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Never forget, for a single minute you didn't grow under my heart, but in it.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Jeremiah Harold Sisemore is 4!

Sorry I am a bit late with Jeremiah's Birthday update!  Was trying to wait on pictures that were taken at the party!  I have some now so I will go with what I have.  :)  The weather was beautiful for Jeremiah's party swinging in the park!  He LOVES to be outside!  He was very non responsive on party day which made me a little sad, but I just have to pray he was loving it all on the inside!  We are so thankful for those who took time out of there Saturday to come out and celebrate Jeremiah's life with us! :)  I look at him sometimes and I am amazed at the power of God!  I will ALWAYS remember those LONG days in PICU and that Jeremiah was the baby they thought would NOT go out of there alive! :)  He has defied the odds so many times in his short 4 years!  He is doing remarkably well!  He is EATING AGAIN!  And they said it would never happen! :) This boy LOVES to hear someone say he will NEVER do something.  I think it gives him what he needs to push to do it! :)  heehee  He is eatin 3 meals a day!  He is slow and he does tire out so we do have to supplement with his formula by his mic-key button but he is eating!  :)  So on his party day I made my first birthday cake baby food! :)  Thank God for the food processor my family got me for Christmas! :)  It is big and at times I get sick of cleaning it and pulling it out but when I want him to have something specific or we are out of baby food it sure is handy! :)  His cake was blueberry muffin with a splenda cream cheese icing.  The icing bombed!  It was so thin and runny not at all like what is claimed it would be.  So I kept TRYING to make it work never did, so I literaly had to pour it over the big cupcake and the little cupcakes.  The big one I would have to let dry and pour again and try to fill in the spots.  It was very frustrating.  It LOOKED ok other than the fact the icing was hot pink NOT RED!  I was soo frutrated!  I put in a BIG bottle of red food color and then 2 red gel food color tubes and it never did get red!  The taste to me was not good and of course it did not have the texture of frosting.  It looked like everything had hot pink shelack!  lol  Anyway live and learn.  I am already worried about Noah's cake for next month.  I guess I will NOT try and make it healthy! LOL  Jeremiah is growing like a weed!  He is 35 inches long and 28 lbs! :)  I am wondering if we have gained since that last weight cuz he is looking a bit chunky in the thighs!  We will go in for a check up soon and get a new weight.  There are some days he is sooo responsive and he just amazes me and then other days he worries me to death!  His newest trick is to THROW himself OUT of his tumbleform chair!  I dont mean just roll out or lean over and flop out, I mean throw himself forward and out!  It is the scariest thing!  I soooo wish I had the straps that some have that come over the shoulder and then latch onto a waist strap.  This one was a gift but no straps!  He is spending way more time in his baby/toddler rocking chair because it has a strap!  He does try to fling himself out of it, but it doesnt work!  I think it ticks him off! heehee  He loves to be on the floor on his space blanket and will scoot all over the place on his back on that!  He is not as pleased with tummy time but we do it just the same!  He also spends time in his stander and at times will sleep in there! LOL  His cortical visual impairment is challenging to figure out ways to help him use what vision he does have.  It is wild because some say he is totally blind but that is obviously not true because he can see light for sure.  The school folks that come to the house have gotten him to look at some things and he seems to see red the best.  That is why the party was a ELMO party!  He loves to hear Elmo giggle too! :)  He will watch his new ELMO dvds in his stander now and it is so cute.  He doesnt appear to be paying attention most of the time but every once in awhile you can tell he is watching and then all of a sudden he will crack up! :)  He also likes Caillou! When Noah watches it he will at times coo or laugh at them!  He loves weird sounds, funny sounds, loud sounds, obnoxious sounds! LOL  The smoke alarm in the house went off, he is laughing and cooing at it! At a fire state field trip on his real birthday they set off smoke alarm, he grins soo big!  They set the siren on the fire truck as they were pulling it out for kids to see, he grins and cracks up!  Too funny to me :)  He loves giggling!  It is hard at times for me to believe that he has not been home even 2 years yet!  Well, I am sure you are tired of  my talking on and on.  Now for some pics!  Some are from the party, some are from his real birthday which was the 29th.  We did a picnic at the park.  It rained on and off but the covered pavillion made it workable!  He loves it outside and the sound of the rain on the tin roof made him happy too :)

He is soo beautiful to me! :)  The middle picture is at the party!  My mom put her sun shades on him :)  the picture on the right is him laughing at the fire engine!

I was so blessed my best friend of almost 23 years dropped by when she was recouperating from a major surgery and was suppose to be resting at home!  :)  Aunt Pam loves her babies :) 

This boy loves to swing!  I know he is not really responsive in the pics but because of past times I just know he was loving it!

Here are some shots of Noah playing at his baby brother's party! :)  He has soo much energy! :) 

This was a the fire station on his real bday.  I wish we could have gotten this without me in the picture!  When I first set him down he was grinning soo big!

Going for a stroll on our picnic in the park.

This was when the man set the smoke alarm off! :)  I love how he expresses joy! :)  

My sweet frogie boy gives me soo much love!  It is funny the ways he communicates to me at times.  One of his newest things that I just have to believe is an I love you mom thing is when I have him laying on my tummy and chest and his little face is in front of mine he will lean his head down so his face is touching mine and he makes some little almost purring sounds.  I know it sounds odd but I have not seen him do that to other people and for this mama it is a very special thing.  I may be puttin more to it than it is but I hope not.  

I have to get a big huge thank you to everyone that helped use bring Jeremiah home!  Every time I look at him I think about what if.  What if just one of the people who donated didn't, just one of the places that ordered plate lunches didn't, just one person that prayed didn't.  I think often about Dr. Edleman saying if we had waited one more week to pick up Jeremiah he would have died in Taiwan.  WOW!  That is huge!  So whether you donated a penny or a ton, whether you donated your time, your prayers, your support, when you look at Jeremiah KNOW that HE is a life you have changed! 

And last but certainly not least I have to give huge thanks to Jeremiah's birth mother for giving him life.  For going through with her pregnancy and giving him a chance to know love and family!  And a HUGE thank you to St. Lucy's Center Orphanage in Taiwan for loving and caring for my frogie boy till I could get there to get him, and to Heartsent Adoptions for all there help to adopt him, there patience with us as we sent in penny by penny our fees, there prayers and friendship through the years, and there continued work for the orphans of Taiwan and the world! 

Jeremiah and I send you all Kisses in the Wind!


Junior said...

Happy Birthday Jeremiah, looks like you had an awesome bday.

Room for More said...

Oh how God will reward you greatly in heaven for caring for and loving his very precious ones! I love that your J has "showed" all the doctors. We love 1Cor1:27-ff as it applies so well to the little ones the professionals said would never make it.

Happy 4 years Big boy! Keep the faith Momma! May Our Lord continues to strengthen you. It is evident that He already has : )

hugs, Shannon

Annie said...

Happy Birthday to beautiful Jeremiah!! A boy who doesn't like the word "never"!!! Yay!! Looks like a fun day!!!

eliz said...

Happy be-lated birthday!! Look what your love has done for him! He looks so wonderful! (((HUGS)))

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The FIRST Picture we EVER saw!
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