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Thursday, April 7, 2011


I am in tears and beyond upset.  I am trying despretly to calm myself down here.  Today I took my sweet baby Jeremiah to see a Pediatric GI Spectialist at a local hospital that I HATE.  It was against my better judgment but being there are only 2 Pediatric GI drs in town and one is at the place and the other I have been warned against :(  I was a nervous wreck going to this place but NEVER dreamed it would be like this :(
This dr was a very old man. He seemed very confused to begin with and the WORSE PART IS He hurt my baby boy :(  He shoved his finger up his  behind hard!!! Miah cried and turned blue and the dr. just kept talking. He shoved it in hard! :( He said he was doing a rectal exam but he did not LOOK at Miah in the face or for that matter at his but.  He just shoved it in there and jerked him as he did.  I was SHOCKED and HORRIFIED.  I still can't believe this happened.  He assaulted my baby. :(  He acted like he was meat and not a baby. Kept talkin  about place here called holy angels that children with disabilities use to live at and would say "the downs" and "ones like him" and such  like they were things not people.  I am beyond upset, mad, scared, sad, and just a wreck :(  I am trying to find out HOW to report him and plan to let every person I know or ever meet here with children with special needs know he does NOT value children that are not perfect ;(  I am shaking I am so upset.  I am SOOO ANGRY at myself for taking my baby there and for not beating the old goat up when he hurt my baby.  I have been literally physically ill thinking about this since home.  Jeremiah has been VERY JUMPY every since this happened :(  He was very alert and smiliy earlier today adn now he jusut seems to have shut down :(   I am at a loss as to what to do about my son getting proper care :(  and how to go about reporting this horrific dr. :(  PLEASSE keep us all in prayer


Shannon said...

Oh my friend.... my heart hurts for you and for your beyond precious little boy. I am praying that the Lord will speak to and heal the parts of Jeremiah's heart that have been damaged by this abuse. Please do get the word out so no other person is harmed! We had an experience like that (different but very traumatic) with Ravenna when she was littler and I still grieve that I did not report the nurse....sending you big hugs & prayers!

Happymom4 aka Hope Anne said...

OK, Tami, I would suggest that you talk to your Pediatrician if you trust him, and report this. For one thing, depending on what he did to Jeremiah, he could need seen . . . PLEASE report ANY change in his bowel habits or blood IMMEDIATELY to your Ped. If he did a rough rectal exam he could have caused internal tears . . . I'm sorry . . . Second, you need to contact the State Medical Board and file a complaint against this man. He needs to be reported. My son had a rectal exam and I can tell you how VERY careful that the Doc was . . . she used only her little finger and was very slow, careful and gentle and my little guy didn't even flinch. So I agree--assault is the word. I will be sending prayers and thoughts your way for both you AND Jeremiah. Find a counselor for you to talk with if you at all can--PLEASE. There has got to be some kind of a number you could call and speak with someone . . . you need supported emotionally right now.

Becky Lee Burk said...

Tami, I too would call your pediatrician first b/c they do NOT need to be referring people to this guy PERIOD! I'm sure you'd just as soon drive to Alexandria or Dallas or something before having anyone else's child go through that again. Even as a veterinarian I'd get torn apart if I did that to a dog much less a child! I hate this for you but I would contact EVERYONE the state board, your doctor, the hospital, the head of internal medicine at the hospital, etc. Usually there's a "we take care of our own" policy in most places so if you want to be sure something is done about it I'd become a thorn in their sides. You may also want to contact human resources just about the uncouth comments he made and the insensitivity.

Catalina said...

I have to admit, I was absolutely stumped as to what one would do, but the many sites that refer to molestation of the children state that they must be examined immediately(obviously by a trusted doctor) and call the police. Now I don't know if that's the right thing to do (the police), getting your baby boy examined right away is imperative. Some health insurances might also recommend how to proceed (esp. if the doctor is one of their plan doctors), or whom to contact.
Either way, whether the doctor was maliciously attacking your child, or he is just a lousy doctor - your are the boy's mother. It was obvious that this man hurt your child right in front of you, either by being lousy at his job, or because of something else. Its better be safe than regret not taking action, right?
Praying for both of you.

Gretchen & Craig said...

Oh my heart is hurting and I can not imagine the horror you must be feeling. Definately this man needs to be reported. I am praying your sweet baby boy will be comforted by our heavenly Father tonight and that your heart will be comforted as well. Asking God to give you wisdom and peace as you find the doctor that is right for your family. I am so sorry that you had to experience this. My heart is aching and I am praying that God will direct you to those who can help you.

Junior said...

Oh Tami I am so sorry you and Jeremiah had to go through this. Absolutely report him, he shouldn't be working with any child. Our GI has never done a rectal exam on Junior. Also our ped has needed to cath Junior a few times and NEVER does it without a nurse in the room. None of our doctors has ever examined Junior's genital area without a nurse in the room with us.

lorabelle said...

Everyone who has commented is right Tami. I too would report this doctor and do so right away. Don't second guess yourself... You were there, you saw it.

There is no excuse for this doctors behavior. It just makes me sick.

I'm so sorry Tam. Hold him extra close and talk to him. Let him hear you sweet voice and feel your secure strength in your arms. Please give him and big hug and kiss from me...
Lov ya

Allison said...

Report him to the medical board immediately. You will probably have to do this in writing. I would look online for the website and there should be some kind of link or address to send a letter to. Generally, medical boards take complaints seriously, especially an assault against a child. I also agree with another person who said to talk to your pediatrician to stop the referrals. Your boys are beautiful! Peace to you, Allison

Sandra & Steve said...

Sounds like others have given you some great advice. Don't second guess yourself, you're a wonderful mother. Miah will be ok because he has you. You and Miah are both the victims here, do not blame yourself, just do what you need to do.

Room for More said...

Ultimately, trust Bobby on this to make the best decisions on how to handle this. He will guide his family right and well! Lean on him. I am praying for you and your family. love you!

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

ON NO!!!!!! I am so very very sorry. How AWFUL & SCARY!!!!!!!!!! PRAYING FOR YOU!!!

eliz said...

how absolutely awful!! praying (((HUGS))) poor baby :o(

~The Johnson Family~ said...

I am SO sorry you and your dear sweet baby boy had to go through this. I'm so glad others have given you good advice. I second the report report report!! He needs to be reported and they need to do an investigation. If you know someone who works at the police department you could talk to them about it and they can arrange an exam by one of their doctors at the hospital. I know they have doctors that do rape kits, and child abuse checks and I'm sure they have someone you can take him to who can do a good, safe, GENTLE check. I would definitely get him checked and keep an eye on him in the meantime and see if there is any bowel change or blood in his stool. What he did was horrible and completely uncalled for. He needs to be educated regarding special needs children who deserve to be loved and protected. God calls us to protect and cherish "the last of these." These children who cannot protect and defend themselves depend on us to do it for them. Trust your gut instinct. I've very rarely seen mothers instinct be wrong.

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