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Friday, November 12, 2010

Hippotherapy possibility and some pics to share :)

So, we have a wonderful opportunity for Jeremiah and actually for that matter for Noah as well, though the NEED for Jeremiah is greater but both boys would benefit from it. Our Physical Therapist has given us information on Hippotherapy,,,Therapy using a horse. Jeremiah is soo much more alert and responsive using the horse so I am sooo praying it works out for him to do it :) The catch is it is not covered by insurance BUT it is Tax Deductible for someone to DONATE to the Therapy POST in Jeremiah's name to sponsor him! I was told to put the word out that it is TAX DEDUCTIBLE to sponsor him and to let all people and businesses know in case they would want to sponsor Jeremiah...soo I am getting the word out and PRAYING that someone/someone's will sponsor Jeremiah for Hippotherapy!
The money goes straight to the therapy and is TAX DEDUCTIBLE...If anyone wants or knows someone who would to sponsor Jeremiah for this therapy it is $85 for one session, $510 for 6 weeks and $1020 for 12 weeks. Checks can be sent to
Therapy POST
5414 Shasta Drive
Bossier City, LA 71112

Checks would be made out to Great Results Equine Assisted Therapies.
And please put a note that it is to sponsor Jeremiah Sisemore

Thank you so much for anyone that passes this along! Jeremiah sooo responds to horses! It is quite amazing! :)

No for some pics to share...

Today I was blessed with a treat!  It has been YEARS since I had my hair done!  Today I got a shampoo, condition, and a trim!  She took 2 and half inches off and then long layers,  It seems so short now to me!!!
the back

the front

Noah is very into Buddy (the panda) and Elmo.  They go to bed with us and all over the house and sometimes they take turns riding in the van too!

Noah on floor workin with me and Jeremiah in tummy time

kiss elmo

so handsome!!

I so have a hard time getting him to smile at camera

Noah watchin Paula Dean cook with mommy

lucked out on this one!!!

Jeremiah sitting on bolster at therapy

Jeremiah and Miss Lisa!

Jeremiah lovin lotion time!

Noah helpin with OT on Hallelujah day (oct, 31)

Please pray for us tomorow am!  We are trying family pics!!!!!


Robin said...

Love your haircut Tami!

Linnea said...

Aren't therapist a God send?! Where would we be without them. My son's name is Noah also and he has therapy 4x a week. The progress he has made is just remarkable. I love the pic of Jeremiah sitting on the ball. Good Job Buddy!

Be blessed

Annie said...

Your hair looks fabulous! Super cute pics of the Noah playing! What a precious pic of Jeremiah loving his lotion time, you can see he really is so happy!

love3bug said...

Go to the website
then click;
Our Program
Similar Ministries
They are non-profit ministries that you could take your son to for free. Hopefully there is one in your state nearby. My mom has a ranch in MO. Son Valley Youth Ranch. My daughter loves it, she does not want a saddle she likes to lay on the horse bear back and just hug them. Blessings

Missy said...

Hi, Tami! I wanted to mention that Erik gets his hippotherapy totally funded. First, our insurance is billed as straight outpatient PT, and the co-pay is covered by the Down's Association. I know that Jer does't have Down's, but maybe the CP association that you have would cover it? Also, if you can't get help with this hippo place, is there another place? Some are more generous than others (ours even waived her co-pay when my other son had hippo (he quit after a month, however).

Just some ideas for you!


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