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Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Famiy Five...Summer 2010

So I made this video that is a glimpse into our summer.  It is nowhere near all the pictures we have taken but it is some.  It does include pictures made in the icu with Jeremiah.  They are the beginning of his testimony!  Yes, we got a horrible prognosis and I am so praying it is wrong and trying to Trust God and be ok with whatever happens, but boy do I feel like my heart has been ripped out.  It has been asked of me why we werent told , and even would we have adopted him if we knew.  We knew Jeremiah has severe cerebral Palsy and Visual Dysfunction.  We did not know to what degree or the type of cerebral palsy he had or if his vision was really bad or just a little.  We did have a few medical papers and of course pictures.  We did not take them to a doctor to be reviewed because it did not matter!!!  God GAVE Jeremiah to us!  No matter what he ever does or doesn't do it did not matter.  If Jeremiah lives to an old age or if he had not made it out of that Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, he is OUR SON and we will NEVER regret adopting him.  This prognosis is NOT what I expected, not what I wanted in any way.  And I pray God will use Jeremiah for a creative miracle.  I KNOW HE has used him already.  The pain I feel in my heart lately is not something I would have chosen, but it is more than worth it for the blessing of having my amazing Jeremiah in my life.  I am struggling alot with being sad for him, for the things in life I feel he is and will miss out on.  Right now my goal in life is to stimulate Jeremiah as much as possible.  To give him and Noah as amazing a childhood as I can.  No more living for someday I want to do this or that for the kids.  I don tknow how but we are GOING to do this and that.  Our first thing is saving up to go to Morgan's Wonderland Special Needs Amusement Park in San Antonio and stay a few days in a hotel!  Our goal is Early October!  Somehow, someway.  :)  Anyway, I just wanted to address the questions I am getting.  Yes, it hurts, Yes I am scared, yes I am sad, YES I am asking God why did this sweet angel have to go through all he has.  I am also praising God for every little thing Jeremiah is doing.  For a child with only a brain stem and part of his cerrebelum he is doing pretty good.  Smiling, cooing, laughing, drinking 6 oz bottles, eating from a spoon, and rolling over a couple times and sitting up in therapy a couple times!  I am so amazed by my angel boy.  And for a child that has "no visual center in his brain" he sure does react to light and shadow!  Anyway..the video is rather long but I hope you enjoy and please do share with me afterwards and PLEASE keep Jeremiah in prayer.  GOD IS ABLE!!!!!


Gwen said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I first heard about Jeremiah thru another Taiwan adoptive family.
You have a beautiful family, and we will keep Jeremiah in our prayers!

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Praying! I wanted to encourage you through some other blogs. I have NO idea what you are going through....but these wonderful families do- just brought home a little boy...similar prognosis.... just adopted a baby girl- same prognosis.....
I only want to give encouragement. I pray that you can possibly connect with them. They are living it.

ALWAYS PRAYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mona Hutchins said...

Such love in action is without measure and truly a blessing! Your video is inspirational and your family's dedication to your angel boy is so evident! Thank you for sharing with me your faith, love and wonderful example of Christ's love for us!

Christine said...

What a lovely video. I love when you sing "hey Jeremiah" to the boys. I also watched the dedication cideo at your church. Many blessings on your family.

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The FIRST Picture we EVER saw!
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The First Picture  we ever saw of:
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