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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Nannie beth and poppy meet Jeremiah !!

So today we took Jeremiah over to bobby's sister's house so Nannie beth and Poppy could meet him!! Jeremiah was in s great mood and it was a sweet time!! I had worried so about what they would think about him but he stole their hearts!!!

Yesterday we traveled to Monroe to have some testing done that the Neurologist ordered. It almost didn't happen because the nurse practicioner did not feel it was safe for her to do Jeremiah 's sedation and the doctor that needs to do it was pit of town. I said I would drive back 15 times if it would keep him safe!!  So then I thought we were going home but the EEG tech came in and said she thought she could papoose him and go ahead and do that test but they couldn't start for like an hour and half. So we rocked and waited and he slept.  Noah came in wanting mommy but kept screaming go bye bye! O think he thought they were keeping Jeremiah like last time. When they started the EEG I had to go out to Noah in playroom. It was suppose to take 45 minutes but an hour and 20 minutes later they came and got me. The EEG went fine but he was not doing well for ct scam cuz he was more awake, wiggly and fussy.  They told us to go to lunch and try and bring him back later. We met friends and had lunch and all and went back. This time I went in with him wide awake and I laid him down and held paci in his mouth and stroked his cheek and talked to him and he did great!!! The ct tech said bug difference from when they all tried earlier! She said he just wanted his mommy!! It appears so and I loved it!!! We go back to Monroe on 17th to see the neurologist and get results and his impressions. Home health nurse came today and he is 21 lbs 11 oz now!! He is doing so amazing!!  Noah is an amazing and loving big brother !!! I am shocked by how mature he us lately!!  He still has his extreme temper fits though I keep praying that we can get those better and someday stopped.  He us showing more and more signs of OCD but it is cute most if the time!! I am praying he will turn into one that wants to help clean and keep things neat!!

My laptop is broken where the charging cord connects so I can't charge it. I have some limited access on my phone though hard for me to see with my vision. I miss my computer and reading slot if blogs and feel so cut off. I am able to do Facebook on my phone though alot of it even can't be done on phone !! Thanks again to all who have prayed for jeremiahs health and of course that helped us get him home!!

To God be the glory, great things HE has done!!!!!!!! Sending this by the blessing of my phone!!!


Soozie4Him said...

Tami, I've been out of town for awhile and I just now thought to check and see how Jeremiah is doing and I'm just praising God all over the place that he's HOME!!!! You're right - to God be the glory! Great things HE HAS DONE in Jeremiah's life!

Will be praying for good news from the tests and improvement of Jeremiah's abilities as time goes by.

Hang in there girl, you're doing great!

moot96 AT aol DOT com

Kat said...

We continue to pray for Jeremiah!!! I hope I get to meet you all some day!!! Hugs my friend!

Room for More said...

No thanks necessary. It is an honor to pray for J and your entire family! KUP!

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The FIRST Picture we EVER saw!
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