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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sometimes Dreams DO come True!

Well Y'all Sometimes dreams DO really come true! I have lived it! Quickly, but I lived it! This past weekend The babies and I with the help of a friend traveled to texas to attend the FIRST Annual Taiwan R.O.C.ks Family Reunion! It has been a dream for so long of mine to meet a few very close friends in our Taiwan Adoption world and as that dream grew more and more adoption friends were added to the list. It has also been a dream to reunite my babies with there former roomies from St. Lucy Center! Well, dream upon dream came true this past weekend! I will say it was VERY short and it ALMOST feels like I dreamed it! Good thing I and so many others took so many pictures! I will share some here now and more waterpark pics will be coming after I get the water cameras developed.

Back together again!!  These are the sweet princesses of some women very dear to my heart that kept me going through the journey to Noah and then to Jeremiah too! :)  True Friends are hard to come by and they are that!  Jaden, Lucy, Noah and Allie were in the same room at St. Lucy's!  And Miss Gracyn was picked up at St. Lucy's Center.  They all acted like they had been together yesterday and not almost 3 years ago!  I cry every time I see this picture!  SADLY I did not have the good sense to make a picture of them with us moms all in there too!  UGGGH  Oh well, next year we will meet in Chicago and I will make notes so when my brain leaves for the excitement of being there with them I will still get pics :) It was so amazing to see Jackie again and to meet Ramona, Tiffanie and Lora!  Kinda odd to FINALLY meet face to face some of my BEST FRIENDS!
another shot of them all TOGETHER :)

Jeremiah holding his balloon with prayers for birth family to be sent ot heaven!

hanging out in the lobby before the hardest goodbyes to come :(

Noah with his balloon of prayers

It was amazign to watch so many Taiwan Treasures together :)  They played and laid on the floor and listend and were so amazingly well behaved at the banquet!  24 Families gathered!  Can't wait till chicago where I pray there are even more families :)

ADORE seeing them together :)

Lucy and Noah!  Both these guys had rocky adoption journeys to finally get to them but it was such an amazing pleasure to share our Gotcha day with Jackie, Jeff and Miss Lucy!  I will never forget the sweet time with them in Taiwan :)  It is so neat to me to see the babies together again!  I hope to retake this picture at LEAST once a year! :)  Jackie did amazing getting them to smile :)


Balloons with prayers and wishes to heaven

Noah with Leanna!  He just really looked up to this sweet thing!  They had such a fun time together :) 

Hannah Claire's mommy had the neatest buton candies and shared with Noah and Allie!  Noah really loved them :)  They were so cute sittin on the floor together :)

Noah hanging out with the guys! :)  It was so great to meet some other Taiwan Prince's!

Everyone that was there Saturday Night!

Those who remember Table Boy! :)  Noah had friends under the table on and off all weekend! :)

These 4 amazing women shared THEIR dream with all of us and allowed us to fulfill our own dreams too! :)  THANK YOU Lisa R., Lisa C. Jules, and Tiff!  I LOVE YOU ALL!

First hug of the weekend!  Noah and gracyn!  Set me to IMMEDIATE tears! :) the happy kind!

Again Table boy!  :)  this time on top and he got Leanna into the act! :)  heehee

Was totally NOT prepared for this picture right after getting out of the water and all but it is the ONLY one of me and my dear friend Lora the entire weekend.  WHAT was I thinking!  I guess I was soooo excited to actually meet her face to face that I forgot to get pics!!!! :)  This one needs to be redone each year but NEXT year I pray I am a bit more prepared AND ALOT skinnier!  (I can dream)

another gracyn and Noah shot!  These two are huggers :)  I LOVE IT :)

Lora holds Jeremiah for the first time!

playing with a friend
LOVE the joy on Noah's face in this one!  He soo misses his friends!

It was very eye opening for me to see him with all his friends!  They are so alike in so many ways :)  God totally blessed me with making my dream come true of meeting some very dear friends and making deeper friendships with some who I did not know as well.  Lifelong friendships were begun and nurtured.  I can't wait till Taiwan R.O.C.ks TWO in Chicago Summer 2012!!!

NEVER let anyone tell you online friends are not true friend!  Truer friends there have never been!  And always hold onto your dreams because SOMETIMES they DO come true! 

I send you all Kisses in the wind!


Melissa said...

Tami! This soo awesome to witness! it gives me goosebumps seeing the pics and makes me wanna cry! What a blessing to you and your boys!! God is soo good!

Dianne said...

I so agree with you Tami, dreams do come true! This was such a special weekend for us also and we feel blessed to have been able to spend some time with you! Leanna loved playing with Noah and wants to know when she can play with all of her Taiwanese friends again!

Terry said...

What a fun weekend everyone had!! We weren't able to be there for the ROCKs reunion - still hoping for travel dates to meet our son soon! But maybe next year.

We have held China family reunions with our "China Cousins" every year and they are always a blast! It's so much fun to see how the kids grow and change each time we get together. This is a tradition that makes memories forever!!

Thanks for sharing all your pictures! Everyone looks so good!

HazeletHappenings said...

Oh man, so wished we could have stayed longer :-( Seems like such a great time y'all had. Was so good to finally meet everybody.

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