the love your family is going to pour on to him!

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